However, in 2023 Im standing next to a new, fully electric sedan, which I think is a great thing and Im glad to say this body type is back on the radar. What do we have here today? Well, we have the Genesis G80, fully electric its a five meter: long limo seats, five 272 kilowatts, 700 newton meters and over 500 kilometers of electric only range. So what are we going to do today? Well were going to take this Genesis: G80 for a bit of a spin were going to jump in the front and jump in the back well open the boot and maybe well open the Bonnet too, to see whats under there. So without further Ado lets take Genesis. Giardi for a bit of a spin, the 2023 Genesis electrified G80 starts from around 145 000 before on roads and options. There is one highly specified model in the range called luxury and its jam, packed with every feature. Genesis could fit aside from some low cost options like alternative interior trim. Colors, they only cost extra additions are metallic or matte finish paint all cars feature a dual motor electric Driveline with 272 kilowatts and 700 newton meters of torque. Our test car was finished in material blue metallic, which is a premium finish that costs 1700 extra. That makes its Drive Away price around 160 thousand dollars, depending on which state you live in. Just a quick note on battery size and charging capability before we get in the car, the Genesis G80 fully electric has an 87.

2 kilowatt hour battery and under the front charging flap here has two charging mechanisms: an AC and a DC fast charger AC fast charging at 11, kilowatts per hour gives you about an eight hour, fully charge time versus DC, which will charge this car fully in just two hours: jumping behind the wheel of the Genesis G80 for the first time and he instantly bedazzled by the wild interior presentation. So the materials are quite unique too, like this forger wood trim. Now Genesis uses off cuts from furniture production to create this unique composite material. It takes the offcuts Frozen with an oven and squashes them together. To give you the look that you see here today, I think it looks a bit interesting like oil on a wet Road. Another journalists said it looks a bit like Cork and either way, if you dont like it, you can have Genesis, replace it for a regular Timber veneer if you see it fit in terms of The Wider cabin youve got. These awesome seats here 12 way adjustable on the passenger side 18 way adjustable on the drivers side, with an ergo massage profile as well theyre, both heated theyre, both ventilated, but that massage profile is really really cool. I quite like Lumber stretching it gives your back and your glutes a nice stretch, which is good for a long day behind the wheel in terms of other things. Weve got this awesome, 14 inch, widescreen infotainment system with wired, carplay, Android, auto and Digital radio.

The software package is really pretty and the Hardwares strong too so it boots up fast and is quick to respond. This Genesis touch controller is really nice too. Youve got this John dial wheel and the tap section in the middle makes it really easy to use when driving theres. Also a three dimensional instrument cluster in this car too. What it does is use clever Optics to Overlay two images to make it have some depth. All of three dimensional I find it looks a bit fuzzy at times, and you can turn it off provider settings so its a bit of a gimmick but hey its a cool feature that Ill, probably pressure fence if they ever get behind the wheel. In terms of the quality, its really high end in here, too weve got Alcantara headlining soft touch materials everywhere, even soft touch down here, not that it matters, but it just shows you the efforts. Genesis are going to give you a really high presentation for your money. Another Nifty feature of the Genesis: GLE electric is the fact that has two solar panels in its roof. What they do is charge a high voltage battery by using free energy from the Sun sure youre not going to fully charge your car by just parking it outside. But if you do pack, your card outside during work hours, youll find that over a Years worth of use, youll probably put a free trip in the car hows that for free energy, harnessing, as you can imagine over in the second ride, theres a decent amount of Space in the back of a Genesis, G80 electric Im about six feet tall and Ive got good.

Negro Ive got good room for my upper torso plenty of Headroom too. The only downfall is, I cant, put my feet out in front of the seat in front and fully stretch out so a bit of a bummer there. In terms of overall Comfort, though, the seats are bloody. Well, good, theyve got heaps of contouring very sculpted. Theyve got this deep seat base that keeps your thighs chopped, so I reckon Id be pretty comfy here on a longer than usual road trip, thats, not all what you can do is fold down the Central Command Center, where you can do things like pop the rear. Sun, blind, put your hand seat on strap a beverage in and use this infotainment controller to control the screen in front of you. You can set ambient lighting change. The music set the map, which is really quite handy for your backseat guests. So, if youre, looking for the ultimate habitability for your friends, G80 definitely ticks that box. Sadly, the Genesis g80s boot has suffered a bit from its journey to electrification theres only 354 liters of space back here. If you stick out in the back too, you can see theres a big bump where theres an electric motor driving two wheels still its wide enough for us at a golf club. So you can do the back nine. However, if you get a flat tire, sadly you have to use a repair kit. If Genesis wont improve this car, please put a spare wheel under there.

Itll make such a difference for the average Australian consumer before we begin well discuss range and efficiency. First, up front were seeing 15 kilowatts per hour in this car just after a highway run, which is about four kilowatts less than the official claim, if we continue at this rate, well be getting definitely more than 500 kilometers of range. However, if I tab through my settings, I can see that over the week or so weve had this car were up at around 19.5 overall with some Highway, some inner city and some Town driving thrown in as well thats, pretty much bang on the claim, which means In reality, you will definitely get 500k. The range out of this car assumption driver like a regular human being so with efficiency covered. I also like to drive really comfortable. In fact, this Genesis – G80 electric, has a road sensing mode that sort of detects bumps as youre driving and either tenses the car or relaxes it depending on the scenario or Road youre about to hit to be honest, you dont feel it working and you wouldnt know It was there if I didnt tell you, but what it does is iron, the road flat. The car feels really comfortable really composed and even in sports setting too it comes alive. A bit really is a multi faceted card and its adaptive suspension system is really bloody. Good, the steering is good, too nice and quick lock to lock and the car is a bit long too, so that quick steering helps alleviate the length of the car in tight car park, which I quite like.

If youre not used to driving a five meter. Long car youll probably get used to this one really quick, because it feels quite Nimble as a result of that steering. Overall, the performance is absolutely fantastic, as you expect all wheel. Drive 270 odd kilowatts, 700 newton meters, its a really really fast car. However, the one thing I like most about it is the fact its all wheel drive but were recently driving this car in some terrible conditions. In the Southern Highlands District of New South Wales, we had an absolute torrential downpour and, to be honest, this car felt really composed, despite its power back in the old days. Youd be driving a 300 kilowatt car or car with 700 newton meters, and it would feel a little bit sketchy in the wet. This thing is a calibration Master Class, its really composed really comfortable and an excellent suspension system does a good job of helping manage the power and make it feel confident something else I like about this cartoon. Is this bloody whisper quiet? We say this about every electric car, but car brands are noticing now that you have to build a really well insulated cabin in order to make an electric car feel premium or different from the rest, then this car has absolutely great isolation. You can even turn the wipers on and barely hear them through the car I dont know another car Ive, driven where you can just about hear the wipers inside the cabin shows you the amount of sound insulation and the amount of quality Genesis are putting into this Car to make it feel up Market.

Overall, I really like the way it dries its a sort of electric car that is quick, but also composed. It can do Luxury stuff. It can vary full adults around in peace and quiet, but you put the boot into it and it absolutely flies too a real Jekyll and Hyde car which may confuse some buyers. But if you want to have your cake and eat it fill your guests in the back and have some performance for 150 Grand its actually quite a compelling option. So if you like your electric cars large and fast, then this Genesis G80 is probably the pick of the moment. The Tesla Model Y is not really available anymore in Australia and the Porsche icon has a massive wait list and its pretty much a different sort of car to this one. If you want all the bells and whistles over 500ks of range and that overt styling to go with it, but a curb appeal, then this Genesis, GED Electric – represents the ideal choice for you right now: foreign Music, electric. Well, my favorite thing about it is its range and efficiency. This car will do over 500ks in the real world, regardless of how you drive it, obviously not too stupid. But if youre looking for something to drop, the kids off to school go to work out and charge a couple of times a week. This is probably the car for you. I also love the way. It rides its really really comfortable for a big heavy car whats.

Not to love or that price tag at 150 000 thats a lot of money to ask for a challenger brand sure it offers a lot but its a bit of a risk to buy a car like this. However, if you love design and you love high end appointment, itll probably fit you like a gun, so make sure you get out and take a test drive of it. And let me know what you think in the comments below and as usual, make sure you like And subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit drive.