This thing has the look and, as we know, its a model X, so these doors go up as everyone loves, they are one touch, so all you do is hit that button. That door closes for your passenger. I do love that these new model Xs have everything. One Touch so your front door is automatically opening for you just hit that button. It opens. It actually is pretty cool feature when you get in and you hit that brake pedal the door just closes for you. It knows youre in the car. Back to that. You know your passengers, your kiddos, whoever it may be its super simple, open that up and theres a lot of room, as you guys know, Im six foot, almost six foot four behind myself is a driving seat. Ive got an e room which is pretty awesome and, as I said, the buttons right here for you come over here and check out. Yes, the white interior, but its got that rear screen. As you can tell, we got one of our YouTube videos playing that if you havent seen it thats at any level F350 and its on the huge and I mean huge front screen there, so youve got your YouTube. Youve got Netflix all your streaming platforms here in a minute. Youll see, weve also got video games on there. That is a lot of fun. This is a model X, so you do get the heads up screen its not just a a steering wheel there and, as you see this one has the 2023 yoke steering wheel Ill, be honest, Ive been driving this and it is a lot of fun.

First, I didnt know what to think about it. I have fallen in love with a yoke steering wheel, never thought it was something I wanted. As I said once again, just push that button that door closes. Everything is one touch heres. What Im going to say, lets jump in this thing. Show you a little bit of the Interior features. Show you the some of the fun things you get to play and do maybe, while youre charging, maybe while youre waiting in the line at school, to pick up the kiddos whatever it may be, lets jump on the inside all right guys. Once you get here to the inside of this brand new 23 model X, you see first of all, this yoke steering wheel. I told you guys: I have fallen in love with this. It took a little bit, maybe about 20 minutes to get used to, and then I just like its always been that way. This new screen is insane now this new model X has where you can have the full navigation. The older models do not have that. I do also love that you just can swipe up click on it swipe up boom its there. You can move it around your screen. I do love the fact that I can go here back to YouTube. As we were a second ago. I can swipe down to all of my streaming platforms and then this feature you got your toy box, so you know you can make your passengers think they pass a little gas.

If you want to you, can mess around. You can turn on romance mode. If you want to date night with the wife and have a fire on the screen, whatever it may look like, but then its got this the arcade. This is a blast if youre charging your Tesla if youre sitting in the school line. As I said earlier, I was waiting on my two boys to get out of school and I was racing pretty much like Teslas version of Mario Kart absolute blast. Im gon na play this game, so you guys can see the actual gameplay you get to use the steering wheel to steer the car. Its pretty awesome check this out foreign Music, so youve seen that you can play video games and theres tons of them. As you see here lots of different games, you can play another thing, thats a lot of fun. Is you got the Tesla karaoke so when youre in the car, this whole screen turns into a karaoke screen a lot of fun for you and your passengers. Also Tesla comes with your streaming, so this is Tesla streaming. So all your music, all your stations, if you just want to tell it you push this Vault or this voice control button here on your steering wheel, you tell it to play something: itll just come on. Pretty awesome thing so heres what Id say this Teslas for you like. I think it could be. This 23 model X go to Louisville autoplex.

com, and this can be yours as always guys, thanks for being a part Thanks for liking, subscribing to our Channel and being a part of the Autoplex Customs family right here on YouTube, hope. You love this model X as much as I do, and we will see you on the next one Music.