I think theyre called – and this is just the hookup part, so its very similar to a uh Heyman Reese setup. This has got a pin that goes through. There is a split pin on the other side that goes through and locks the pin in position. There is also under here I dont know if you can see it take this out of the way. Just here is a bolt that you can do up with a lock nut on it that steadies the bar, when its actually in there theres three bolts, both either side that go into the subframe. Let me see if I can see it there, you go so the back of the bar. You can see that theres, the back of the bar, they told me it was going to be a bit of an angle so that it kind of deflect, but it isnt its just 90 degrees. You can see from there. The connections for the shackles are way up here now. This is a little awkward to get to because youve got to come back up under here, but the whole thing is its designed to be stealth, not to be able to be seen that the bar makes no difference to the rear vision, camera Ill swing around this Side and what Im going to do is undo the PIN down around this way. Take that out, I can slide that up Ill get the bar. I dont think theyve put any primer on the steel when theyve made the bars its just because when you put it in a couple of times it does show a little bit of rust here and there.

But the back looks fine. Its got a big rubber bumper. On it here Ill slide it in and it looks very substantial Ill put the pin in there. It is thats got it and, as I say, you tighten this up and it stops. This movement happening now Ill put the split, pin back in and then come around to the back here, and you can see it doesnt foul anything at the back. The camera is up up here, heres an interesting thing: theres the toe ball, showing in the rear camera its uh. They put that black cap on it, so it doesnt kind of reflect and shine all over the place. Uh this seems to be fashionable covering number plates. I really dont know why, but anyway, everyone else does it so Ill. Do it too? The only downside that I had was when I hooked my trail, my existing trailer, which was set up for the Hayman Reese on my Renault collios, had to extend the chain because getting up to the shackle it wasnt long enough, and I also had to there. It is way under there the electrical connection, which is a standard electrical connection, uh Im lucky that I had a little bit left over on my trailer to be able to connect it. So from a distance it looks fine. So I did a video, Towing and Ill show you a little bit Im doing a little bit of a mileage test or kilometers test with the trailer on now.

The trailer weighs about 180 kilograms and Im at an elevation of 675 meters above sea level, so Ill be going down to almost sea level, so Ill be going down empty. You can see Im at 80. Ive set the trip meter to zero and temperatures 18 degrees Celsius outside and Ive been uh, giving the carpet a stick, as you can see, with 22.7 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, but thats part of the fun of owning the vehicle. All right well see how we go when we get back to this exact same spot. I shall keep recording now at the beginning of the video. I do state that I Im a bit of a petrol head or battery head whatever you want to call it. Um Ive put my foot down a lot because I enjoy the response of this at 03, its just magic and I was getting about the same rate of consumption when I put foot down and bring bringing the trailer back up the hill. I was also putting my foot down on the way down the hill, not so much, but with the extra way of the trailer and everything my regeneration was actually better, so theres a plus towing, a trailer with a bit of a load in it can help if Youre, going downhill going up is another story back to exactly the same spot: weve traveled, a hundred, sorry, 132.9, kilometers and Im down to 38 battery. I dont know if thats going to prove anything but if youre interested to see how it goes towing a trailer and I wasnt dawdling.

I was on the speed limit, but people know me I I dont put along in the left hand Lane I drive it like. I drive a petrol car in another month or so Im going to do quite a long trip with a trailer thats, 730 kilos loaded just under the limit. I will report back to you and let you know what kind of consumption I got and how the vehicle handled it Im going to be doing some videos on this car Towing performance charging different types of charge that you can put into it charging for my solar Panels, no its an interesting subject.