U.S emissions grew last year by 1.3 percent, even though Renewables have taken over from coal as a larger supplier of electricity. For the first time, in six decades, wind, solar and hydropower generated 22 percent of the electricity United States compared to a 20 from call the animations are still up. So people think that theres this magic power going to come from the sky. Well guess what people are using lots of energy just stay as if you want to compare it with car industry. The pollution from Cars is actually going up because now they got these theyve got to get better gas mods ratings and blah blah blah. But Americans are buying lots of big trucks, lots of big SUVs which get crappy gas mileage and pollute more right. You got the government on the one hand saying this, and the people said we want big giant Vehicles. Well, the two of them dont go together. If you want to lower emissions its just, I find it absolutely hilarious. These people in the giant SUVs talking about. Oh theyre, going to save the planted well theyre driving around in their giant SUVs, theyre, doing the exact opposite of what they say they wanted to two years ago, Biden said theyre going to lower the emissions they actually theyve gone up somewhere from generating electricity. Even though theyve gone more towards solar and hydro and wind power bit in the bucket of the percentage of what comes out, I was in the Canadian study and they said if we all go to electric cars heres.

What were going to save and you look at it its like less than 10 percent. That doesnt seem like much you know, but of course they can put these rules upon us as private individuals with what we drive. But the corporations, of course get away with murder with all their factories and stuff, because theyre corporations they buy the politicians out and the politicians do their bidding. For example, nobodys built any refineries in the United States to make gasoline for quite some time because the older fineries are grandfathered in so they can pollute, but the new ones cant. So nobody builds new ones. They just keep patching up the old ones, and in this case you can make new laws that say: hey everybodys got to get 55 miles a gallon, but you cant stop people from driving their giant trucks and SUVs so where the rubber hits the road is what You want to watch not these talking points of politicians, blah blind, kissing babies and eating apple pie. No, you need to see whats actually happening on the ground and in the ground it actually hasnt decreased it its the increase, so dont think that these policies make any sense whatsoever other than maybe theyre boondoggled to waste a lot of money on things that actually dont Do all that much? I mean there was an article the other day by a scientist, and he said, even if we switched all our cars to electric cars yeah its too late for that to really have any effect on climate change.

Something more radical would have to happen. Hes, probably right too. You know, but the politicians say: oh electric cars, theyre on the electric car dream bandwagon and guess what look at the electricity, its still polluting the generation of it? And if we have more electric cars theyre going to have to pollute even more to get electricity form. Its not magic electricity doesnt come in the sky were not going to be driving cars with solar panels that charge them. They dont work that well its not sunny all the time. You know theres, so many drawbacks make your head spin. As Harlow 08 says, my RAV4 Burns oil and gets poor gas mileage 350 kilometers on a full tank and city, slash highway, driving its become a gas hog and it burns oil. Well, unfortunately, you got grab four with that 2.4 liter engine they screwed up on those engines. I would go to Toyota and see if they fix it, but usually now they say theyre too old and theyre not going to do anything about it. They made the Piston earrings wrong and they burn oil, then theyre going to get worse. Gas mileage too, as time goes on theres, no arguing that if I were you and Toyota isnt going to do contact lets see if theyre going to do Tom Scott. He told you thats a bad engine. What are you going to do if you live near Clarksville Tennessee bring it here Ill make a video with it.

Maybe we can shame them into fixing your engine like they did Bunches of them, but they always have a restriction on mileage and age and most of them have passed. They wont fix them free anymore. If thats the case, then they wont fix anything, have a wet and dry compression test done to your engine, pull out the spark plug see what shape its actually in. If the pressures are still high enough, it could still last quite some time, but if they arent its wearing out and its time to either say goodbye or you have to put another engine in a vehicle, because uh unfortunately got one of the few bad years. Theyre great vehicles, but that 2.4 liter engine was just they had piston rings that just screwed up on that. You know they dont screw up much, but they screwed up on that. One John Underwood says my car leaks when its raining. I got a Volvo XC70 when it rains the passenger side gets wet all over the place. Now, Im having electrical issues, the Volvo specialist said they want 500 bucks to diagnose and help all right heres the problem. Once it starts leaking on the passenger side, it can be the seal on your windshield. The seal on the door could even be if you got sunroof the sunroofs leaking right all that water gets in there, its not good its starting to short out your electrical system, and I see that all the time on those.

What you want to do first, is go to the fuse box thats over there check it unscrew the parts, take it out and see if its all corroded and if you cant fix the leak at least build the shield around it. So water cant get on it and re corrode it because once the corrosion starts you can clean it up, but itll still corrode if the waters still leaking at it, try to find the leak and Ill get a hose squared around see where its coming from, but Thats why if youve got water leaks, you want to fix them sooner than later, because it dont that water will destroy the electrical system and Volvos are just notorious for getting them on the fuse boxes and corroding it so get in there. Maybe you could take it apart, clean it and seal it like get some kind of plastic bag or something something to seal it sold that water will bypass the Box because the boxes you take it out, you see its all corroded, you can clean it out and Usually get it to work again, but you got to keep the water from getting on it either find the leak or put a little shroud around. I think, of course, like you find out the Volvo specialist one 500 bucks just to diagnose it, because theyre greedy, a lot of the European mechanics, are scumbags and they just just pay or go away. We dont care.

We got plenty of Rich customers. You dont want to pay. We dont even want you as a customer and thats unfortunate, but thats how it is with both its just one reason I kind of slide people away from buying Volvos. I shy away from telling them buy a Volvo because of that when they do get older and need repair the guys that fix them, they generally charge an awful lot of money working on well, the baloney of Elon and his boring company goes on. If you dont know what Im talking about boring so when they bore the tunnels right, the loops of people are going to drive on to stop congestion and stuff. I mean its a giant pie in the sky and more baloney has come out. They post their impressive Loop statistics for the one they have in Las Vegas, the tiny tunnel in the ground right to go to Convention centers and stuff right. I mean its never going to go from City to City, it would cost too much money, but yet the pr baloney machine goes on with Elon. Oh look, look at all the people, weve moved and hey. They could have built an escalator on the ground, like it airport moved people too if they wanted to, and it would have cost a lot less than that boring a tunnel in the ground. I mean listen to this nonsense. They tweeted it was our privilege to provide transportation at the Las Vegas Convention ever drive time less than two minutes average wait time less than 10 seconds.

94 000 total passengers 4.9 out of 5 Stars by people who reviewed it come on. Now you got people going to conventions in Las Vegas, taking a short little ride. This is not a practical thing. These boring companies. If you look at any of the statistics, they said theyre going to do in all these cities and then the city said well show us, you know whats it going to cost one and they never even got back with them to give them a price to say. Well, we can do this. We can do that its just another one of elons PT Barnum scams. Oh, were going to have hyperloops going on it costs so much money to build these things. Its just plain stupidity saying well: this will relieve congestion like how it would cost billions to build these things and cities underground right, thats, just uh science fiction fantasy that somehow gotten peoples, mind that oh were going to build them from City to city and they come On now we have highways, we have airplanes right. Anybody thinks theyre going to build these hyperloops between cities, theyve been reading too much science fiction. They dont, live in the real world, its just Insanity that people are still looking at this stuff like its a viable entity. It is not now theyre talking about monorail again with it. When I was a kid they started building monorails, they all failed miserably if they didnt work back, then whos to say theyre, going to work right now, instead of Heaven its floating on the air like the monorails did.

This is even worse, hes going underground. You know the money it costs to build stuff underground. It makes your head spin and its not like theyre, just building them underground in a desert right, theyre talking about inner cities in the cities, you cant build underground, easily all kinds of infrastructures down. There are old tunnels, electrical wire sewage, you name it. No in a city, youd be doing three feet a day and you hit something you have to fix something the whole idea is is patently absurd. He has saying that his car company is worth more money than every other car company in the world is worse, come on. They make crappy expensive Vehicles. The price is dropping like bad now, yes, but its still overvalued.