Im Tom Volk for Ev Universe, the common complaint about electric vehicles. Is they just cost too much, but not all of them do the Chevrolet bolt EV starts at less than twenty seven thousand dollars this one, the bolt euv thats a half a foot. Longer costs an extra fifteen hundred dollars and buys more rear leg room and a cleaner, looking c pillar. It also drops range, but just a skosh to 247 miles still respectable. This particular car with the redline package is fully loaded, its the most expensive bolt that you can buy and msrps for under thirty eight thousand dollars, yes, thats with destination and before any tax credits, plus its stuffed with Creature, Comforts and technology stuff that you wont find On cars costing ten thousand dollars more, that includes a digital rear view, mirror heated and vented leather seats up front toasty cushions for your besties and back and a Bose sound system, thats unusually Punchy. Considering the price, and only seven speakers plus theres super Cruise once exclusive to Cadillac the red line treatments available on both the LT and this Premier model means some Crimson stitching. A different badge. Look red stripes here and here on black wheels. Bolt is strictly front. Wheel, drive and frontless the motor makes 200 horsepower and 266 pound feet of torque to move 3 700 pounds of automobile the floor mounted liquid cool lithium ion pack is 65 kilowatt hours. This updated battery is not GMs newest, ultium and bolt doesnt do vehicle to load transfer on Entry.

The greeting is less of a tone. More of a Gong, both EV and euv, share this interior and the drive selector gets this Arrangement now its easy to get used to all bolts, get a sport mode that adds some heft to the steering weight, its not just a Redline thing. Theres. Also, one pedal drive mode. That remembers your preference at startup, plus this to add even more recuperation drag its a clever setup. Redline is a trim package, so there isnt any additional power I get it. General Motors is trying to keep the costs down and really 0 to 60. In an easy seven seconds feels pretty good. With this car remember lots of low end torque bolt feels pretty spunky off the line. You know how it is. Electric vehicles always feel faster than they are and theres plenty of passing power here. One pedal driving is easy or back it off. If you want the Dynamics similar to gas powered cars were all used to for a lower priced vehicle. Both euv is very quiet and thats great for listening to the Bose system, Redline having the sporty image I kind of feel like theres, a missed opportunity or an improved, tired suspension package to make it even sportier to drive, but still the bolts. The bolt is fun to drive, you Chuck it hard into a corner and its got that low center of gravity because of the heavy batteries in the floor, and one thing about this car, something that youll notice its got an unusually Supple ride quality.

Even my wife noticed it soaked up bumps nicely and shes, not a car person. The longer wheelbase probably makes a difference. Stickier rubber would be a hoot, it would also drop range and buyers are sensitive about that bolt UV has slightly less of it than bolt EV. This ones rated at 247, miles its been cold this week in the low 30s, so Im definitely not going to be getting that range closer to 220. thats. The way electric vehicles work folks and really thats, not bad for an affordable vehicle. Its not just range thats, important people that travel often will want a high Max charging speed with a good charge curve compared to most EVS out there and bolts is pretty Pokey around 55 kilowatts. So, no matter what kind of terminal its plugged into thats the fastest itll juice up 10 to 80 percent will take just over an hour. Ionic 5 does that in around 20 minutes, but remember thats at 350 kilowatt Terminals and those arent all that popular as always, temperature is a factor when charging EVS are not for everyone, especially for those without access to easy charging. Slow charging speed at DC fast Chargers like this is bolts, Kellys heel, no doubt about it. If you often take long road trips or you cant charge where you sleep, then this could be an issue. However, if you do charge at home, then its not an issue, because it just charges up overnight, just like any other EV know that GM throws in home charger installation or opt for a 500 evgo credit.

Both of the bolt models have a new interior, thats, more conventional and doesnt. Look like white styrofoam anymore. Only a hard look and in 4k tells if this is real or fake, stitching and materials are soft to the touch. The look is definitely normal. Addressing a common complaint that EVS always look like spaceships the birds eye camera system has some solid, optional views. The large glass roof is part of the 2500 sun and sound package. The navi system that comes with it is connected, meaning theres, a data charge for full functionality. The 10 inch screen houses, a user interface. Thats deceptively well done its helpful for getting to functional charging stations, but there are apps like chargeway and theres a standard qi charger that pairs well with Wireless Apple, carplay and Android. Auto another thing that some expensive Vehicles dont offer theres lots of storage down low, a consolation to the lack of a front Plastics down here are kind of budget grade. There is some cost cutting in this vehicle thats to be expected its the way the Auto industry has always worked, and always will you dont get luxury car features and materials in a mainstream vehicle. Still a bolt loaded to the gills is trying pretty hard to muscle in on upscale Vehicles. Bolt euvs advantage over bolt. Ev, oh geez thats. So confusing is a back seat with three inches of extra leg: room Im, five foot nine and I have plenty of knee and leg room.

The heated back seats have good thigh support. I would check Headroom on the test drive, especially if passengers you like are on the tall side. Phones can be charged no separate climate zone or adjustable vents, thats sign of an affordable car, but the floor is flat, so foot room is great when squeezing three in its best for two adults, the security cover stashes in the car when hauling big things theres. No spare about the only thing positive I can muster up here is that it frees up space the Dual voltage charge. Cord is standard, choose between covered storage and Max cargo room. Theres 16.3 cubic feet. Thats around five carry on suitcases its an easy reach to drop. The seat backs that opens up 57 cubic feet, not bad for a smaller vehicle, and if you want a totally flat floor, its a thing in the euv Bolts image still suffers from the black eye of the battery recall, but kudos to GM for making things right. For customers and word is Chevy cant keep up with demand for the bolt these days. Bolt continues to be an excellent value when it comes to electric vehicles, which makes up for its slow DC fast charging rate and that doesnt, even matter if youre always charging at home. The only real Miss I see is because this is the sporty Redline version it doesnt have an enhanced handling package, but thats just me, Ive always wanted kind of an electric GTI.

This could be it both of the bolt models are affordable, EVS for the masses, but no the only way to get the redline fashion statement is with the euv for Ev Universe.