Thank you, hello, and welcome back to throttle up. Ionic 5 was a showstopper of the Hyundai Pavilion at the auto Expo 2023 because it was the one and the only car which was launched officially by Hyundai in the Indian markets and being the brand ambassador of Hyundai India. It was revealed by none other than Mr Shahrukh Khan himself, so there was quite a hullabaloo on the very first day of the Auto Expo. Ionic 5 is the second EV being launched by Hyundai after the Kona, but theres a lot of new things going on with this one, its built on the new egmp platform and the prophecy concept as Hyundai calls it. The egmp stands for e global modular platform and has four principles: modularity performance, reliability and usability. All of that basically means that the egmp platform, the chassis, the engine and the battery pack is designed in a way that it gives you the maximum interior space, so that Hyundai can play with a lot of features which they can offer. Plus the battery modules and the chassis designed in a way which can offer you the maximum performance, but not at the cost of reliability or efficiency. So it does offer you a good range as well. The 7×5 is powered by 72 kilowatt hour battery and gives a range of around 630 kilometers, which is good at this point. Now, as for the front design, it is modern, it is futuristic and you get this connected.

Headlamp, design of sorts and the parametric pixel design for the headlamps so get the front parking sensor, front, plugging camera and all the sensors because it gets the 8S level 2 features as well. The skid page is also rectangular and has a lot of cuts and creases. So as to match the design of the boxy hatchback, that is ionic five, although Hyundais branding is as an SUV, which I do not understand why the clamshell Hood feels plasticky. So it would be sturdy, but Im still confused, why it feels plastic and not metallic, but opening the border of the car. I realize that it gets hydraulic struts and it gets insulation as well so hydraulic starts. Make makes it a lot easier to open the Bonnet of the car. Now the EV written right there has a box and you would feel that theres a battery or a motor inside no it houses some space to keep your stuff in and the battery pack is at the bottom and at the rear. So thats for the Bonnet and Im overall impressed by how they have placed it very neatly, has a lot of plastic ladding as well. So it looks very neat indeed just like the rest of the car. One special mention to this white illumination, which feels like Grill, plays right below this headlamp bar. Just look at the white lines running below that black gloss black treatment feels like a grill. It looks absolutely amazing, and it gives you this illusion – that theres a grill but theres, obviously not since this is the EV so its so thoughtful.

It is so amazing that you can go futuristic but still have those past traditional elements still built into your car, so it feels really really thoughtful and really nice. I love the front design of it. It feels like the ionic five. The name has this futuristic alloy design, however, is floral and its completely roundish, so thats actually contrasting to the otherwise boxy and a sharper design of the car and its a 20 incher, of course, so that actually elevates The Stance of the ionic five. So very nice. Looking alloy wheel very different indeed, and gives us sportier stances. Well just look at it from the side. This is actually a long car with a length of 4635 mm and a wheelbase of 3000 meters, so actually its a long time. It doesnt feel it might feel. Like a sub 4 meter come its definitely not, it gets the flush door handles like the XUV 700 and the Range Rover Villar and everything or VM houses a lot of cameras and sensors. Since this obviously gets a 360 pound camera and it has level 2. The turn indicator is Led, which is right there in the orvm. Now this is the connected tail lamp bar, which is again a pixelated design picked up from the prophecy. There is a stop lamp which is placed in a spoiler which is not integrated. It looks amazing. It is absolutely amazing, I love how they have still kept it. This still Captains design, low key, but still so sporty.

I love it. The tail lamps looks absolutely gorgeous. They are connected. Obviously it says ionic 5 right in the center of that tail lamp and you get a lot of straight lines at the bottom at the bumper, a skid plate which is very resemblant to the that of the front skate plate. So thats nice now opening the tailgate of the car. It is a power tailgate, so futuristic, and you cannot really complain about the features in a Hyundai. Can you the boot space is a 531 liters, it gets a retractable. Partial tray gets illumination and a 60 40 split for the rear seat as well. Opening this you realize that the battery pack is stored at the bottom, as I said at the rear, so, but still a lot of space. It is almost as the same as the Honda City, which has a humongous boot, because even the dimensions are somehow same, although it does not feel like a sedan at all. Closing the boot is very simple, plus the button, its a power tailgate really nice. I love the sharper box here I usually love the curvaceous and the very sharp designs, its not sharp. It is boxy, it has a lot of straight lines and it has made me fall in love with that kind of design for the door pads on the rear seat. It is completely leather, no plastic at all. You get mammal Sun blinds for the rear passengers. You get ambient lighting.

This is so soft to touch the ambient lighting runs inside and gets a feeling that it is being eliminated and its absolutely nicely thought out. This is a matte plastic, a cell design kind of finish, which I like this is the ventilated seat. So you get ventilated seeds for all the seeds in this car. Absolutely amazing! You get illumination around the speakers designs as well now getting into the rear seat. I realize that theres a lot of space a lot of space, the thigh support, is good. The recline angle is not a problem because you can adjust it. You can also adjust the position of the seats. Obviously legroom wont be a problem. You get a scooped out seeds, which is finished in plastic and the magazine holders on both the sides. The position of the rear seat is electrically adjustable, so thats amazing that they have given that feature at the rear seat as well. The AC vents are at the B pillars, theyre, not in the center console. The lights are also in the corners in the below the grab handles because you cannot obviously place it at the center because theres a huge glass running on top, you get three headrests, two of which, on the corners, get the Kushner, which is really really premium, and Soft, the armrest places two cup holders, nothing to take your fancy about it, just very conventional, but I have to say the leather feels really premium its also eco, friendly and sustainable, so thats, another good point that Hyundai has taken care of in the ionic five thats.

The middle passenger, which does not get the cushioning its also narrower now for the ergonomic needs we get a One, USB type socket and one you striped C socket. You also get the boss mode to control the core travel side seat from the rear as well so features theyre, absolutely no depth of features and thats the AC vent, which is finished in silver metallic finish. It feels really really nice. I have always loved the rear. Ac vents treatment that Hyundai does some Brands cut costs and do not give a freedom touch and they give it just for the sake of it, but not in Hyundai. They always feel very sturdy and very nice, so thats one, and that was the control I was talking about for the recline angle and the electrical adjustability of the position of the seat, its just amazing that they have taken such care of the rear passenger as well. Now for the front door pads, you get a similar kind of treatment, its completely leather. I love this matte plastic self designed finish at the corners. You also get ventilated seats for the front two as well, since you get it for the rear. Two as well. Thats. A controls to control the or VMS the four power windows and to lock the windows as well the door handles is very sturdy. It feels metallic. Those controls are for the ventilated seats for the drivers side, the space on the door feels on the lower side.

So I dont think we can keep a bottle there. The driver side support the adjustability is completely electrical. It gets eight bit adjustability for the lumbar, the position and the recline angle, so thats really nice for the controls at the right. You get a electric parking handbrake which is placed right here and not in the center. The auto hold feature, since this is a four by four 360 pound camera view and the headlight level. The speaker is placed inside this white box, which houses the instrument cluster and the infotainment. The stocks are metallic finish and they really feel really really nice to hold the steering gets a flat bottom. It gets this knob to control the all wheel, drive functionality left, buttons are for the infotainment. The rides are for the mid, and the Strange point is that it does not say Hyundai anywhere its just four dots at the center of the steering wheel. So thats weird you get paddle shifters as well, since its obviously an automatic the stocks have me absolutely amazed, one of the key factors being the positioning, because even the automatic gear also is housed like a stock and its not in the center console. So that might pose a challenge to customers, because the usual convention is to have the parking brake and the gear at the center, so that might take some days to get used to for the dashboard. The infotainment of the instrument cluster has white borders.

So, Im not really a fan of it. I do not feel how to think about it. The AC vents are flushed and they are really blended with the console theres some space, which feels weird at the front of the AC vents soft plastic, is at the top hard plus is at the bottom, which feels understandable and its still nice, the buttons and the Design the finish of the AC vent controls is absolutely amazing. I love it, but the positioning is so odd. It feels oddly hanging somewhere in the center of the console, because its completely empty at the bottom, its Hollow theres, a cup holder and a bottle holder at the very bottom. You get a 12 volt socket and a USB socket as well, but it would take you some stretching to actually reach out to it. Theres two cup holders and a center console armrest. The cup holder also houses two USB sockets, but the positioning of everything in the center. It feels weird, why not just give the electric handbrake and the automatic get in the center to reduce the learning curve of the driver, so that feels weird, and it does not look good at the center, so thats a bit of a problem that Im facing. As for the seat, C does not have any problems at all the cushioning the pull string, the active headrests. Everything feels amazing and theres, absolutely no numbers I can cut when it comes to the comfort and the seat of this car.

It feels very nice indeed. It feels like a drawing room because theres so much space so much space that they have also given so much space in the center console. There is a mirror and a lamp on both the sides of the sun visor, so thats, very nice. Although the lamp is halogen should have been a white LED no space for old, yellow halogens in this in a car of this Aura, you get an auto dimming inside river mirror theres a speaker at the top, and these are the controls to illuminate the cabin lamp Which illuminates so softly and dim so softly, they feel really really premium and they are Vitality, so the halogens for the sun, visor lamp do hurt me just a little bit. This is the glass pane of the sunroof and ideally so it should be in a car of this segment. It is a huge sunroof, so no complaints about that theres a SOS button as well. I cannot open the sunroof since the ignition cant be turned on, but yes, the glass pane the size of it does tell you that the sunroof is huge. So that was a glimpse into the tier of the ionic instrument cluster and the infotainment some other day, because this car, obviously couldnt, be turned on and the ignition was obviously off so some other day may be. But yes, this was the first Glimpse and the walk around of the ionic 5, which was recently unveiled and launched at the auto Expo.

The price of the ioni 5 is slated to be around 44.95 lakhs X, showroom, which is basically 45 lakh rupees. But this number honestly is just half of the story. The real problem lies in the fact that Hyundai has to educate the customers, that why should they go for an ionic 5 instead of the entry level, BMWs, Audis and Mercedes of the world? And even the Toyota fortuners of the world, so the thing is that they are selling this to the affluent customers, since the price tag is Hefty and at that price point people dont really care about the efficiency and the mileage. The cars in the 45 to 50 lakh price bracket are returning a mileage of around 8 to 30 14 kmpl. So the efficiency cannot be a pitching point. The ionic 5s USB has to lie in the futuristic, unique aspect of it because otherwise it will be crushed. Even the FED light ioni 5 is an EV cannot be the USB because there are already EVS in the market like the Tata Nexon, tagore and Thiago, which are targeting the price conscious customers. You cannot just pitch efficiency while Tata is trying to bring the Revolution by selling its cards to the early majority and even the late majority. This has to be pitched to the innovators who believe in the concept of buying something unique, buying something Innovative and who believe in the power of what the future holds so much so that ionic 5 becomes a better status symbol than that of the Toyota Fortuner.

So that was my take on the newly launched Hyundai ioniq 5.