Foreign noise is I dont either, but its uh interesting sounding horsepower and torque 576 horsepower 545 pound feet of torque from the two electric motors and a 77 kilowatt hour battery. Its got a lot of different sounds Im, going to turn it right down because its actually making Jacob sick yeah its cool that they give you those options so Dynamic mode. This mode right now actually genuinely makes me feel sick and its, like always buzzing, but thats. The one where you know you go into a launch control, because when you do the brake gas in GT mode, it goes yeah, so were just gon na turn that back down to stylish and lower the volume Ill do cliche Cornerstone in Dynamic and Ive got one Traction off not full traction off and not drift mode either. Uh yeah this car is pretty wild. Yeah very rear wheel drive its like its perfect EV Dynamics like perfect its kind of insane like what more? Could you want? No, this, honestly for an electric vehicle. This is kind of perfect for fun, yeah it like itll with one traction off itll. Let you kind of slip out and everything it all tracks it off. It lets you really get out and then theres drift mode. On top of that, I think you get like 80 to the rear of something in the dynamic mode, like its just great, compared to the uh gv60, which is the same kind of platform, most front wheel, drive burnout, machine and stuff like that.

Yeah. This thing is an absolute monster and if you enjoy these car reviews, dont forget to subscribe hit. The notification Bell give a thumbs up, leave a comment. It really means a lot to us and helps us get even more cars to review. If youre wondering, when Im pointing at its the Subscribe button, so we currently have about 60 Battery and apparently you only get full 576 horsepower and full torque above 70, because I asked Jack from Savage geese because he was at the actual event. You cant really find this information anywhere on Kias website and we did some launches Music Music foreign was great. We did a bunch of different modes, a bunch of different sounds and uh yeah. Its really quick and Kia. Funny enough in the press. Release zero to 60 is faster certified time than a Ferrari Roma and a Lamborghini Huracan Evo, spider, rear wheel, drive totally cool Supercar killer, Supercar killer yeah, I mean I get it its electric car like thats advantageous, but its also like not as exciting yeah and those Are also both rear wheel drive cars, so you know thats, all good man thats a good claim for them. This is really really quick. This will do 0, 60 in low three seconds with a full battery. I need to say that as well above 70, yeah, okay, so uh styling wise. I feel like it looks exactly the same to me, except for the green calipers, and they did a couple minor tweaks to the bumpers, like basically all of the inserts, where the grilles could be.

Those are all slightly different than the regular one and then matching the green calipers when youre inside weve got a green GT button, green stitching, green piping, Green Design on the dash, and then we also have green in the gauge cluster when youre in GT mode and Green ambient lighting I got in here in the morning. It was nice and dark outside it, just looked fantastic, and then we got some really cool Wheels on the outside theyre, very, not electricy, but at the same time, kind of electric key yeah, no electric meanness to that in them. To me. I think they just look straight up sick and will be the Continental recommended tire for an ev6 GT. That would be the ones that were driving on the ice contact extreme. We want to find out your Continental recommended tire visit. The link in the comments below put in your information, your model and everything and itll show up. So I want to do a drift mode launch. Let me hold ipedal, you got to go into park to do that right to get to a full stop Park, hold traction all the way off in GT mode and then hold both paddles with your foot on the brake and drift mode launch yeah. You can hear the tires, I think, a little more fighting for grip. I like that thats good feels good. It feels I dont know. This thing makes me sick its, so quick, so out of drift mode Im going to go to eco mode, ready, yeah yeah it like slows down so much more.

When I floor it in eco mode or put my foot down just gently, it takes a lot more than oh thats. The same pedal pressure, yeah yeah placement of meat, just like putting changing the mode like its great they just did. They made an awesome job of making electric car sporty, and now this is my favorite of the ionic 5 and the gv60 in terms of driving Dynamics. I would 100 agree still not looks for me. I still really prefer the ionic five and I think I like the driving Dynamics more of this than the rear wheel, drive tycon. This is just fun because that one like it like it limited you more than this did, and this is just like the amount of Freedom that I want in an Eevee Im kind of surprised. That KIA did this because I mean its crazy, because even not in drift mode, even in GT mode with full traction off, I still think you could probably end up backwards in a field which is awesome. I think so yeah its just its going to be a new type of accident that is going to happen. This is going to cause so much Ruckus at takeovers. Oh yeah, take over champ. You bring one of these to a takeover. You win instead of lighting the circle on fire; they just puncture the batteries and then, lastly, before you drive infotainment its got the one with the climate control buttons and the fan with the toggle.

I accidentally cranked the fan like crazy, while trying to turn down the volume when you got in the infotainments good apple, carplay, Android, auto and weve got the updated, SiriusXM satellite radio, so its no more bulbs, just the good stuff, which I think is going across. All of Kia Hyundai Genesis, which is great there you go, and this does have the cool 360 camera with all that stuff. It can do the SMART Pock, but you cant change the color of the car and the 3D thing to match the color of the exterior. Like you can in a gv60 to pay extra for that, I dont think you can pay extra for that wait. How much do the GV 60 cost compared to this all right V60. I put it on stylish driving mode to match your Instagram influencer photos. Oh, thank you. What the e com? Oh, I didnt, change the drive mode. Oh there we go still pulling for 60 bad okay way too fast, uh yeah, this things quick and with the with the audio through the drive mode stuff. You can also change the curve of when the audio like starts pumping up more and more and more, which I think is great yeah, with your throttle pedal input, thats, really cool that theyre actually allowing this level of customization. The next thing that they should do is allow you to make your own sounds and then download them to your car. You wouldnt download a car.

Would you okay, so lets see what this will do in cliche Corner in GT mode with the default attraction setting not to put us backwards into the river and uh handling is actually really good. Turn in response is fantastic. It just wants to oversteer non stop holy. Like just oversteer monster the stab and go will get you in real trouble in this yeah yeah. This is by the way, if you guys havent watched a previous video, the stab and go and an EV is just floor. It and turn the wheel because, like a mock e GT, which this is so much better than a Maki GT, driving wise, this is more Mustang Maki than the Mustang is maki yo R.I.P Mach e. Honestly, this is a better car than the Mustang Maki GT. Yeah. No yeah, except the suspension, is better on that, but the overall driving characteristics of this are better. This is uh. We got damping different modes like its good. The suspension is decent, its not as bouncy as I expected it to be, however, its more bouncy than the Maki GT, because that has the magneride damage, but this GT mode of bounciness feels great too it does they kind of killed it with what they were trying To achieve with this car and this compared to the base model that weve driven well the base powertrain, this is so much better youre gon na turn off this. I would love you to turn that off, because I actually hate all the sounds of this uh.

What I do love, though, are these seats. These GT bucket seats, like these are actual, like basically Hyundai Elantra, end seats, kind of sucks theyre all manually adjustable, but like its also like whatever race car bro. You got to save electricity for your battery, but we can waste a ton of electricity on heated, steering, wheels and heated seats which get nice and warm. Of course we can and then we got heated seats in the back too. Do we have enough leg room for Jacob at six for one and a half back there? Shockingly we do, except the buckets, are so low to the ground, which is good that you cant tuck your feet in but theres enough room that I dont need to. Well, what if I just yeah, did this I just like it down to the ground. I got ta Raise Myself a little higher so that I can use that augmented reality head up display with our crews, which worked totally awesome on the ride here and by the way. This is a hatchback yeah lots of room back there decent amount of room and then getting in here this uh center console area thing. We got a lot of room down here. It looks like it connects down there, but I see my feet are muddying up the floor mats. What should we do about that? Jacob get a set of tucks Matt go to the straight pipes. They have mats available for this vehicle, so check out what they have available for your vehicle.

Do you send off your tux mat to a pinstriping shop, to put some nice green pinstripes on this, because its all got green accents? Maybe theyll make a custom one off Edition or something are you stoked on the green accents more than this being blue accents like I feel like this is green yeah. The Greens, a little more like neon green, is more fun where, like an earthy green, would be more environment. Yes and now. Im gon na do the ultimate turn off traction mode: go through cliche Corner in GT mode and Yuris gon na poop himself. Right now, all right, Im gon na use my paddles to downshift just kidding they are regen, paddles and obviously just wild its its insane, like the amount of Freedom that you have for an electric car is absolutely not. This is what we want in every EV, which maybe is not good for everyone else. Exactly I mean these are going to be really hard to get so. Youll probably have to go to discounted price offers, because its really hard to order electric cars from the factory they take a long time. So you can see what they have in stock at dealers or used ones, and when we have to charge this, what is the mileage of this car? How much? How far can we go? The range the total range thats, what thats, what I meant to say: 332, kilometers or 206 miles so less than the normal one, because this has bigger Motors and they want you to go faster, exactly way more power, which I, okay, heres.

My theory of, like you, know how I like slower, EVS that can go farther Im, also with you on that theory, unless they have drift mode. That is definitely the equalizer for me as well. Drift mode is kind of cool to have an electric bike and for me, drift mode over fast launches, like I would rather drift than have like cheetah mode, because its like okay, it gets boring. It gets old like sliding, never gets away yeah. As long as you have somewhere like proper to do it exactly shout out, TMP Cayuga still doing open laughing because we got a mile winter yeah theyre doing laughing days throughout the winter. I would love to buy one of these or, if I had one of these, I would go to drift Jam there take a couple laps and try to charge it up. Take a couple: laps try to charge it up. I think that would be cool dude. This thing would, I think this would do really well yeah. This is actually a drift monster. I I cant, I cant get over it its insane that theyre actually doing this. The ionic 5n is still coming and I think thats gon na be pretty crazy, too, and then how about looks of this? Have you gotten more useful because Ive definitely gotten way more used to it? I kind of kind of really like it now Ive gotten more used to it. I dont really still like it, but Im.

Definitely, okay with it now yeah. I I like it like it, but I still think gv60 interior. I like more than this okay but exterior yeah yeah yeah, what exterior its its close, because I really like that. Gv60. I, like the gv60, looks more answer the questions this isnt po, this isnt politics gb60, looks more than this okay ionic five more than all of them in the right, spec. Okay, so were on the same page, but I still like. I would think I would like, if I had to pick between gv60 and ionic, five Id go gv60, the one we drove okay, yeah yeah, and since this is an electric car, its got the 800 volt architecture, saving the best for last did we have problems charging Today, Yuri yeah, so we went to Electrify well, first, you went to Petro to check for me and it was actually working. It was working. There was another ev6, already good job, good job. We went to Electrify Canada and we tried to charge on the 350 and it would not accept the charge yeah, the air down, which this is supposed to do 350. and then the one right. Next to it, the door was open because somebody was working on it to fix it, which is good that people are there servicing. It shout out Electrify Canada for actually finally servicing these things and then we went to one over and then we slow charged it and that worked yeah because we were already at 88.

So I dont you cant, get the full speed at that and then the screen. Next to it was saying that prices are dropped because theyre erroring out and the funny part of that is, we actually still got charged the higher rate for some reason, yeah and everyone else who was there was complaining about how bad their electric car charging experience was. Theres, a guy with the Kia Soul, I was like I need more chidimo were like yo, honestly bail on the chidimo yeah. He was telling us about his battery problems of this car and you needed the warranty and stuff it felt like a electric car driver Anonymous. Like Meetup, where you just go there and complain about your problems when youre there, like oh whats, your most recent problem, oh well, Ill tell you what I dont get the mileage I used to when its cold and its still under warranty, pretty much so the IV Charger is actually free until January 16th, and it worked wild and uh were obviously not going to get the mileage quoted because its winter and were driving like a bunch of idiots. Yes, but even if we werent okay Ill put it into eco mode drive mode Eco. Oh yeah and now keep the throttle the same and go to GT. Oh youre, trying to kill us right now: okay, ready yeah compared to well its like button. We had in the G6 the boost mode, yeah yeah this car is fantastic.

I am shocked by how much I like it and good job Kia you knocked out of the park and thats. This just makes me look forward more to the ionic 5n yo. This is my Eevee of the Year rip Lucid rip, rivian rip tie cans. Even the steering is good on this. Like everything damn, I know, oh the front front kind of sucks, but we just had to mention that yeah honestly, if its not a small little frunk like they have in a 911 or a Tesla, I dont see people like going out of their way to like Open it shes like more work, pretty much or a Corvette Corvette. Oh watch, our e ray video. All right is that everything with the ev6 GT, thats everything Id like to say, lets get to the price, the lowest advisors, advisors, three, two one: yes and the cup holders will fit a small cup. Just fine get to the prize, the lowest priced ev6. You can buy is 46 995 Canadian, and this one is seventy five thousand four nine five yo its worth it, though its so sick. It actually is, if you can get your hands on one of these, whatever they did made. The huge difference Evie of the year and to celebrate, were going to turn the volume up to 20 in Dynamic, and you need to send us out this way.