Music. The ev6 is Kias first dedicated battery electric vehicle, but dont. Let that scare you just because its the South Korean automakers first EV doesnt mean its not good. In fact, the ev6 is astoundingly great, as you will soon see coming up. Well, look at this Kias interior take the ev6 for a spin to see how it drives and will even Explore some of this vehicles more unusual features so stick around for all of that and a lot more Music. The ev6 is closely related to Hyundais ionic 5 and the Genesis gv60. All three vehicles are built on the egmp architecture, though you wouldnt necessarily know that looking at them since each one wears its own distinctive styling, and I think I like the ionic 5 best followed by the Genesis but which one is your favorite regardless. This Kias design is still plenty attractive. The body is graceful and flowing with some diamond, like textured trim on the rear to liven things up. Led headlamps are standard across the range, as are 19 inch Wheels. Just like the ionic, 5 and gv60. This Kia has retractable exterior door handles for a Sleek look and better aerodynamics, though Ive got to say I dont really love this design. The action of the mechanism is a bit awkward plus your hand tends to slip off the grip, especially in wet weather. Beyond all of that, this ones kind of loose and creaky after less than 5 000 miles.

So one of the coolest features that comes standard on this rear wheel, drive, GT line. Ev6 is something called Remote, Smart parking assist and using the key fob. It allows you to move the vehicle into or out of a tight parking space, while youre outside of the vehicle, its pretty cool stuff. So to do that Im going to lock the doors up tight and then on the back of the fob press and hold the start button. It takes a few seconds to register, but there we go the lights just flashed, so the vehicle recognized my request now. Also on the back of the file, we have a couple other buttons that allow me to pull the vehicle forward or back it up so Im going to press just like that and hold so. You have to be reasonably close to the vehicle for this to work. Additionally, it will not hit obstacles. Ive still got the button depressed and, as you can see it stopped short of hitting me, I tried to run myself over, so I could sue Kia, but just my luck, it doesnt work now Remote, Smart parking assist will do more things than I showed you here, But regardless this feature could be an absolute godsend if you live in a tight urban area where parking is at a premium Music. Thank you. Kia did an amazing job with the ev6s interior, now its not quite as distinctive as the ionic 5s cabin, with its sliding center console and available leg support for the driver, though everything in here is just beautifully done for the most part.

This striped material looks great, as does the dashboards light up trim, but I especially love this optional suede like fabric on the seats it feels Rich, inviting and about as durable as Kevlar, though, if you are a sweatpant Enthusiast like me, be warned because it tends to Pull them down as you get in or out. If you watched my Toyota bz4x review hint go check that out. If you havent already youd, know one material, I dont care for is piano black trim here in the ev6 theyve got it all over the console, dashboard and door panels. Now this stuff scratches easily and it attracts fingerprints like seagulls to garbage, can we just have something else, please, but piano black or not. I appreciate that KIA designers put the controls for the heated and ventilated front seats right here on the center console. That way, you dont have to go digging through any menus in the infotainment system. To get to these frequently used functions, something you have to do in the ionic 5.. Now these multi modal controls on the dashboard are super clever and a brilliant use of space. Audio and climate functions both reside in this small bar here and you switch between them by just tapping like so, and I love this idea in theory, but in practice its not quite perfect, because some of these persistent climate controls right here are very easy to fat. Finger I reach in to adjust the radio volume and suddenly Ive engaged the defroster and Im increasing the temperature rather than the volume.

If you need power, the ev6 has plenty plenty of power outlets that is theres a standard wireless charging pad right here on the center console, plus a slew of USB ports, and even a 12 volt socket right up front rear seat. Passengers also have a pair of universal serial bus ports to play with and theres even a 120 volt Outlet. So you can run all kinds of devices. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination for about 16 amps still, you can turn night into day. Have food hot and ready at a family reunion and forget going home to make that olive loaf sandwich slice it up fresh while on the road heck, I even helped out a couple gentlemen who didnt have insurance. This is all made easier with Kias vehicle to load. Adapter it plugs into the charging port, giving you an exterior outlet. That being said, this solution is kind of clunky. I mean why not just put a separate 110 volt socket under the charging door regardless. This is still a nice feature to have, and it does work. Well, the ev6s back seat has Acres of space loads of head and leg room for lanky passengers, and the floor is flat, which is always nice. Cargo space is generous, too clocking in at 24.4 cubic feet behind the rear seat and 50.2, with the split backrest lowered. Something you can do right from the cargo area. Kia also comes with a small front trunk, though its only large enough to hold the charging cable and thats about it.

In keeping with current trends, the ev6 has a pair of standard 12.3 inch displays on the dashboard one for the digital instrument cluster and a touch screen, thats home to a familiar infotainment system. We responsive, elegant and intuitive. This multimedia array works great and is hard to complain about, though, oddly you cant rearrange the radio presets, which is kind of annoying. They just show up in numerical order, naturally, Apple, carplay and Android. Auto are both standard, though neither connects wirelessly. Your phone has to be plugged in to work just like the ev6 now thats, one of the major concerns people have with EVS the recharging process, scares them and Ill be the first to admit. Electric vehicles are not perfect for every driver in all situations, but they are the future and if you dont agree well, you are kind of living in the past, in which case you are sure to love the exclusive stickers in our new EV pulse, outdated outrage, series Which is tailor made for folks who just cant let go, and we have gems like these new deal, no thanks, say nay to Motorcars and my personal favorite Teapot Dome has me steam, Im still pissed about that, and even though we just set up the shop weve Already settled on pricing and merchandise is available to ship right now. Awesome items like this one right here, which is available for just 9.99, so head on over to thats shop., or hit the link in the description box down below to check out all of our exclusive and pretty awesome outdated outrage. Merchandise, come on get your rage on okay. Now that youve ordered some sweet. Bumper stickers lets talk, speeds and feeds before hitting the road. This rear, wheel, drive, GT line. Ev6 has a modest 225 horsepower and 258 pound feet of torque. The all wheel, drive model is naturally more potent graced with 320 horses and 446 pound feet of twist. The high performance GT version packs a real Wallop, though 576 horsepower and 545 pound feet for 2023. The 77.4 kilowatt hour battery pack should be standard across the lineup. In this ev6 that gets you an excellent EPA estimated 310 miles between charges. Of course, all wheel, drive and GT models are nowhere near as impressive. What is impressive, however, is how quickly this Kia can DC fast charge. The ev6 should be able to take in power at a maximum of about 240 kilowatts, which is phenomenal significantly better than nearly all of this cars. Major competitors Vehicles like the Ford, Mustang, Mach e, Volvo, xc40 recharge and Volkswagen id4, but enough with all these numbers lets see how this Kia drives interior. Now the suspension is Supple enough to brush off large impacts, but it still keeps the body well controlled. The steering is fine, its crisp enough on Center and nicely weighted, though like practically every other modern vehicle, perhaps with the exception of the Mazda Miata theres.

Basically, no Road feel I mean this is perfectly fine Im, not really complaining, but it may as well be a PlayStation controller, 225 horsepower and pound feet of torque rear drive. Ev6 GT line models offer good acceleration. This crossover has loads of off the line. Scoot, though it is nowhere near as quick as some other electric vehicles Im talking about cars like the Lucid air and the Tesla Model S plaid now to date, those Vehicles which obviously are not competitors to this Kia, theyve sort of set the expectation that every Eevee Comes with warp drive, though, that is obviously not the case. Kia estimates. This thing can hit 60 miles per hour in just 7.2 seconds, which is a more than adequate figure. You are not wanting for power in this ev6, even if a comparable, Mustang Mach e will do the same deed in about 6.1 seconds and the Tesla Model y long range in roughly 4.8, you can adjust the assertiveness of the regenerative braking using these steering wheel mounted Paddles, Which is very convenient and super easy to do now, it goes from basically no regen at all to quite a lot in eye pedal, just like the Hyundai ioniq 5 eye pedal is what Kia calls their one pedal driving mode, which is also my preferred setting, Because it will slow the vehicle down to a complete stop without you having to touch the brake pedal and Im all about doing as little as possible.

Next lets talk about Advanced Driver AIDS. This Kia comes standard with all of the items you would expect Im talking about amenities like Lane keeping assist automatic high beams theres a driver attention, monitor adaptive cruise control with stop and go capability, and it even has rear cross traffic avoidance assist which can automatically apply The brakes to prevent you from backing into oncoming vehicles, Applause as for available features, you can get this vehicle with things like Remote, Smart parking assist, which I already demonstrated a 360 degree. Camera system is offered, as is a blind spot view, monitor, which actually puts a video feed in the instrument cluster. When you engage the turn signal which lets you see, whats going on in either adjacent Lane, its pretty cool beyond that GT line models also come standard with highway driving Assist 2, which includes both Lane centering, as well as automatic Lane change capability. Now the former of those two amenities is very good, makes this vehicle track like its practically on Rails. Although the automatic Lane change function, kinda doesnt, do a whole lot. I could really take that or leave it personally now. Highway driving Assist 2 is a Hands On system, unlike Fords blue Cruiser GM supercruise, where you can sort of kick back and relax, this one works very well. It is one of the best adaptive cruise control offerings available. Today, though, you do have to keep your hands on the tiller Applause, wrapping things up, heres what the Kia ev6 does well and what it could do better.

As for advantages, this vehicle DC fast charges at a seriously impressive pace. The adaptive cruise control is among the best in the business that interior is premium and spacious, youre sure to love this Kias Sleek styling and the rear drive models range is superb, of course we do have a few downsides to talk about, but they are all minor. The multimodal climate, slash audio controls, are a clever use of space, but theyre a bit too easy to Fumble those exterior door handles look great but could be more ergonomic. I wish I could reorder the radio presets and that piano black trim is definitely not my favorite. The 2023 Kia ev6 starts at just about fifty thousand dollars, including 1325 in delivery fees. Now that is a significant increase over last years base model. In fact, the 2022 GT line example tested here checks out for just 53 405. According to the sticker, a price that includes 1215 in destination fee steel, Mac, gray, paint a 695 extra and GT line. Suede seating surfaces for an additional 295 bucks are the only options. I slightly emphasis on slightly prefer the ionic 5 over the ev6, because the Hyundai is a bit more distinctive, though this is still a superb EV, absolutely one of the best you can buy today. Emphasis on buy today because, unlike the Hyundai, this ev6 should be available in all 50 states. Next watch our full review of the lovely Genesis. Gv60.