Instead, Im going to stop talking, so we can start looking at the subject of todays video, the Neta S, Electric sedan with Hands On test drives and reviews of exciting Chinese market Vehicles. Wheels boy is the number one source for China. Auto insights be sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook Music. Thank you, Music Music man thats a good looking design. I mean its, not a perfect design. Of course, I wish, for example, theyd made those Wheels a little bit less fussy and maybe 20 inches. Instead of 19. thats a pretty big wheel Gap and not to Fat, shame, but that rear end looks a little bit chubby. If you ask me still just looks Sinister, I really like it in fact, editor give me about 10, more seconds of exterior b roll before we move on to talking about trunk space Music. Thank you first, let me show you the front. This thing is about the same size as the one in the byd seal, but neither of them are as big as the one in the model 3.. Of course, nothing in this world is free and in the case of the s that beautiful roof line comes at the cost of rear visibility, which is down to nearly Lamborghini levels of bad, then there comes the trunk space. This thing is about the same length as a BMW, 5 series, in fact, its slightly longer than a 5 series, but rear trunk space is not particularly impressive for a car that big all right enough about that lets, check out the inside and see if it can Match the exterior design of this car, oh, that door sounds pretty cheap when you close it and thats a warning of things to come.

This is the most expensive Neto. So far, their previous efforts were focused on small hatchbacks and SUVs, which cost anywhere from 11 000 to 27 000 US dollars. The cheapest version of the S is an extended range EV and starts at 28 000 US Dollars, pure EB versions, start at 35, 000 USD and the performance version were driving today costs a little over forty thousand. These seats may be trimmed in micro, Suede and real leather, but theres a surprising amount of other hard plastic materials in this interior for something that expensive. That includes, for example, the dashboard here, which appears to be made out of an orange rock like material. It also seems to be pretty easy to scratch as well here in the center console. You have some pretty cheap black plastic, which also squeaks when you touch it, theres more black plastic on the steering wheel and the doors, the steering wheel, buttons and the door are window switches rather are all capacitive touch. And unsurprisingly, they dont work very well. Thankfully theres plenty in terms of design and Tech to distract you from some of the more unsavory materials in here. I joked earlier about this looking like orange Rock, but I actually quite like this kind of burnt orange interior color. I even like this fractal wood pattern. Even if it looks much better than it feels theres also the small fact of that big screen which measures 17.6 inches and controls more or less everything in the car.

All the way down to adjusting your seat worry, not passenger. You get a 12.3 inch screen, something thats, actually quite rare at this price point. Also rare is the 21 speaker sound system with headrest mounted speakers on the front row, but my favorite screen is certainly this 13.3 inch digital instrument cluster, its Sleek, its simple and its almost retro, futuristic in its design. It has all the information you need, and none of the information that you dont the rear seats of the Neta s could be considered one of its highlights, because it has a feature that almost none of its competitors have adjustable rake that is accomplished using the center Console here there is a touch pad or kind of a capacitive touch pad, as youll see can move back and forth like so again, almost none of its direct competitors have this, except maybe the byd Han legroom. Also, very decent has a 2.98 meter wheelbase again longer than pretty much every one of its direct competitors. However Headroom, oh, not particularly impressive, again, you pay a price for that beautiful roofline Music foreign. By saying this is a pre production vehicle, which means that some of its features havent been activated. Yet that includes, for example, the augmented reality heads up display, which currently only shows the speed, rather than the other features that it should have its doing. A pretty good job of that at least the other thing is its Suite of driver assistance systems, collectively known as Neta pilot thats, also not activated on this car.

That reminds me there is a single trim of this car, which does have lidar available. That trim also includes an upgrade to this cars chipset, which takes computing power from 16, tops to 200 tops. The thing is that trim costs 46 000 US Dollars and is only available with the rear mounted single motor powertrain. In other words, if you went and bought a performance version that cost 40 000 US Dollars, Not only would you save that 6000 USD, you also get exactly double the power, a total of 340 kilowatts and 620 19 newton meters of torque. That would push you to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds, which one would you choose opting for the performance will get you a larger battery too measuring 91 kilowatt hours and netting. You 650 kilometers of range on the cltc cycle. Rear wheel, drive models manage 715 kilometers of range from an 85 kilowatt hour battery. This thing has a longer wheelbase than pretty much all of its comparable competitors. That includes the bydcl and byd ha the x punk p7 and the Tesla Model 3.. That, combined with the fact that it has a double Wishbone front, suspension and 5 link rear should result in top notch ride quality. But honestly it doesnt. This thing does not ride in the same um premium kind of expensive way that something like a bydc or Tesla Model 3 does. In fact, the nvh is also noticeably worse than both those cars, particularly motor wine, on the highway, or does it handle like those cars either.

The byd seal and the Tesla Model 3 have noticeably sharper turn in and feel noticeably lighter on their feet than this card. Does this is a time when the styling of a car can actually work against its Driving Experience? You see when I look at this thing. I think it should be very sporty because it looks like Darth Vaders daily commuter, but in reality it drives a little bit more pedestrian than that all right. Music, foreign, new car purchases, a battle between practicality and passion, potential buyers of the Neta ask just need to accept the fact that this car doesnt have quite the same level of quality or Driving Experience as some of its competitors, but I mean look at it. This thing is for sure the best looking car in this segment by far its a car you buy with your heart, not your head and personally, I think, theyre going to sell quite a few of them. Alright thats all for todays video. Thank you so much for watching be sure to check us out on social media.