Well, this video is not sponsored by Burger King. This is purely sponsored by me and my pocket Uber foreign, so guys this is the new XUV 400 electric from the house of Mahindra. This variant standing here right now is the XUV 400 El model. Now there are two models available in this Music. I need to check the difference between the two. This is based on the same platform as the XUV 300. Only the length is a bit different. A bit more in this model, because this gives you the extra pluggage capacity in the back. If you see the Interiors, the vehicle has been jazzed up nicely too much of color. For my preference, though, I would not appreciate a golden color inside my car, its not gon na, be you know, thats soothing for the eyes for me now, once we are able to go for a test drive couple of you know, couple of minutes I can show You, the actual Dash pivot that has been lit up. You can see the steering controls are here, power modes are here, this is for the command that you can give to your car. Your basic setup for the infotainment system is here. A very good gesture. Is the lever here which looks very beautiful? It is similar to the BMW. I say this will get all even Eliminator once you start the vehicle and it is just push off the button. The button quality for the sunroof seems to a bit odd.

This is very, very plasticky. It is just made of plastic, of course, but then doesnt give you that kind of you know the feel. The sunroof is big. Yes, moved out foreign to the back seat. If you can see, I think more than two people wont be able to sit comfortably here now. My friend here is five six. I guess five, five, if you see the space here, is somewhat okay for him. Now this passenger seat is taken a bad, but this there is no cushion here so under thigh support is not that great Music. Now guys, if you see this is the main heart of the vehicle Music, I myself never knew that this component here is made by Siemens, which is outros to Mahindra. The tires given on this are outsourced from Apollo. It is called as the after across and the specs are 205 65 R16. So this is 16 inch Music, and these are all four are disc brakes, Music. The tail lamps are very decent. Looking, as I said before. Also again, this is not mine. I would never want a color like this inside my car and they have given this everywhere. You see on the logo on the top, and this is the actual boot space of the vehicle, and I had told you earlier if you see xuv300, so this vehicle is basically based on the same model. Music. The only difference is this luggage space here right now lets go for a small Drive.

The 400 EV has three Drive modes, one is the one which are currently on. Second, is fast mode activated. If you see the even the console changes the power changes, you can feel the power coming onto your acceleration and the third is the Fearless mode activated. I really love this word Fearless mode. I dont think so. This has been given in any of the other vehicles and when it comes on your console, you yourself might feel a bit different. If you can see even the color becomes red and yes, the power is quite good enough on the Peerless mode. Well, Im actually a bit afraid now to go on high speed on this road, but yeah its fun. The steering becomes a bit hard. Yes, that has to be because, when youre driving on a speed, you need that kind of steering control Music. The cabin inside, though, is very, very silent, not too much of sound inside Music. Now this is the sound from the outside foreign Music. I feel this is the lag because once youre driving yeah, your regeneration level for the power coming from the battery pack is a bit more. If you leave the acceleration, you actually feel that the vehicle is coming its becoming slow, pretty much faster. So lets have a word with the advisor about the variants: Music, Music. Okay, thank you now lets go for a drive with the next one, so guys uh talking about the ownership review of the Nexon EV uh.

Currently, I am driving along with a friend who owns the next one, maybe for the past two years and he has driven the car for almost 50 000 kilometers lets have a two minute chat with him and check. What is his review about his vehicle cooler? Can you please give my viewers a bit of your? What do you say? Definitely, first of all, hi uh to all the viewers of Mr Abhishek Chaudhary, my good friend and car expert and expert in many other things that we cannot mention on the video right now. So yeah definitely were driving this next song Ive been driving it for the past two years, uh brought it in uh in the middle of the lockdown and back then people used to stop the car and uh just to give a thumbs up or something like that. Last 57 000 kilometers have been beautiful, uh, including there was a battery failure which Tata replaced free of cost, which was an excellent experience. Otherwise, having to Shell out five Six Flags, uh would not have had so many tears left in the gland anymore, so yep, driving, Comfort, wise, is something different to ice. Car and uh um always enjoy knowing that youre not spending any money on fuels. All the money that goes otherwise towards the car payment would have otherwise gone to fuse so yeah, definitely amazing saving, I think saved about 10 11 lakh rupees on compared to a to a petrol car of the same size, automatic so yeah, nice, very nice.

So guys, now, Im gon na drive the Nexon EV. This is how the ear knob looks like the console gets eliminated like this and Music. This is the drive mode, so lets go now Im shifting to the S Mode, which my friend says is sports sex sandals. If you can see Music here, the tile changes only to the red color, and it shows s, the power of the vehicle increases steering is gone a bit hard, which is, as I said previously required. It must have been fun driving this vehicle at the when the car was brand new as well. Comparing between the two vehicles of the cabin interior, though uh the drive quality, was better in the Mahindra. The cabin interior quality is much better than the Tata Nexon, even though this vehicle is driven a lot, but still it looks very plush. It feels very plush and uh. It doesnt feel that it doesnt have that plasticky feeling that Im using something cheap so guys. I hope uh you, like the small video that I took of the XUV 400 today, comparing it with the next one EV, thanks to my friend here, Mr Abhishek, for loaning me the vehicle for a day at least he has been driving for the whole day.