Now then, on todays video, we are going to be looking at this now Ill get into what this is in a minute uh, but a bit of a backstory first. I actually ordered off banggood awplc 54 kit um. Now, unfortunately, they must have got their wires crossed their end because uh they sent me this instead which they sell as wpl d32. Although I cant see any wpl markings on it, um all right, but they sent me this in error. Now banggood have got a pretty good customer service. Uh Department Ive never had any issues with returning or getting refunds on anything that theyve sent me an error. Um it doesnt happen very often. To be honest, so I contacted their customer service. They put a ticket in eventually came back to me and said, were going to refund you, the full amount and just keep the little car. So I thought well, when youve got lemons, make lemonade were going to review this, see what its like so like. I say they sent me this scenario, so this this video is sort of sponsored by banggood uh, because theyve effectively sent it me for free um. Well, they are a pretty good company to deal with and Ive personally never had any issues if youve ever an issue or a problem with them, the general is a rule of thumb will give you offer you a partial refund or a full refund, depending on the Rc or the item you bought from so anyway thats what were going to do today were going to refund refund, were going to review this little thing now, like I say its its sold as a wpl d32, but I cant find any wpl or reference wpl on It whatsoever it looks like its made by a company called C and D or cxd, or something anyway, uh, now its a its like, I say its sold as a d32 Im, not sure if its like a little replica of a Chinese electric car made by a Company called ruling Im, not 100 sure, but I will have a check out and find out anyway.

What were going to do is were going to box, it were gon na charge. The battery up were gon na see whats. The contents of the Box are like and were going to take you for a little Spin and see what this little tiny remote control cars like right. Then, in the Box we get uh some instructions uh. They look to be predominantly in Chinese as youd expect to be honest: uh we get our little uh model car. If you like, oh its got suspension and everything gosh we get our little model car uh. We get some. What look to be stickers, I mean it says the money manufacturers, cxd uh, not wpl, but they might sell it as a wpl. D32. Probably make the same thing. Uh looks like weve got like a little battery charger, a little tiny screwdriver, some bits and pieces like an aerial and roof bars, Etc. Uh some stickers and weve got a oh remote control. Its got steering trim on it, tiny that is a steering trim and not short, TNR means. I wonder if its like a throttle Jewel rate anyway well find out for me. Uh weve got some and weve got some more. If I can get them at them, got some clear plastic bits like indicators and brake light lenses, Etc. So Im presuming well have to assemble it now somewhere, underneath uh. Here we go, weve got our battery compartment, weve got our little battery and it is a tiny little.

14. 500 500 milliamp hour, 3.5 volt uh lithium ion battery. So there you go so anyway. So what well do well put all the uh look at this little suspension underneath got proper little Wishbone suspension and springs and everything gosh uh. What well do is. We will put this battery on charge, well put the lights, indicators and lenses on, Etc, roof bars and its quite a detailed thing really like I say I think its a its actual. This is an actual real car, um electric car sold in China so uh. Well, hey the tires are rubber, as well yeah, so anyway get that charged up, put all bits and pieces on and well see what this thing is like now Ill tell you what well do before we put all the bits and pieces on this thing. I might just do a bit of a tear down on it, see whats uh, see whats involved, so lets see a little 130 motor there, so its not going to be the most powerful thing in the world. But to be honest, it doesnt weigh anything anyway. But what I might do is whip the Bodywork off and see what the underpinnings are like now. I have just noticed something interesting that the battery actually plugs into the bottom of the chassis there, uh theres, no actual physical plug. If you like, connected to connect, you literally connect plug it in to the connector thats actually attached to the chassis and now Ive forgot to mention the price.

This thing is sold on banggood for 36 quid or well its approximately 43 dollars for our American Brethren uh. So thats, what well do well have a quick tear down of this thing, see what to see whats underneath this body thats quite interesting. Actually, yeah weve got front and rear lights in the actual body, shell itself now to get to the gubbins. Underneath we have to sort of remove the seats. Now they just press on basically theres, nothing, no screws or anything holding them on a little cover is we have to lift a little cover off and that reveals top of the suspension units on the front. Uh Weve also got a little uh receiver and ESC board here, and it is marked up as wpl d32 um. Its also got a proper little three wire micro steering servo and, like I say, proper little suspension, struts on the front with uh lower wishbones. We have in fact got a little tiny, um 130 motor and this little plastic cover pushes on over the top of the suspension, struts and its screwed on in place. But the suspension struts are held in by these little plastic e clips and with quite a little nutty little thing really um anyway, thats pretty much whats underneath there isnt a great deal, but you wouldnt expect a great deal, but it seems to be a lot of Thought going into this little thing, but Ill put it back together and well, carry on and Ill put the various uh body furniture on it rather finish, putting all the bits and pieces on the Bodywork uh.

You have to put things like light lenses on the wing mirrors little antenna at the back, several put bits of plastic trim. You have to show on uh, weve got our front lights there, they look pretty cool and weve got severe lights. You do get a nice set of decals for the rear of the car um Ive freshly charged the battery, so that is ready to go um. You have to supply two AA batteries for the controller by the way or the transmitter. This thing is fully proportional. Both the steering and the throttle backwards and forwards there we go, you do indeed get a. There is a switch on the transmitter for a dual rate uh with regards to the throttle, so youve got a slow in a fast mode uh. So all it remains now is to go and test this thing see what its like. Obviously, this thing is going to be pavement only due to the very nature of the RC, I might even for a laugh, take the speedo along and see how fast it goes. Both in slow and fast mode, sorry enough waffle lets go and try out this little uh d32 right. They were outside with the d32, with the speedo strap to the roof uh. What do you reckon this thing will do? Then? I reckon well try it off a slow mode. First, I reckon about two mile an hour Music. Thank you. Well, according to the speedo on slow mo, this thing actually does 3.

7 miles an hour. Um lets try lets see if its on fast mode, Music Applause 4.2 miles an hour. That is a new PB for this channel that is efficient of the slowest RC uh weve ever tried foreign, Music, Music right then back inside. What do we think of cxds or wpls d32 here uh? I dont know about you when this was running around. All I could hear in my head. Was the Benny Hill theme tune? Um right then lets go for some good and bad points. Shall we uh bad point number one battery life um? I know its only a small battery uh, but the run time on this thing was no more than six to eight minutes tops um. It didnt take long for the to run the battery down at all. I know its only a 130 motor and it is only a little battery but uh to be honest. Battery life is pretty poultry, really another bad point, and this is probably more to do with personal preference than anything else. Is these little model RCS, if you like uh dont, really float me about them. Theyre, not particularly interesting its the sort of thing youd find perched on the ruling salesmans desk in a showroom more than anything else, its, not its, not very! I should you know. I just find them a bit tedious to use its, not very quick after the first couple of minutes, youre like yeah. Now, what do I do with it um, so it just its just not very interesting, RC right thats enough negativity, lets, try and find something positive to say about this thing and the first of which is, it is actually a good representation of a little ruling mini Ev, so if youre after a remote control model in the form of a ruling EV, then this is, for you another good point and Im sort of Im sort of scraping the bottom of the barrel here, trying to find interesting things to say about this thing, because It is a little bit boring, uh and and genuinely it doesnt, just nothing for me, but in this in the six to eight minutes the battery lasted nothing broke, nothing fell off um, it does seem reasonably well.

Screwed, together, actually, and and like I say, is a reasonable representation, but I think its one of them things that youve really got to want to own one rather than aspire to to to get anyone. You know what I mean because its it is a little bit dull and it doesnt really do anything. I mean its just. I reckon you even your kids will get fed up with it after a few minutes um, but as a as a standalone model, RC uh its adequate right, then, would I recommend the d32 to anyone and personally Im going to say no, it doesnt it doesnt. Do anything it leaves me cold doesnt do anything for me in any way, shape or form. I mean it costs 36 quid. I would go and spend that 36 quid somewhere else on something a little bit more exciting. Perhaps um. If you really want one, then it is, you know it does exactly what it says on the tin, its a little remote control model of a mini EV. So in that respect you know it. It does the job, but I dont know I think, youre better spending. Your money on something a little bit more entertaining as ever Ill leave a link in the description to where you can go and get one of these from.