I have this little button right here. I press that, and this rotates, how cool is that Music? The microphone that Im holding in my hand, comes with the car and Ill explain why, in just a second behind me, is the high Navy by byd. This is the worlds leading EV car company in terms of individual sales. These guys sold almost 1.9 million cars in 2022., half a million more cars than Tesla did last year, which is nuts today Im going to show you around because it has a it. Has a couple of interesting features, something that Ive never seen before, including what uh? What you do with this little microphone lets start off with the exterior right, because the inside trust me the insides, the good stuff, but lets start off with the outside. So theyre, going with, like this kind of dragon, face design language thats, what they call it or theyre trying to get the best of the western world and the best of the Eastern to create like the ideal kind of styling right. So the dragon face design language starts at the front where they have like this very kind of aggressive, sharp eyes. Its all very, like pointed forward yeah, I think it looks pretty cool. The logo is pretty interesting as well. I personally love these little blue touches right here. You see these like daytime running lights, theyre, blue and theyre like sharp, and they call this the Striking front grille.

Now what I like about this car as well, do you guys remember the old, Razer phones back in like the 90s, these guys started in that industry. They were actually making the batteries for the razors back in the day they started in 1995 and then in 2003. They entered the car world and now theyre, making these cars and theyre literally leading the planet in terms of EV Car Sales, which is nuts all right so um on the side. What I think is interesting is that the rims uh, you know, theyre, not huge, but if you look at the styling its almost like a like a faux Center locking Rim, look like they look like theyre Center, locking, rims but theyre. Actually not. This is supposed to be like a performance luxury vehicle. This thing does zero to 100 in 3.9 seconds, yeah yeah thats, pretty crazy, all right so over on the side. Yeah you have flush door handles these will open up. You can either use your phone to unlock the car, or you can use your remote um here again kind of with a dragon face design language you see like this has some gills on the side. I think its a pretty cool little touch and then on the back. You have what they call like the dragon claws. You see how the tail lights have these kind of like vertical claws. In case you guys were wondering what byd stands for it stands for build.

Your dreams – and they make sure to remind you of that – you know, get some inspiration every time you hop in your car, build your dreams and, right now, this car is not available in the US. For now what happens in the future? We dont know but theyre already in Europe, theyre in South America, theyre different parts of Asia and in Europe the pre sale pricing is 72 000 Euros, so uh its in the upper end in terms of sedan. So we open this up theres one pretty cool feature that look go to the side and I can literally pop this in there like this and now I can charge anything I want to do so. I can literally dry my hair. I can make a coffee on the side of the car anything you can use the power from the car to power up anything else which is pretty cool. Could you imagine just like standing in a parking lot drying your hair or just I dont know making some toast itd be pretty cool. I regret not bringing a toaster to the Chute thats, the outside of the car, but the best part is on the inside and lets lets take a look. So this is the key. Byd looks pretty cool shape of a car unlock it door handles pop out all right. I got ta say a lot of people. Think of like when you think of like made in China.

Some people tend to think that its not the best quality take a look at the inside of this car because in fact it looks pretty good. They have like this kind of high quality Napa leather on the seats they got like different aluminum trims. You see that like aluminum over here, they have like wood panels, glossy finishes, and the carbon fiber in the middle is also a nice touch. These guys make literally 70 of the entire car thats they only Outsource 30. They make the carbon fiber in house. They make. The batteries in house they even make batteries for like forklifts trucks, I think, like Railways, like these guys, are freaking huge. They actually made this new battery called the blade battery, and I mean they put it through. Like the Mount Everest of durability tests. You know they pierce through the battery directly. You know a normal battery, which is explode, go up in Flames, theres no problem; they literally drove a truck over the battery and then install it into the car to continue driving pretty nuts. So this is the worlds first production car with that new byd blade battery two tone steering wheel, also wrapped in leather and in here I got my microphone that comes with the car thats actually stored in here, like that, and the reason for that is because you Know in Asia they love the karaoke, and this is for karaoke, so you can just turn your car on.

You see that start stop right there. This reminds me of uh a BMW kind of start, stop press that everything comes to life inside here we have the uh karaoke. I pressed that and now let me see yep I can sing along. So if you have a song that you want to play, put it on Adele, hello, Im, sorry, you hear that were gon na get a copyright strike, but whats cool when I actually sing it lights up in different colors to let me know my volumes and all That I think thats pretty cool, but look at this. If I want to lower the windows, all I got to say is Nihao shaoli Music windows lower. How cool is that pretty cool? My favorite part of the entire inside is this. You see the screen. Look at this, I have this little button right here. I press that, and this rotates, how cool is that you get a vertical screen now and I press it again and the rotates back to horizontal that is freaking sick. I have never seen that in any other car ever and I dont know I love it cool little feature up here. You see that I can actually flick this. You get a camera, so with this camera now we can take little selfies and videos. I can actually just swipe and I can go to camera and thats your front camera. I can record if I want in the front, or I can just flip it there, you go by the way thats.

What JP looks like if you guys have never seen what JP looks like that? Is his beautiful face? Uh but yeah pretty good. You can get people in the back. It actually manages to capture everyone. My forehead looks gigantic. In this I mean its a its a fisheye um, but damn yeah its uh, its pretty amazing yeah new uh new insecurity unlocked, I think, its cool. I think its a nice little party thing look. Actually. I took a. I took a photo before with the byd team there they are look at them. Awesome, very good people, very kind. Look here. Just just so you guys see you got some space. This is actually the phone, so they actually gave me this phone that comes with the card, but its also the key. So they can unlock this car with uh with the phone, which is pretty nice, got some cup holders, and here youve already seen it just some more space um inside the glove box. You have a a game controller because you can play video games with this car. So on this screen, you can be in the back playing video games. You can be in the in the passenger seat. If you want to play a vertical video game, you just flip it around. I think thats pretty cool. Actually, let me see what the camera looks. Like no, no still still got the head, yeah yeah, that head is not going anywhere thats, not the car smell thats thats, my fault for having that freaking Jimmy Neutron head all right, uh lets go lets go to the back.

I got ta say these seats. Are soft man? Look at this. You know when you get the middle seat and youre like oh, no, not the middle seat, everyone hates him. No sleep! Look at how squishy this is look at this. This might be. This might be the squishiest middle seat. I have ever seen in the back of a car and Im, not even joking like this is not that uncomfortable uh over here. Look, you have like little pillow esque type of headrest. This is also very squishy. This is very nice. Very nice, quilted, leather, nice touches and whats cool is that the seats in the back also recline, so look uh. Next to my window button. I have like a an extra bun. You see so I can lower my windows here, yep, nothing that Innovative or groundbreaking, but next to it I have another little toggle. I can just flick this back and look yeah get some extra space. Also in the middle, you have a screen right there. This is considered to be the boss seat so from this seat I can change just about anything. I can change this guy, this guy, my seat. I can control most of the seats here so slide to unlock, and then I can look add some AC going to my feet. This is the climate control. This is like the sun shade. I can do that too. So lets open it up. Look at that.

So this, obviously, if you want to be chauffeur driven and to be honest, if you buy this car, you can probably afford a chauffeur because look rolls royces and maybachs uh theyre, like almost five times the price. So, with all the money that you save uh, you can probably get a chauffeur too yeah here I can also go to the front seat and I can just go there. You go go forward. Look you see. I have to admit that in the west we get a somewhat, not great perception of uh Chinese products because of the past, where everything was made in China and it was like cheaper kind of plastic. I have to say Im extremely impressed with what theyve done in this car. The the quality looks great, I mean the the materials feel good. I like the technology. I, like the Innovation, its a fast car, zero to 103.9 seconds, um its a fair price, 72 000 Euros for this car in Europe. For what youre getting I like, it Im surprised, but I I like it so now: Im just gon na drive it around and just see what it feels like all right time to drive it. So this is a family car. The zero to 103.9 seconds lets see. Oh, oh wow, wow, yeah, thats, pretty freaking fast, holy crap nuts, its just crazy to me how um unaware we are of like Chinese car brands that this sold half a million uh more units than Tesla did is crazy.

Look were going uphill wow. This thing is pulling that is fast. That is crazy. Fast. China has come a long way in terms of producing cars anyways, that is the Honeybee by byd.