This new compact SUV will offer anywhere from 250 to 300 miles of range and do so for as little as thirty thousand dollars when it goes on sale in 2023. A range of Trends will be offered with different performance and efficiency levels. Entry level models will come with roughly 210 horsepower and 242 lbft of torque, making its way to the ground via front drive. Setup higher trim versions will get a dual motor setup with 290 horsepower and 346 lbft of torque being delivered via an eawd system starting number. One chargepoint home Flex charger its expensive, but worth it one of the newer options on the market. Chargepoints home Flex charger is incredibly flexible. You can easily set up the unit to charge it up to 40 amps of power using the simple plug in setup or have it hardwired for 48 or 50 amps to maximize the Speedy charging capability at the equinoxy vson board charger can handle setup is incredibly easy. Thanks to charge points app, while the app also lets you turn the unit of and on check the charge status and even set a timer delay to charge it off peak hours. This unit, essentially, has it all, plus one standout feature. You wont find anywhere else 24 hour. Customer support the only drawback with the unit other than the price is the 23 foot charging cord thats about two feet shorter than the norm, its likely not a deal breaker for most folks, but it could be so we want to make sure to point it out At number 2 Juice Box, 40 missing just some of the amp customization of the charge point.

This unit is more affordable and retains plenty of the Wi Fi features just boxes app lets you do everything youd expect from control the charger remotely check the charge status, charging stats and set a timer delay to charge it off peak hours when electricity isnt just cheaper, But Demand on your local infrastructure is lower. On top of all this, its one particularly unique feature is the ability to be operated via Amazon Alexa. Most of the features of the app are just a voice command away at number. Three Clipper Creek hcs60p a premium unit. Thats also relatively basic. The Clipper Creek hcs 60p delivers a high speed option without a lot of extra features, its built to max out at the 48 amp setting Nets desirable for the Equinox EV, so youre able to maximize the on board charger for the quickest possible charging times. Thats generally, the theme of this unit, it has pretty basic, looks doesnt, come with an app and also doesnt, have a charge, timer delay, which is a pity. On the flip side, you dont have to pay for any of those fancy features, so its more affordably priced than most for this charging rate, but that doesnt mean this unit is a budget option far from it? Clipper Creek is one of the best known names in the Ed charging industry and one of the most respected all products come ETL listed, meaning theyve been independently tested by a nationally recognized lab for safety and durability.

It makes use of a weatherproof Neema for enclosure. A unique highlight feature of this charger is the automatic circuit reclosure which works to re, establish a connection if theres a power interruption at number, four evocharge evse a compact and efficient unit. It even looks like a cute little robot with up to 32 amps. It can deliver as much as 25 miles of charge per hour, its a more affordable option and we both like and dont like, however, charge prices it you dont have to pay for what you dont want, but they do keep creeping the price up for every ad. One, the 18 foot cord versions cost a decent price, but you pay 75 more for seven extra feet of cord. If you want the 25 foot version, you also pay extra for Wi Fi features, which is also both good and bad.