How much would you have to spend on diesel in an efficient diesel car to travel 500 kilometers with your family and all the safety? According to my calculation, it will easily take 2 500 rupees. Just for 500 kilometers, and if you want to take an even more larger diesel vehicle, for example, an Innova Diesel with all your family, it would easily take more than 3000 rupees. But what if I say that you can travel the same 500 kilometers with your family with the latest Advanced features and all for just 800 rupees? Yes, we have an option today, because byd have launched their brand new byd 803 electric SUV – and we have over here the exact same byd 803, which looks properly fantastic, has got a whole lot of advanced features, including a dash level. 2 functions 360 degree, camera system, wireless charging, automatic climate control, leather seats, all the stuff. Yes, you can already see my detailed walk around review of this poydr23 electric SUV uh in the link in the description box below you can just click that and take a walk around of that. But today we are going to focus on the drive of this car. Basically, the drive stuff, the 8S level 2 functions, the multiple Drive modes, and how does it basically feel to be in such a 200 PS, powerful, electric SUV, which is available for just under 40 lakh rupees in the market? Today? Yes, we are going to focus on that, but before that this video is sponsored by budmore.

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The interior is also equally impressive. With soft and premium quality materials all round along with very unique features and design elements, that is, the superb quality leather, wrapped flat bottom steering wheel with the fully digital instrument cluster behind it. Here you get to see all details and info regarding the car, including Adas functions. This large 12 inch touchscreen system has got Wireless Android, auto and apple carplay, also offering 360 degree surround view camera system, while the Adas controls are located on the left side spoke of the steering wheel. You can also use the voice commands to control radio media calling sunroof, AC and navigation functions. Both the front seats also have power adjustment. The back seats are also greatly comfortable. The main highlight being the fact that this car does not have a center tunnel and the floor is absolutely flat, which means even the center passenger can have good space. There are three proper three point: seat belts along with adjustable headrests and a center armrest, along with rear AC available as standard the overall material quality and Ambience can be considered as the main highlight of this car. There are also more than enough number of storage spaces. Furthermore, this car also has got interior ambient mode lighting and a massive panoramic sunroof. Both of them can be controlled using voice commands itself in terms of safety features. The ATO 3 has got all wheel disc, brakes ABS, with EBD ESP traction control Hill hold apart from 8 level, 2 functions and yes, there are also 7 airbags.

In total, the main driving controls of this car are located on the center console. However, the only missing feature in this car is ventilated seats. The bydato3 has got electronic smart tailgate, which is going to be perfectly convenient now, since this car is longer than the Hyundai creta. The boot space is also larger at 440 liters and for further flexibility. This car also has 60 40 split, folding rear seats. That said, this car does not have a spare wheel. Instead of that, you get to see a punctual packet under the boot floor. Still, the usability and flexibility of this ATO 3 is great under 40 lakh rupees. In the Indian market, this can be claimed as the most powerful electric SUV. This car mainly boasts of byds latest blade Battery Technology, and the 803 comes with a 60.48 kilowatt hour battery pack, mated to a powerful electric motor that can produce up to 205 PS of maximum power and 310 newton meters of Maximum torque. This car is also pretty advanced in terms of charging system, as the battery can be recharged from 0 to 80 percent. In just 50 minutes using 80 kilowatt DC fast charging, but using normal AC charging it would take 10 hours according to arai. The 803 has got a claim range of 521 kilometers. However, in the real world it is safe to expect up to 480 kilometers. Yes, folks, we are right now inside the brand new vyd, 803 and uh.

The voice command always interferes with me, but still it is all right, because this is going to be one among the most advanced electric SUVs in India. Today, especially under the 40 lakh rupee category, the drive the main highlight more than 200 PS of power from the electric motor, which is simply awesome, and it is going to feel so like rocket. I guess because yes, 200 PS, is the power we have seen on the xuv7w, but that is a massive SUV with seven seats, but this one is much smaller and it is going to be so awesome to drive as well. Uh byd claims that this vehicle has got 521 kilometers of claimed range in one single charge, which is going to be properly great uh because yeah, it has got a whole host of Premium stuff, great features and all okay enough about the blah blah stuff lets start With drive now, oh my God putting my foot down, I can feel the rocket. Oh, I can feel like the rocket like experience. Yep no worry scan, get up to Great speeds within no time within just a blink of an eye. It feels awesome, wow within no time Im doing 110. Okay, to give you an idea about the sheer acceleration. Let me just reduce the speed to say 50. yep thats 45 kilometer per hour, and this is not even the sports mode Im just putting my foot down from 40. Laughter. I still goes 120 130 God its faster than I can speak.

That is the thing it just kicks you so hard and just takes you through everything, and the surprising thing is that even for such an electric SUV with some good level of ground clearance, the center of gravity is so good so low because of the blade battery System of vivid and yes, the stability is great, which means you can do this at even greater speeds. I just did that at 120, kilometer per hour been so stable and even on such bad patches on the highways and such bouncy joints, It Feels So planted. You barely can hear anything except for the tire noise suspension is silent. Everything is so great. You you feel like you are in a properly Next Level. Luxury vehicles and the brakes obviously are seriously very good Ill. Just show you, how does the sports mode work and Ill also show you? How does the aid as functions work in this car? So folks we are on the avinashi bypass road, which leads to coimbatore and over here now, Im going to show you? How does the Adas functions of this by Auto 3 work and, to be frank, it is one of the one among the most advanced systems, the most advanced, properly functioning Adas functions in Indian market today, especially under the 40 lakh rupee category, uh engaging. It is absolutely very easy: you have these controls on the left side of the steering wheel itself, including adaptive cruise control, Lane keeping assist and the distance to control the distance between cars, so that is quite easy, so engaging adaptive cruise control now at 50 kilometer per Hour yeah, so I have engaged the ACC at 50 kilometer per hour.

If I want to increase the speed, I can do that simply by pressing this switch over here, we have over here some Vehicles joining the highway just break for some time and if you break the ACC, automatically gets cut off upgrading to 80 kilometer per hour speed, But still the vehicle takes some time to reach 80 because there are some Vehicles ahead of me. Let me just get to 100 reaching 95 and 100, so I have that truck ahead of me and this vehicle automatically senses the truck ahead over there and it simply breaks automatically yeah. It reduces the speed automatically. I am doing nothing and the vehicle has reduced to 90 kilometer per hour, 87, 86, 85, 84, 80 and probably that truck is doing around say 75 kilometer per hour in terms of speed, so this vehicle, the Auto 3, has also reduced to 70 kilometer per hour. Thats how it works. I barely touched my pedals so thats how adaptive cruise control works. The next thing is Lane keeping assist. Let me just reduce the speed a bit to 80, okay and engaging Lane keeping assist immediately. You can feel the steering getting it life getting alive becoming alive. If I turn on the indicators and then change lanes no problem at all, so we could change the lane and it helps you in fact. However, if I dont use the indicators and try to change lanes, let me just try doing that now.

I am changing lanes trying to change lanes without that was blind spot monitoring all right. So, as you can see, the steering wheel itself is steering me and if I try to change lanes without turning the indicator on, yes, it automatically steers itself and it still goes straight. Maintaining the lane. And yes, if you dont, keep your hands on the steering wheel. It warns you so everything works so well. This is probably great for Highway cruising and if you turn on the adaptive cruise control, maintaining safe speeds – and if you have such six Lane roads all the way, then you are going to be properly very, very safe without any fatigue you can reach your destination. You have also 360 Degrees around your camera with blind spot monitoring blind spot assist, and you can also use that, yes to engage the 360 degree camera. You have the button over here itself, along with the assist systems so thats, how the clarity is its so fantastic, and if you want a panoramic view as well, you can get that as well. Yeah 3D View, and you can simply like toggle through you – can simply use it like a video game, console thats how good it is. The clarity is also amazing. This is also going to be properly great. If you are driving in very tight City spaces. All right then, lets now uh talk about the multiple Drive modes. Yes, you have economy mode and the sports mode as well.

Uh, yes, as expected, the performance varies along with the efficiency, the range as well, depending on the mode you choose now I am driving in the regular normal mode till now I have been driving the normal mode only and in the normal mode itself. This vehicle has been performing great now, if I change to economy mode, yes, and if I put my foot down yes, that is performance, but it is a bit more linear. It is much more subdued and it is in the aim to improve the range of this vehicle. All right, then, right now accelerating in the economy mode. There is performance, so yeah, accelerating and Im turning on the sports mode. So immediately you can feel the car just pushing through everything through the air cutting through the air and pushing you in the seat within no time I am doing crazy speeds yep, so the sports mode definitely definitely depletes the range a bit faster than other Drive modes, But you can have a lot of fun, even the fact that the stability and the handling is fantastic of the sky, so those were the multiple Drive modes, the highway stability and the high speed ability of this car lets now check out the rough road capability, because This, after all, is an SUV so uh, yes, folks, we are in a bit of say bad Road Off Road stretch over here. This cannot be considered as a road because it is probably off road stuff and, despite having 18 inch wheels, I feel like it can handle a bit of this rough stuff.

The ATO 3 barely hear the Rocks hitting the car, and that is a dog ahead of us yeah. So it feels probably all right. It can handle the stuff without any hassle at all, and even if you have such bad large potholes its, not an issue, it remains stable and very composed all the time. Let me just try that again, all right, so the approach and departure angles are a bit better than expected, and the ground clearance is also really very usable, which means you can go through all this stuff for the most part, most part so quiet, except for that Bit of say, the suspension touch after the maximum play yeah, so no issues at all. I can do this all day. This vehicle also can do this all day. Its uh finish. This review, shall we lets conclude this Music Applause. Well, folks, that was a detailed Drive review of the brand new byd 803 electric SUV. According to me, I can boldly say that this is probably the most value for money, SUV, not only electric, but even when compared to some premium Brands, including BMW, Audi and Mercedes. As well, because this offers almost equivalent levels of performance, great quality, interior, superb space and comfort and best of all a whole host of features, including Adas level, 2 features as well. So, yes, the drive feel is also fantastic. You have got multiple Drive modes and it is also properly stable and very, very satisfying to drive.

Even if you are an Enthusiast well, the pricing for this Boyd 803 is on the screen above right. Now you can check that out and well do let me know in the comment section below what do you think about this bydato3 electric SUV? I am thoroughly impressed about it and meanwhile, this is signing off, see you on another video. Thank you for watching.