I just got its not really a toy of his charger. It is the electron V box, 48 amp EV charging station and, of course, you can see very Sleek look and it hooks up. Just like you would your typical level two. You have your little three prong or four prong. I think that was a four prong household uh 240 plug in there. So I just had this box put in. I had this installed and then this came with it and then thats, actually the holder for the charger which Ill show you real quick, come hook it. I usually just hit this and then itll cut off the power real, quick and then you can unhook it. So I was giving 46 amps and now its telling you that its not putting any power out and then you can just hook it up. There looks nice and neat and then whats great about this – is this one comes with a 20 foot charging cable. So my garage is a hot mess right now, but when Im able to put my car in the garage, I have a Pacifica plug in hybrid. So I can actually either plug the car in here in the garage and charge or when the vans out front. I can plug that in there, because this really thick cord here When I close the garage doesnt cut off the power or anything like that, its not even showing any wear on the cord whatsoever, so just a really really not cheaply made material there.

But one thing I like about this and Ill show you if I plugging this back in how it works, just like your typical 240 or your typical uh. Was it Jace 1772 just plug it in there and itll? Show you theres my indicator there for the car and then, as it starts to feed in power, youll see that number go up in terms of the amperage that its getting and whats really cool. Is it shows you how long its been charging there and then it shows you how many kilowatt hours are being used there, and then this shows you what its rated for the voltage youre getting and then the actual temperature operating temperature of the charger itself. So I think its supposed to operate between 20 degrees and 120 is a safe temperature or something like that and then thats a hard reset there, and I really just like the overall. I guess Aesthetics of it looks really neat. I love the lighting and then Ill show you here in the booklet, two of the most important things about it. So sorry lighting is awful, so solid blue means its disconnected, which we saw that the rolling blue means that it is connected. The Rolling Green means its actually charging and then solid green means its done charging and, of course, if you have an issue, itll be solid red for whatever that may be, but I really just like how specific this is. It shows me how many amps Im getting how long its been charging the usage, and that really helps me keep track of.

If you want to how much is actually coming from the box to the actual car, and then it keeps up with how much energy youre using on the actual electric bill and then if you dont, want to feed full power to it, you can actually use the Dial on the back of the box, and you can set it to 48 amps like thats, what I have it at to charge my car, but, like my Pacifica hybrid, I can set that at a one because its only getting about 23 and a half 24 amps To that, whenever its charging, so obviously these things are pretty smart, the cars and the Chargers themselves, so its not going to overfeed your car. But if you want to limit the power you can and then heres the box that came in here, pretty nice. That shows you whats in it specifications. Then you can contact lectron there, but really Ive been using this for almost about a month, but just a really really awesome product here and this actually replaced, as you can see the mess I have here. So I had my charger, my mobile charger from Ford. I just hooked up the 240 there and then I had a 110 for the Chrysler and thats the charger there and you can actually hook this up outside if you want to. But the outside of my house is Brick, so I couldnt put it in there easily. So I just decided to mount on the wall and my electricians did in about 45 minutes.

They just had to go, get all the parts and everything, but everything shows with included. Of course you get the box all of this here, but then the actual plug and the breaker, and all that I had to get myself, but all in all Im going to leave a link below to the charger in the description, like, I said, definitely recommend if You want something thats affordable as opposed to getting one straight from the factory, and you can use with every type of EV that has the j1772 but thats pretty much it on this product there. I want to thank electron for allowing me to use this and install it. Show you all how it works. I just love that car but anyways Ill catch.