Is this the rivian r1t 800 horsepower yeah. This here is Uber Deluxe. You want to come in and check this thing out. This is the rivien r1t, an all electric truck that has 300 miles of range with 800 horsepower. This thing goes: the lights actually turn green. When you charge it its pretty cool 20 inch. All terrain tires very good for off roading the door handles look very cool love it. The front end actually has a trunk. I guess we call it the frunk, which has great storage and a cool little storage net back here, very cool automatic tailgate, great feature and a handy dandy gear tunnel secret gear tunnel. Some rivians actually have portable kitchens in the gear tunnel. Amazing heated and ventilated, vegan leather seats premium with a huge touch screen. Gorilla glass display rivians, always come with a portable speaker and you could charge it outside of the truck great for camping, really cool feature. Havent seen this anywhere else. The back seats are actually very comfortable and very spacious. The Styling on the floorboard is beautiful, theres, dual climate control, dual heated, dual ventilated seats, panoramic sunroof and more of that beautiful vegan, leather Music. There are no physical buttons in the rivian everythings controlled on here. So hes controlling his airflow. You could also control if its heat and you could turn off the air vents with this big screen. The GPS looks very impressive. Here is the climate control for the back seats just the same here, you could actually move where the center of the sound is going in the car and its just a mix board.

Also, this is where all your music can be found Music. This is where you could actually make it, so your suspension goes up and down based on if youre, going off, roading or sport mode heres, how you just pop your trunk from the command on here and you could command your side mirrors and all that good stuff. I love the security feature, so if you park your car, this yeti with a video camera will show up on your screen and say youre being recorded, thats cool, so theres about 20 cameras around this car and you get a 360 view. The backup camera looks crystal clear, so here is your battery information and its cool that this car actually charges your battery. When you take your foot off the gas pedal here, is your reverse, neutral and drive? You just go up and down for that and press the button for Park, and here is your cruise control, pretty easy to figure out heres your wiper controls, and it makes it easy because it pops up on the display and gives you your classic windshield wiper settings. I hope you like the review. We filmed this and actually stayed at wrong way.