Before we go for a drive, its got. The LED running lights here very elegant looking car quite sporty looking car comes with alloy wheels. Hidden behind plastic covers LED indicators on the outside here, keyless entry, keyless start easiest car to drive in the world five door, hatchback good size fully. Electric vehicle comes in two different ranges, short range or long range, just under 200 miles on combined cycle for the short range and close to 300 on the long range, so lets jump in and go for a drive. So off we go easiest car in the world to drive. Just put your foot on the brake starts twist over into drive, handbrake comes off automatically and away. We go as with most electric cars plenty of power, but fully customizable Drive modes. So you can have an eco custom, so you can decide what characteristics the car has normal mode for General driving or sport mode for that little bit of extra acceleration laughs. So this being the SE doesnt have built in navigation, but youve always got Android, auto or apple carplay. To give you the most up to date: navigation systems, Music. Thank you, love the two spokes steering wheel, flat, bottom and flat top, which Ive never seen before at the moment were in the top level of regeneration, so its on level, three, so theres, one two or three and three being the strongest set of regen. So when you stop accelerating the car will decelerate itself the hardest gives me the maximum energy recovery automatic brake holds so just by pushing harder down on the brake.

It locks the brake on so as soon as Im ready to go just touch the accelerator and it releases the brake. For you all. The steering wheel. Controls are customizable, so you can perform different functions depending on your preference or your driving circumstance: Music, Music. So its going to try and Escape his traffic in a minute hop up onto the A4 and the M4 just so we can get up to some speed Music, so just while were seeing in the traffic Ill just show you some of the other functions. So the moment thats on Android auto so now we can switch across go into the vehicle setup and you can then program some of the functionality on the steering wheels its a different driving modes. You can have so on these two. They relate to the two star keys on the steering wheel, so this one can have it onto controlling your air conditioning or you can change sources for your music so the moment its set to air conditioning. So whenever I push this button here on the steering wheel, it brings up quick controls for the air control. So I can change the fan, speed or temperature without having to take my eyes off the road or touch the screen at all foreign Music check that its set up for the cruise control yep. So this ones set up to cruise control, Music, foreign Music. The steering wheel button here, which Ive just checked, is programmed for the cruise control as soon as I push that it activates the cruise control and then this joystick in this mode controls the speed.

So you can go up or down five miles an hour and simply by touch and Brake or pushing the steering wheel, button again, deactivates the cruise control, very, very simple car to drive and as with most modern cars, it has adaptive cruise control sensing the vehicle in Front slowing down and keeping you at a safe distance, so Im not actually touching any of the pedals at all. At the moment now, the speed is up to 40. flick. It up five miles an hour very smooth suspension and, as with most electric vehicles, very responsive to the throttle. Foreign Music G4 has quite a good range already. So generally, keeping it in eco mode will maximize your range, but it seems were about to go back on the motorway. Lets put it in sport. So just getting up to speed now instant escalation, very smooth suspension, very comfortable car to drive just about the right amount of space for passengers and in the boot. So now weve been out for a drive were just going to head back to the dealership. So you can see where we are Im gon na go through some of the Interior features and the key points of the vehicle when we get there Music, so welcome to the interior of the mg4. Just a quick look at the layout of the carvery simplistic design. Very attractive still two spoke steering wheel flat bottom flat top, which I particularly like are the programmable functions on the steering wheel.

Controls are very, very good. You can decide which buttons control, which, before you set off and adapt them for different Journeys lights on the left. Wipers on the right as youd expect driving the car couldnt be easier, just jump straight in as long as youve got the key foot on the brake system, ready Twisted to drive and Away you go when you finish. The journey just hit Park get out lock the car and it turns everything off for you. Handbrake comes on and off automatically its a particularly nice feature you can manually take control. Should you wish built into the SC which this is youve got doesnt have a built in satellite navigation which the trophy does, but, of course, youve got. Google youve got the Google um Android, auto and also Apple carplay. Should you wish home button here? Takes you to your main screen, which shows you some basic functions? You can just change the temperature of the car change the fan speed. You can see the amount of discharge of the battery as well. Also across here youve got volume controls and your basic heating functions. So front heater rear heater. This brings up your heating systems here now. What I do like is youve also got the programmable system on the steering wheel. So if I hit this button here, so the Ive programmed this star on the right steering wheel, control to bring up the air controls, so that will then bring you up basic systems like turning the volume, the the fans up or down.

Also, the temperature, as you can see from here temperature fan, speed up or down, and then that gets rid of it again. This steering wheel joystick here will generally when its not functioning. The air conditioning will control your media and also the ringtone for your phone Bluetooth. Controls are over here and this one you can have set to control your cruise control systems, making it very easy just to change your speed when youre on a cruise, while youre driving along other functionality of this screen, so thats your main home screen. If you swipe left like so it brings up some more advanced functions, so you can go into vehicle here. You can change your drive mode, so you can have snow which might come in useful soon, hopefully, Eco, which Ive normally got mine in. If you do want to go a little bit faster, you can pop it into sport, gives you maximum acceleration normal driving just for poodling around town, an Eco primarily is really for sort of Motorway cruising just to maximize your battery life. So youve got a handy little pad here for put resting your phone down. So when youve got it used when youre using carplay around Droid Auto, you can plug your phone in there on the trophy. The top of the range is also a wireless charging pad making it even more useful. There are two there is a USB socket down here for charging or for connecting to car plate or Android, auto and also a USBC which most modern devices will come with for charging.

So thanks very much for watching the video hope you like the car as much as we do and well see you soon.