Here we go the 2023 Chevy Blazer is a two row mid size, SUV that will appeal to those who enjoy driving and want to drive something unique while it offers enough of luggage and passenger capacity. The quality of its inside materials falls short of those of. Similarly priced competitors like the Hyundai Santa Fe and case Sorrento, some of the Blazers top choices are likewise reserved for the costliest versions, affecting its value offer in comparison to more desirable competitors. The Chevy Shines on the wide Road where it turns stops and rides superbly. It has front wheel, drive at either a 228 HP, turbo 4 or a 308 HP. V6 engine is standard. Both engines are available with all wheel drive, but we prefer the six faster cylinders, acceleration and town capacity of up to 4 500 pounds as pleasurable to drive as the 2023 Blazer is. It lacks the overall skill set of competitors such as the Honda Passport and Jeep Grand Cherokee Chevy offers the Blazer a redesigned for 2023. Making the mid size SUV seem even more unique. The majority of the changes are to the front end with a revised Grille design and new lighting features out back. The taillights have been updated as have the wheels which range in size from 18 to 21 inches. The outside of the Blazer now has new pink colors, including Fountain Blue Sterling gray, copper, bronze and radiant red night shift. Blue is now available on the RS trim level.

Standard Tech elements like as a new 10 inch touchscreen and a wireless charging station have been added to the inside the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV is General Motors initial entry into the critical electric SUV industry on a mass scale. The Hummer, EV, SUV and Cadillac lyric may have launched earlier high priced luxury Vehicles do not have the same broad appeal as this new sporty looking EV option. However, the Blazer EV is built on the same ultium platform as those Vehicles, as well as the future Silverado EV. This enables GM to offer the Blazer EV in a variety of Powertrain and drip train configurations allowing it to attain a manufacturer estimated 320 miles per charge. While GM has not revealed any details on the batteries, we do know that there will be a normal battery and a bigger unit to pick from. In fact, the bigger battery prompted GM to extend the Blazer evs wheelbase by nine inches above the existing Blazer model. Customers will also have the choice of ordering a Blazer EV with front rear or all wheel drive according to Blazer EV executive chief engineer, Doug ullin, this is done by utilizing. Chevrolets electric Drive Unit choices, all Chevrolet, Blazer EV variants will in fact utilize a mix of three separate drive units. All Chevrolet, Blazer EV variants will in fact utilize a mix of three separate drive units. The traditional front drive unit will be used only in front wheel. Drive variants customers May then upgrade to all wheel drive by purchasing an optional rear, drive unit, engine transmission and performance.

The Blazer comes standard with a 228 HP, turbocharged 2.0 liter, four cylinder engine and an optional 308 HP, 3.6 Liter V6 engine both come with a 9 speed, automatic transmission and the option of front or all wheel drive the front drive. Turbo 4 variant is powerful enough for City driving and Motorway cruising. The V6, on the other hand, gives outstanding acceleration and more confidence while passing on the highway. Even though the last Blazer RS we drove was speedy, the automatic transmission was slowed downshift when we needed a short burst of acceleration. The four cylinder version can tell up to 1500 pounds, while the V6 model can pull up to 4 500 pounds. The Blazer is undoubtedly the best driving crossover to where the Chevrolet bow tie with steady, calm and precise handling on twisting roads. It was confident and responsive, especially the RS type, which has specialized steering and suspension calibration, even without the rss sportier sub. The Blazer is more entertaining than many competitors. Its basic 18 inch wheels and tires gave a smoother and quieter ride than the RS models. Massive 21 inch Wheels, which thudded over uneven roads. Fortunately, both models remain silent on flat ground and at Motorway speeds. The steerings accurate input proved enjoyable during high speed excursions, while remaining smooth at low speeds. The solid brake pedal responded swiftly to our inputs and our Blazer RS test car came to a stop from 70 mph in an amazing 165 feet.

The blazers based turbo four cylinder engine is rated at up to 22 MPG City and 29 MPG Highway. The V6 variant is significantly thirstier with estimated City and highway fuel economy of up to 20 MPG. The four cylinder variant was not tested on our 75 MPG highway fuel economy route, which is part of our thorough testing process, but the all wheel, drive V6 Blazer achieved 24 MPG in real world conditions in the same test. The Honda Passport and Hyundai Santa Fe both achieved 27 MPG when it comes time to charge the battery the Blazer EV offers 11.5 kilowatts level 2 Charging, as well as DC fast charging capabilities of up to 190 kilowatts, depending on the model. According to the automakers estimations, that kind of speed should let consumers to add 78 miles of range in only 10 minutes at the charger, while the engine is likely. The most intriguing aspect of the Blazer EV GM has put in a lot of effort both inside and out to bring the Blazer up to EV Market standards. The external style is similar to the current internal combustion model, with strong Corvette and Camaro influences. However, the proportions of the electric SUV are considerably more striking than previously, maybe because to the short overhangs at each end. The fascia also looks better in EV form. However, the SS is, without a doubt, the best looking vehicle in the collection. This is due in part to the blacked out roof components which are a design gimmick used by the Mustang, Machi interior and exterior features.

The Blazers interior design is primarily influenced by the Chevy Camaro, with an easy climate control system that includes circular air vents beneath the center stack temperature settings may be adjusted by twisting these vents soft touch. Plastics and a two tone color scheme are among the aesthetic niceties while the more expensive versions have leather surfaces and flashier materials. Our mid level test car had a few shoddy parts and primarily grayscale Hues. The Blazer also has appealing features, including ambient inside lighting, heated and ventilated, front seats and heated back seats. The front seats in our test car had thin unsupportive cushions, but the rear seat offered enough of stretch out room that should keep everyone comfortable on extended excursions. We were able to put 11 and 26 carry on luggage in the 31 cubic feet behind the rear, seats and 64 cubic feet with the seats folding. There are various small item storage options, including Ledges, on the front door panels that are ideal for cell phones, theres. Also a good size compartment in the front of the center console with plenty of space, but little organization. The back seat is less impressive. With a bin under the center console and modest door Pockets, every Blazer comes standard with a 10.0 inch touchscreen that supports Apple carplay and Android, auto, as well as wireless charging for compatible phones systems. You appealing and simple to use. However, a rotary controller would be useful for reducing distractions. Pair of USB ports are standard, positioned at the front and rear of the central console.

A 120 volt Outlet is also available on certain versions. A Wi Fi hotspot, an eight speaker, Bose music system and built in navigation, are all available for the Blazer. Despite the sloping roof, GM was able to improve the passenger capacity of the Blazer EV because to the expanded wheelbase. However, GM prioritized passenger Rune to the point where there is no front trunk for storage. Fortunately, there is enough of room in the rear for a supermarket run or a couple heavy baggage. Every Blazer comes equipped with driver assistance Technologies such as frontal Collision warning with automated emergency braking automatic highlights and more other optional driving AIDS are available and the higher trims have the most standard content visit, the national highway traffic safety administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Websites for further information on the Blazers crash test results. The following are important: safety features, late departure warning and Lane keeping assist are standard, while a blind spot Monitor and rear cross traffic alert are optional. Thank you.