Can you think of one thats had better reviews than the mg4? I dont think so Im pretty confident that it is the all time best rated electric vehicle made in China by a Chinese manufacturer. However, its actually possibly going to be better than you think, and the reason I say that is, is because it will occupy a class all of its own. There are no competitors in this space making fairly affordable, hatchback sized electric cars with this amount of range. More than 500 kilometers hello, my friends, welcome to the channel its great to see you welcome to all the new subscribers welcome back everyone else. I believe this new technology could be catls new Kieran battery going into the mg4 cant confirm that Ive heard rumors that that is the case. If it is, it looks like the range will be around 550 kilometers, possibly even more, possibly even 600.. This is a game. Changer it is, it really is. I mean if you can buy one of these for say a similar price to an entry level, byd 803, so say around about 35 000 US dollars. There wont be really anything else to compete with it. Its already had rave reviews. Imagine if it goes to the next level now, what is most interesting about this, for me, is the fact the mg4 its already been inspired in Europe, its been spied in Australia. Its release is imminent, its coming up very soon, however.

Apparently, there will be an extended Range model, so its going to be three different battery pack options. This new, extended Range model will be the one which will put this vehicle in a class all of its own. Now the mg4 has a new mechanical option. Apparently, with this decision, the Chinese or anglo chinese firm will seek to finish cementing its incredible success of its electric car. Now the mg zsev its not considered a really to be honest, a top level EV. There is a new version, a longer range version, which is definitely going to improve the attractiveness of that car, but its still – probably oh, maybe slightly overpriced – for what it is. However, its riding on an older platform. The interior is a bit older, but the mg4 thats a new platform, its a new interior, its a whole new car and, as a result of this and the reviews weve seen its considered to be probably the best EV you can buy, which is Affordable right now. In Europe now, obviously the model 3 has come down in price, so I was a matter of why but theyre still a little bit more expensive than the mg4, so sort of a different Market segment. Currently, the mg4 is offered with two mechanical packages. Now there is an access model, it has a 170 horsepower that is 125 kilowatt and 250 newton meters of torque, as well as a 51 kilowatt hour battery with lfp Battery Technology.

So its got a Lithium Ion phosphate battery made by catl pretty good option, but the range of course on that vehicle, because its got that smaller battery package, its going to be its a fair bit less, that one will do zero to 100 kilometers an hour or Zero to 62 miles an hour in 7.7 seconds, hit a top speed of 160 and have a range of 350 kilometers on the wltp cycle real world and be pretty close to that now. Theres another version and the current top spec version, which will be replaced by this new version Im about to tell you about, but the current top spec version has 204 horsepower. 150 kilowatt its motor is mounted in the rear of the vehicle, so its rear wheel, driven and it has 250 newton meters of torque 64 kilowatt hour battery pack, giving the vehicle around about 450 kilometers of wltp range basically the same range as the byd 803. However, that vehicle will do well. Both of these will do about 7.9 seconds from 0 to 62 miles an hour zero to 100 doesnt sound, very fast, but actually, when you drive them, they feel much faster than it sounds the reason being you just got instant acceleration. Torque so once youve gotten started, you know once youve got gotten over that lack of traction because its rear wheel, drive or front wheel drive in the 803 thats when the power just you know, you have instant acceleration, instant torque, and you really do feel that power.

However, in the middle of the Year, mg will actually bring out a new flagship model, its going to have a 77 kilowatt hour battery pack and probably give you around about 550 kilometers of range. Now I dont know for sure itll be the Kirin battery. I mean thats, not here, pronounced it sorry, but thats the way I pronounce it, but it could be, and if it is the new structural Kieran battery pack, then its going to be possibly no heavier than the current car. That would be amazing. Now that is not confirmed for sure, but we do know the battery pack is coming. We do know there will be a long range version likely to have around 550 kilometers of range, but theres also going to be an X power version of that car 450 horsepower. 330 kilowatt its pretty much going to smoke an RS3 Audi, RS3 yeah, Mercedes AMG yeah, pretty much going to smoke that you know. Why would you buy one of those seriously when you can get this thats? What I think, anyhow, the X power variant, will have a second Moto, so its gon na be all wheel drive. This will give you a total of 449 PS or 330 kilowatt and 600 newton meters of torque its going to be a hot hatch thats going to do 0 to 100 in 3.8 seconds thats. You know thats pretty fast, thats, 0 to 62 miles an hour 3.8 seconds in China.

The 449 horsepower version uses a 64 kilowatt hour pack, but it appears as though the European version, according to the latest card news, will have the 77 kilowatt hour pack and that might even be changed in China as well. So they might even change the Chinese version to have that bigger pack as well, so whats the price right now well in Europe, the standard 51 kilowatt hour pack, even though its the smallest battery pack costs thirty thousand dollars for that cup. Thirty thousand seven hundred euros. The mid range costs – 35 000 Euros seems like a pretty good price to me and the luxury spec with the same battery pack, but with the luxury features that one cost thirty seven thousand years now. This will probably be the cheapest car youll be able to buy with 550 kilometers. Approximately of range of you know realistic range and in my opinion, that makes it very compelling, aside from the fact that it apparently its an amazing car, I mean Im about to test drive one yet, but Ive seen test drives Ive seen people say that this is The one of the best electric cars theyve ever tested, uh theyve, said its better than all of its competition, except for Teslas. Realistically, Im excited for this car because its going to get a lot of people out of their gas mobiles into something thats much much better. The mg4 will change the game when it comes to Affordable, long range EVS.

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