. It had a 9.6 kilowatt hour battery with a range of around 60 to 70 kilometers with one charge. We have come a long way ahead and most of the electric cars in India from Tata mg, Hyundai and others have a more powerful battery with an average range of 200 to 250 kilometers. Could you please tell our viewers so in the long run it helps you get more range out of your vehicle out of your battery pack. So in Nexon there are basically three region modes level, one level, two level three so level one is a, is the lightest. So you dont have to manually apply brake up acceleration, so there is automatic braking and that braking helps you get the power back to the um battery pack, like I told you before, right all level three level three is very hard, so level three make. You know a person doesnt even have to touch break thats her. He can do the entire drive without even touching brake. It is very hard and the car stops is very much faster on level two, its a little lighter level. One is lightest right so levels. I usually prefer to drive it at level zero, because I have a habit of driving on momentum, and that is how I have been able to get a really good range out of my car. You know Im able to juice it to the maximum level and Im able to get a range of around 320 to 350 kilometers, with AC on Tata, has sold around 16 000 units of electric cars in 2022 and its nearest computer mg has sold only 1600 units.

Thats, 10 percent of what Tata has sold the major chunk of tatas EV sales. The trade goes to Music. Today I have the owner of Nexon EV, Mr Karthik. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for the opportunity. He will tell us his overall experience and the reason for buying an AV, so Karthik tell me: why did you go for an EV and specifically next on Evie uh, so see Ive always been an AV Enthusiast since 2014? To be precise, I was always interested in a you know in a technology that would take us to a cleaner future with a very less carbon footprint and makes life easier for all of us right. So I will tell you why EB first and then Ill come back to why next one will be specifically 2014 say I have been wanting to. You know own an EV vehicle, but there was never a practical, practically Bible option right so, but it was not practical. It was a very tiny car with hardly a 60 to 70 kilometer range, not practical, even for a City Drive, you know, which was of the size of a nano and again very less range. So all those things were not practical. So when Tata Nexon came, I think that was the only viable option for most of the buyers out there, and there are many advantages, so I have taken EV Max, which offers 417 kilometers, which is company claimed, but I am able to get a good range.

You know between 330 to 350. right uh, 350 in city and Highway. You can expect 350 to 300 kilish, so thats, a pretty good range for a city drive. Also, it is jam packed with a lot of features with you know, with luxury features and the you know: cable space, the the Driving Experience. Everything has been really good, so yeah on road. So this is lexology Max uh, with a Char with a with a 7.2 kilowatt charger, so its around 21 lakhs, okay, the running cost of EVS, is very less, even though the initial pricing is high. So on Exxon Top Model, which you know you which one can get for 14 lakhs, this has cost me 21 lakhs, like I said before, right right. So even though theres an initial higher cost in the long run again, so the running cost is very cheap. For me, okay, so its basically one to people kilometer compared to six Rupees to seven rupees per kilometer for an ice vehicle all right, so that is a huge game. Changer and also the maintenance cost is almost nil. So when we go for a servicing for these kind of cars, theres nothing because there is no combustion engine right, so theres, no engine oil, so overall the maintenance cost also comes down to Great extent. All right. Nexon EV has a 40.5 kilowatt per hour battery uh. It gives a clean range of 430 kilometers, but you mentioned that youre getting the best out of it since the past three months and Ive driven over 3000 kilometers.

The overall review is fantastic Im very happy with the car, its a fabulous car to own its uh. You know its a wonderful joy to write this card. The driving is excellent, like its very smooth – and I can say it is better than the output is way better than ice, just acceleration here, when I put it so this car has three uh driving modes. One is economy mode, one is seti mode and one is sports mode right, so the uh sports mode and the City Drive. You know. I can definitely assure you any EV owner, you ask them. They will tell its. The output is way better than a combustion engine vehicle all right, so acceleration is good. You can you know the top speed goes up to 120 to 140 Ive, not gone that speeds, but I think thats what is claimed so overall, it has been really good and the features also specifically Nexon EV offers you a lot of things. You know it has ventilated seats, though you have to pay a premium amount for right Top Model, sunroof air purifier, so it has got a lot of features which only luxury cars used to have right before so overall, the car has been one. You know wonderful experience. The boot space is good, the cabin space is good. Ground clearance is amazing for NSC. Overall, the experience has been really good, so Nexon features. So there are a number of features.

Uh starting off the car has a keyless entry, which is a really good feature. Yes, you know it was bought in 2010 right so theres, a major difference again, its very convenient for uh for a driver to just get in not plug in the key right thats a good feature. I love, then there is uh our star shop button same thing. Basically, both go along with each other right, so it makes our users like very easy. I can just keep the cane pocket, not bother about taking it out and putting it in again and again so thats a feature I love again. You know I have driven many other vehicles: uh, multiple SUVs, compact, SUVs, the new generation SUVs and hatchbacks, which have a modern infotainment system. I really love the infotainment to someone this car made by Harmon right its very responsive videos. Whenever I connect my smartphone me and my wife, whenever we connect our smartphones instant, you know it picks up. You know it gets stuck Apple, carplay or Android uh. You know Auto doesnt work. Well, the speaker quality is really good. There are also a few terrain base and you know add, on driving features in this car that I would like to mention about. So this car comes with Hill, decent uh option right hell, hold option so basically hell descendants, so theres a problem with IC Vehicles. You know that if the driver is not an expert hes not used to you know driving on those kind of terrains, the vehicle comes back and people get right and the vehicle behind might get hit.

So what should be happening here? The ones switch on the hill decent um feature on this car. Even if my leg is not in the back, the vehicle will not come come by, so it takes off that fear. You know from Rookie drivers, then theres also Hill hold so hell hold me. So you have to put brick when the vehicle is going. You know down from a hill to a normal ground level area, so you have complete control while youre driving. On top of that, you have cruise control also and cruise control, usually so that is also a feature that you get. You know with the top model of nexonyb other than that. A really good feature is auto. Hold right so Auto hold is basically a feature wherein again so whenever I am in a high traffic situation, bumper to bumper traffic, I dont have to you know, keep on hitting break whenever the vehicle stops uh. I I can take my leg out of the bay out of break and the vehicle doesnt go back or it doesnt go front till I apply acceleration again. Okay, so that so that makes my life really easy. I dont have to keep on jiggling between brake and acceleration. Right have to put my legs only on break at a time and acceleration EV Max show XZ plus well, there are bundle of them uh see if you get leathered seats, which are also ventilated, seats. Okay, so again, a very good feature during Summers right in a city like Hyderabad, our backs get wet dudes.

So basically, you know avoids all those things from happening other than that we have air purifier. So I love the air purifier here. I also get to see the air quality index. Okay, you know any area Im going to. I get to see what is a air quality there? Okay, thats a really good feature I enjoy other than that we have wireless charger. This is one of the points which Im not very much impressed with because as it moves, the phone also moves so theres not a proper compartment for it, but its still an add on feature. Nevertheless, right and you also get a digital dual Norm, which is really classy, which is really cool to look at. You know it gives it. It adds on to the aesthetic look of the car right. So these are a few features that in the car other than that Ive already covered it before it has the hill, descent and Hill hold and cruise control, which comes only with the exit plus model and, lastly, the sunroof right. I think we can cover those two points as well. I think EV Max May uh set of design alloy wheels yeah, so the rims are completely new, its not specific to exit plus Lux but EV Max the uh. The you know, the look of the rim is much better than the previous next one right, then you have alloy wheels in this, and all four of of the tires are disobed tires right, and that is a really good feature.

A really good safety feature again now. Coming on to the safety aspect right uh see, safety was never a primary parameter for me. You know when I was deciding to buy this car, but its still one of the parameters. Nevertheless, right so this car also has a global and end cap five right, so that was also an add on Factor. It makes you feel good. Your car is safe to drive all right. So most of my driving distance, we dont even get to cross 40 50 that much right, uh bumper to bumper traffic is safe. It was never the main reason, but it definitely adds on to you know your decision making right and nowadays safety is kind of becoming a factor uh when people are buying their car. I think you have mentioned all the uh good points. The features that Nexon UV has, but in this last three months probably it could have been better yeah. There are a set of demerits, also its not always all the time right and in this car fog formation is very fast now I dont know if it is only my unit or it is the same with all Nexon EV Maxes that you know that have been Rolled out in the country um during Winters, even when you know the cold is not much fog formation is very, very fast okay, so maybe it has something to do with the ventilation system of the car. I dont know what it is about, but far formation is very fast as soon as the fog forms uh, the fog removal system is again is again very effective as soon as I put it within 10 5 10 seconds.

The four goes. Okay, so my request to all the people who are planning to buy Evie Max, maybe its a fault only in my vehicle, so get it checked once that would be a good suggestion from my end, other than that, the AC is not very effective, is what I Would say, I think my mother experience uh, you know sunlight for some time and when I get into the car and I switch on the AC, it does not work. I have to you, know: uh increase the fan, speed to the maximum level. Okay and I have to reduce it to bridge to the lowest level for it to start working, and then I can adjust it the way I want it is not supposed to get heated and when you park the car in you know, Under the Sun, the vehicle Gets heated right right and when you get back into the car and you switch on the AC, so all the effect of the AC goes to the battery and cooling the battery okay. So maybe that would be one reason is not very accurate. Even when the car is not parked under share, you know under sunlight and its its under shade. When I come and when I uh you know, switch on the AC, its, not very accurate for sure, like its just on blower and I have to again go to the lowest temperature increase the fan speed. I have to do a bit of tweaking for it to work, so that is one experience Ive had, but otherwise once it starts working, the AC effect is good.

Okay, so Im not very happy with the utility spacing of this car Ive been to you know: Ive driven many cars spacing is much better in most cars theres only one glove box, okay comes down. Everything that is inside comes down and most of the things you know tend to fall also at times so theres not much compartmentalization here this is the small small compartment, so yeah you cant, keep a lot of things here. So compartment should have been more. That is one drawback other than that in the doors, its really good. You know the the bottle, keeping space and all works well, but other than that dashboard May things could have been much better. Yeah few uh points on the generic issues that people face when theyre owning an EV right. So one thing is thats either. Thank you for you know normally, because everybody able to get to that range. I have experience and Im. You know Im part of various communities of EV owners also, so what what the general discussion is that you have to put a lot of effort to get the best juice out of your battery right. So if you want the, if you want the best range that you can get, you have to put in that much amount of effort, also attacking my region levels. You know there is a bar that you can see how much energy you are getting back when youre breaking. So you have to be mindful its not that you cant have a Leisure Drive.

You can have a Leisure Drive also, but if youre focusing on getting the best range, you have to be mindful, you have to keep seeing the instrument cluster energy utilizations closing overall. So that is a mindful thing to do right. You have to do you know you have to be very active and attentive and keep noticing your instrument cluster throughout the drive. One other issue is obviously I think this is a very common point. You have to go for a planned approach when youre planning for a long drive. If youre going in Interstate, you have to plan, you have to see. You know where you have charging stations available right and you have to do it in a very safe way. So every 200 kilometers there should be one charging station at least not 300 right. You never know how the car reacts right. So those are a few generic issues not specifically to next one EB, but generic issues that EV owners will be facing. Experience surely so see, experience was not great to be frank, um Ill. Tell you why Im saying so too many next one will be Max on the same day when the vehicle was launched right, so it was launched on 11th May, and I remember that day after itself I went and I booked the awaken at a certain dealership and The thing is the dealership, you know they first told people Music, so that was not a smooth experience for sure, so that is somewhere.

You know that Tata dealers have to get better right. One other specific instance that I would like to mention is: there are two: you know charging options right. It comes with me even Max 3.2 kilowatt and seven point uh, seven point two years: foreign Applause, okay, but overall its not very bad. Also, but not a great experience for sure right, okay, so thank you for joining. I think we have covered all the relevant points and I hope you know people find this information useful and theyre able to make an informed decision. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Ev sales has risen to almost 2 000 percentage over the last three years in India, with over five lakh vehicles sold till December 2022.. According to an independent survey, India will be close to 200 billion dollars Market Opportunity by 2030.. If everything goes as planned by the government and Nexon will be a major part of it, if you find this video informative, please do hit the like button and do subscribe to my channel for more such content till the next time.