Very often, do I buy one? Do I weigh do I get a plug in hybrid, a diesel or petrol, its always a Hot Topic and Ive had a lot of friends. Ask me: what should I buy for a few of those an electric car made sense last year and the car that I time and time again recommended was the mg Zs EV? You can watch a review of it up there. The reason being was. It was superb value, it was well specked and it was quite nice to drive now for those of you who dont know. Mg was originally a UK brand thats now owned by a Chinese saic Motors, and they have truly revolutionized the brand, and today were here with our first two three one reg for the mg mg4 foreign Music. I dont think theres a brand doing it out there better than mg at the moment, but well talk about prices in just a moments time quickly in terms of styling. I think it looks gorgeous but Ill leave that up to you in the comments. I definitely think when you get it in Orange, it really begins to pop and now a couple things I will say is theres two different trim levels, excite, which is the entry level and is well specked and then theres the exclusive, the biggest way to kind of Tell the difference is the exclusive: has these led indicators here? It also has a bigger rear, spoiler, some slightly different seats, wireless phone charging and one really cool thing.

Is these vents here on the exclusive open up for cooling the price of the mg? What are we talking, its an electric car, its got a few different battery sizes. This is a hatchback, its definitely into the mid to late 30s, maybe even the 40s, but no, its quite cheap. In fact, its not just cheap, its actually just straight up. Very, very, very, very, very good value surprises start at 27, 500 euro, roughly and thats really good. And in fact, if you want the bigger battery version, because there are two, its still only 31 Grand. In fact, the most you can spend is under 35 000 Euros and thats for a car that will go 450 kilometers on a single charge. Its really really good now were going to quickly talk about those battery sizes range charging all that now in a second, however beforehand, if you would like to search for mgs for sale in Ireland from over 1 000 trusted dealerships Nationwide then hit the link up there, But lets quickly talk about batteries. Music. The smaller battery is a 51 kilowatt hour battery. Its got a range of about 350 kilometers real world, probably closer to 300, but very, very respectable. Its got a 170 odd horsepower electric motor, which, even though Ive opened the Bonnet is actually in the rear, because its a rear, wheel, drive and whats more as it can charge at. I think 117. Kilowatts thats really really quick.

It probably will out charge any of the Chargers in Ireland if that makes sense. Basically, this can charge beyond the capability of most charges in Ireland and, yes, we do have some irony charges and ESP ones that will do over 100 kilowatts, but they never actually do it in real life anyway. I digress continue on the second battery. Is a 64 kilowatt hour battery now that has a range of 450 kilometers, which is really really good. Now I actually think in the real world in the summer you should get 420 430, which is very, very respectable that can actually charge. I think 135 kilowatts and its also got 203 horsepower thats it its not actually any quicker than the smaller battery option, because the battery is bigger its heavier. So it needs that extra power as a whole, very respectable, and when you actually look across the board, lets talk about range car size to price its definitely winning on that ratio in terms of boot, actually just quickly Ill point out these little lights here. Look very very good, but in here youve got 363 liters fairly, well, so its not as big as some of the competitors. To give you a bit of an example, the golf is 380 liters, so a little bit smaller than the Volkswagen Golf. But in here again, quite easy to use nice flat floor theres, also a bit of storage under there and thats. Basically, it the sees also fold in a normal 60 40 split in the rear to begin with, check out how wide those doors open and when you get the child seat in I love love the icefix points.

You just pull this open here. My gloves are getting stuck to it, its quite a cold air there, but you just pop the baby seat in there really easy to use and then from an adults perspective. Knee room is actually loads. However, headspace isnt massive, but well let them away with it because again, it is priced. Well, no arm rest here, but there is a USB charging Point here and a little bit of storage for your fan there Music. Now. This is where it really matters, because this is where youll spend all your time and I have to say its really good. For me, a steering wheel can make or break a car, and this, dare I say, is straight out of a BMW IX, which is their Flagship Car, so thats a great start and also the buttons are just nice and easy to use there in terms of digital Display up here, youve got a 10.25 inch screen Ill talk about that in a moment and youve got another screen here, but as far as the seating position, its lovely and comfortable. Actually, this is really adjustable rare to see a car with that much adjustability youve got loads of storage down here in here, actually a nice little net here for your coins, which means they dont kind of shake around on bumpy roads and then a nice big. Well, medium sized glove box so as a whole. Quite a nice place to see it this, this being the exclusive comes with an electric seat: wireless phone charging.

However, without them, you actually would probably be okay and Id say going for the excite, but with the larger batteries, probably the one to go for, but more on that in a second on the infotainment system. So its got Apple, carplay and Android, auto, which is very, very good except its wired. It doesnt work wirelessly, which is maybe a little place where mg have dropped. The ball and Ive actually never tried it with the gloves, actually kind of works with the gloves. With that said, Im going to take it off because I am in the warm car so weird one about it is the climate control is all in the infotainment system: theres, no real shortcuts for it. It does have heated, steering wheel and heated seats which are lovely there. Is this one little circle here with a tends to only stay on it for a few seconds and but on your home screen here, youve all usual things, your radio and we will talk about adjusting the driving modes and that later, when we go for a drive. Also the 360 camera on this is brilliant. You can see each side and actually, when youre going in a Cell speed and you put on your indicator, it will actually show you where the curb is there, which just means youre not going to clip it, which is quite handy but thats enough talk and I Think now is finally the time to take this for a drive Music foreign ly time to go for a spin.

So the first thing you do is use this very snazzy little lever to put it into gear, its very like a Jaguar XF. If you remember those now, as you pull it off, if youve never driven an electric car theres, nothing too dissimilar to an ordinary automatic car, except when you come off the accelerator. Well, talk about that in a moment, but, as you drive its very easy to drive its very normal visibility at the front is great granted out the rear, its a little bit small but as a day to day car its very similar to anything else. Youve ever driven in terms of regenerative braking now this is quite an important thing. So if you dont know what it is hit the link up there, we explain it at that, but essentially it recoups power from the car slowing down and Ive got it set to strong and it does slow down quite well except its, not one pedal driving. So it wont come to a complete hot. However, if I go into my driving mode, I can actually change this and the most interesting ones is. It has adaptive energy recoup, and this is something we see now in BMW and theyre, doing an excellent job and, being truthfully, honest mg, havent nailed it quite as well as BMW. But that said what it will do is itll read how the card front of you is slowing down and recoup power appropriately to how theyre doing continuing on here with the different driving modes.

Obviously, youve got your Spore youve got Eco youve got snow mode, which I think just means that you cant have regenerative, braking and its a lot more subtle, smooth movements, and you can also change the steering, I believe, as well, but as a whole to drive. It is great I do want to talk about what its like to drive in a sporty manner too quickly before we get on to that, I do want to discuss driving AIDS, so these are all things thats made to make your life a little bit easier behind The wheel – and it is littered with them everything from blind spot monitoring adaptive cruise control Lane assist. It really has got it all its even got voice control here. So if youre driving along and you want to maybe adjust the heating and you dont want to go through the system, you can just say hey mg or I guess press this button and say Im cold and it will turn off the temperature. Its really really good. As we said earlier, the 360 cameras are fabulous. Its very well set up. In fact, driving this car in the real world is great. Today I came out of a parking spot. I said I wont make that in a three point, turn Ill probably be a 5.10 and I did it in one go. The Turning circle is absolutely phenomenal. Oh, what I do want to talk about is driving this car enthusiastically, because nowadays, a lot of EVS tend to be boring, in fact other than the high Powers e tron GTS and the m60ix.

A lot of them are really boring, except the Mini Cooper Electric Cooper born, and this. This is really good. As we said earlier, its rear wheel drive its got over 200 horsepower, yes, its heavy, but it doesnt feel it pushes you through the corners. I am flying in this and it is really really good. In fact, on the frosty morning this morning, I had a little bit of back end kind of twitching, which is very unusual, and it really gives you a sense that it is a hot hatch and its not soulless its full of character. This is one of the most enjoyable well balanced cars, Ive driven on the roads in ages. Now, with all that said, there are issues to begin with. Every time I go over 50 kilometers per hour, theres, a weird whistle behind me. I think its just particularly to this exact car. The other thing Ill say, is that you have to be Bill Gates to work. The tech, the tech is a little bit too tacky and there are a few other small little niggles. But you do have to remember: this is a 27 and a half thousand Euro Car you cant spend more than 35k on one and for that, as an EV, its excellent good. So there you have it that is done, Deals review of the new mg4! Now a couple things I didnt mention one of them is: it actually has the ability to take power out of the battery and into your laptop or a kettle or a fridge or whatever you might like to charge it.

Basically, you can use the three pin socket its called vehicle to load brilliant brilliant system. Another thing thats quite interesting is these are actually hubcaps. They can be taken off. My fingers are a little bit cold. So Im not going to do it today, but you pull them off and theres an alloy wheel underneath it good bonus. That is hey. They look quite good like that, but B, if it bounces off some curves whilst being parked, it does mean that these are probably a lot cheaper than getting your wheels refurbished. Now I have to say, I think the mg4 is a brilliant, brilliant car Im. Quite an optimistic car reviewer every car, I believe, has a home. There is people that, like certain cars, that might not like other cars, but every car has a customer, but in this case I actually think mg are a bit of a disrupter in the market. And if I was a German or a French or a Korean brand right now or even a Japanese brand, I would be thinking, oh God, what are we going to do were gon na have to lower our prices? Were gon na have to increase our quality because mg are doing a great great job of things anyway, thats it from me Ill leave you on car doesnt win an award in 2023 Ill eat my own shoe, and I will actually do that. Nonetheless, if you would like to search for mgs for sale in Orange, you can hit the link up there and, of course, please make sure to subscribe, and let us know what cars youd like to see us review in the near future.