It was always about when and not if ionic 5 electric SUV will arrive here and it has launched at the auto Expo last month. It has received close to 700 bookings and is now priced at rupees, 46 lakh before taxes. It is the flagship EV from Hyundai here it is the flagship SUV and it really is the flagship product, but just how good is the ionic 5 in Indian conditions, we test drove the car for a brief period at Goa recently and heres. A quick review of The Hip die ionic 5. Music foreign model ever and it does appear more a crossover than an SUV, but few other cars can keep the exterior styling as simple and yet as sophisticated. There are three color options. This is the one in matte gold. There is also white and black a clean face with parametric pixel projector LED headlights front bumper with skid plates clamshell Hood with sharp character lines. The ionic 5 is designed to appeal to Hidden emotions, Music. In fact, the large 20 inch wheels with a unique alloy design and the z shaped character. Lines are perhaps the flashiest parts of this car with a large wheelbase, a great ground clearance. This EV looks as smart from the side as it does from the back at the back. There is this ionic 5 lettering that is placed on the parametric. Pixel LED tail lamps Music step inside, and there are three big highlights: space features and artwork Music.

All the seats inside can be electronically adjusted. The rare seats have a manual recline function as well. The generous use of recycled and upcycled materials add to the green credentials of the car. The light colored upholstery, though, is likely to be bruised unless careful in Indian conditions. Chipboard has a clean stretched design and the 12.3 inch main screen is a delight to use the 12.3 inch driver display screen is also at par. Well, there is a lot of space here as well, because the console unit between the front seats can be slid up and back a flat floor. Bed also helps everyone inside. The other feature highlights include wireless phone charger, multi zone, climate control, ambient lighting, eight speaker, Bose, sound system roof and even a three pin point to power: small home appliances. Yes, you can take your TV and microwave on your next camping trip, but how well will the ionic 5 drive on the journey in our short drive of the hip dye EV? It came across as a mature unit, with just the right dose of power and torque. The electric motor on the rear axle has enough ability to respond to diverse throttle inputs, while the weighted steering evoked confidence at speeds. The multiple levels of region braking are done well too, but the brake pedal itself could have done with more bite. There are three Drive modes to choose from, but in Goa we stuck to the normal for most parts.

The ionic 5 comes to India, with only the higher 72.6 kilowatt hour battery, which claims to give it a range of 630 kilometers, with support from DC fast charging. Complementary wall charger eight year battery warranty three years, RSA and more Hyundai is sweetening the deal further.