I quickly run through all the facts and figures that are already in the public domain. Now this car has a 72 kilowatt hour battery pack. It has an arai range of 631 kilometers, its got an electric motor that powers the rear wheel and that electric motor makes 217 horsepower and 350 newton meters of torque. All of that is yours for 44.95 lakh rupees ex showroom question is how do all those numbers actually come together and how does a Hyundai ioni 5 fit into the India scheme of things whether you see one in New Delhi or New York, the ionic 5 will Stand out for the way it looks its got this whole Neo, retro vibe, that just works, but while Hyundai calls the ionic 5 and SUV, it isnt one its a crossover at best the silhouette has hatchback, but what doesnt come through in the images and videos is The size of the thing it matches the Mercedes GLC in length, width and height and within the length is a huge, 3 meter long wheelbase. The ion A5 is big on show value too. Its all sharp lines and crisp, creases and lighting has been used to brilliant effect. The LED headlamps with the pixel signature are Sleek, but the real cool touch is the accent lighting below that seemingly glows from the Bodywork when lit Hyundais parametric theme is carried on to the intricate looking 20 inch wheels too, while z shaped character lines, perhaps styled by Zorro and flush fitting door handles are other slick details at the sides.

The unique pixel LED tail lamps make it easy to establish the car. Your tailing and the roof mounted spoiler adds in some sportiness too, but no wiper at the back. The airflow from the roof is supposed to push rain water away. Well, have to see how effectively that works on a sunny day in Goa, the ionic 5 sure wowed hidden under that fancy. Skin is the Hyundai groups, egmp skateboard, electric vehicle, only platform, cool, factoid egmp. Also underpins the ionic 5s cousin from Kia, the ev6. The platform is properly Advanced with 800 volt charging support. The benefits of the EV. Only platform are most evident inside the ionic 5s cabin is, unlike any other Hyundai, in fact, its pretty much, unlike any other car that youve probably been in and thats all. Thanks to its skateboard platform. The batteries are underneath theres, no big transmission tunnel, which is why theres this big gap between the front seats Hyundai calls it the walkthrough cabin now in case youre wondering the gear lever is pushed all the way here, its just under the headlight stock, and it is Quite an unusual Arrangement, another thing of big note on the ionic 5 is the sheer level of storage space inside. In fact, I dont think Ive been in a car with more storage. Now, apart from The Usual Suspects of the bottle holders on the doors you get cup holders on the center console theres a wireless charging pad theres a huge Bay between the front seats, the armrest opens up for more space theres an other bay over here and a Drawers like glove box uniquely the entire center console, can also be moved backwards by up to 140 millimeters in terms of design, its all very minimalist, but beautifully done very tasteful in the choice of colors in the choice of materials.

Very in keeping with the theme of the ionic 5., for instance, plant based paints, recycle paper at and recycled Plastics have been used in the cabin and win at some extra points. Moving from green to screen, you get very crisp, very clear, digital dials that give you all the information you need, including for the 8S functions. The touchscreen is nice and large, its in Clear Sight and very very slick. Its really really nice to use and the other cool thing is the sharing its a two spoke unit and again very much in keeping with the ionic being distinctive to everything else out there. Curiously, theres no Hyundai logo on the steering boss, Hyundai might call this an SUV, but that seating position isnt very high and towering. It feels more like a crossover, and that is really the best way to describe this now. As for the seat itself, it is really comfortable, multi way adjust, it gets cooling, it gets warming a lot of electronic adjustability just built into it, and there is also a foot rest. So when you want to charge for a very long time, this is a nice place to snooze, see you, you really can make the most of your time inside, thanks to a whole host of Creature Comforts The fixed glass roof might not open, but it gives an Unhindered view of the world above theres, a very nice sounding Bose sound system, theres, a menu of sounds of nature that, coupled with the ambient lighting, can really put you in a red like state of mind.

Other Tech includes connected car features, a multi view camera and a wireless charger just wish. The aircon controls were easier to operate also how wide those seats stay after some use remains to be seen. Safety kit includes six airbags, ABS, electronic stability control front and rear parking. Sensors tire pressure, monitoring and child seat mounts 8s features are also part of the package rear seat documents are pretty well catered to on space in an ionic 5s back seat, now, Im just under six feet tall the front seat, its set to my driving position, and I have a good amount of knee room to the front seat. The only catch is with the front seat set to its lowest position. The way I like it, theres, not much foot room under the seat. Another point of note is that Headroom will be tight for anyone taller than say six foot. But to me the bigger issue is that the seating position is slightly knees up and thats, something which we found typical of EVS that place their battery under the floor. The seat itself is very well cushioned and its also quite accommodating for a third passenger thats thanks to no Center tunnel theres, quite a bit of adjustability in the rear seats too theres manual, backrest recline, as well as power adjust to move the seat forwards. In case, you need more room for luggage in the boot. The seats can also be moved four and aft via buttons on the front passenger seat and the big boss at the back.

Also has the option to move the front seat forward to free up more rear. Legroom, they are also rear air conditioning vents at the B pillars, shades for the large windows and a three point power outlet under the seat. The ioniq 5 has v2l of vehicle to load, so you can use the car to power appliances via this internal socket or larger items such as an e scooter at up to 3.6 kilowatts via an external connector. Access to the boot is wire, powered and gesture control. Tailgate but usable space is just adequate for what is a large car. The floor is quite high too, and theres no spare tire. All you get is a puncture repair kit, theres a 57 liter front that can be used to store the charging cables and all foreign. A brief on the India spec ionic 5s details. India gets the EV in single motor rear wheel, drive form with a 72.6 kilowatt battery pack being the source of Park. What should you make of its bar figure at a time when we become greedy for power and performance numbers from premium EVS, the ionic 5s 217 horsepower comes across as a bit modest and fact. Is you dont get that push back onto your seat or that neck snapping acceleration that weve just come to expect from you know powerful EVS, even so, performance is more than satisfactory because you have to remember a 7.6 second zero to 100 kph.

Time is Fast by any measure, see the acceleration in light of a combustion engine, car and youll get what I mean you can find you in the driving experience with three Drive modes, so theres Eco, normal and Sport, and you can toggle between them. With this very posture, like selector, on the steering wheel, its not a rotary selector, but a push to select system, the cool thing here is that eco mode itself delivers this effortless performance. You can dial things up by moving to normal mode, but if you want the most energetic responses, of course, sport mode, it has to be its expectedly smooth in its buildup bar and theres much else to like about the way the ioniq 5 drives too now. Evs are all about refinement and the story is no different with the ionic 5.. It just does such a good job of suppressing outside noises. Of course, the motor runs very silently, but the Highlight is just how well you are insulated from things like tire, noise, road, noise, its just on Coast, surfaces that you will hear a bit from the happenings outside, but generally this is such a calming. Complementing. That silence is a well sorted ride. Whats really remarkable on the ionic 5 is its ride. Quality. It is very and surface imperfections are dealt with very nicely very smooth, its very gentle over the little crests increases on the root at lower speeds, like you typically do. In town potholes do make their way into the cabin, but the point of note is that you will hear them more than you actually feel them the suspension being absorbed into the big plus, but does it offer the ground clearance? You need now EVS with their big and heavy battery packs and usually long wheelbase are a problem over large speed Breakers.

No such problems here lets try the next one and it didnt hit so thats a pretty important win for the ionic 5 in Indian conditions. Hyundai says the ionic 5 has a laden ground clearance, that is, with a full load of 163 millimeters that should translate to about 190 millimeters or so unladen, which is the most of all Hyundai sold in India. Also helping the experience is the braking the ionic fires. Braking system is also pretty well calibrated in terms of pedal pressure that you need to put you dont, really, as is often the case with electric vehicles, the brake pedal is also quite natural in its feel, and you also get three levels of regen, so theres coasting, Which means no region theres, a middle level of region which is quite usable, then theres, strong region and that maximizes the regenerative ability of the system a long pull on the left pedal also works as a brake. So you can bring the car to a full hole. Just by pulling on the left pedal, you can activate single pedal driving too that can bring the car to a complete halt. As you step off the accelerator pedal, the ionic 5 has the makings of a great City car. But is it fun in terms of handling, it wont quite impress the key nest of drivers, but ordinary folks who just want to have a bit of fun on a twisty Road will find quite a lot to like the acceleration is thrilling.

It turns quite keenly the steering doesnt quite have that natural feeling. It feels a bit artificial, but it is quite enjoyable for that odd fund drive out the good visibility adds to comfort and confidence, but I do have a pet peeve with the car. A point of note about the driving position – and it is an irritant to me – is that I like to have my steering set to its lowest position and when youre doing that. Youll note that you have a manual lever for steering adjust and when I do have it at a setting. I, like I cant, read the speed its blocked off by the steering therell be more to talk of the car in the future. The ioniq 5 packs in a whole lot of eight as features and the cameras and Radars really give you an extra set of eyes on our roads. But unfortunately, today we dont have the right conditions to really test them out safely. So please do bear with us till we get the car in Mumbai on home, turf where we can really put all the features to the test. Till the same here is all that the ionic 5 gets. The suite of Adas features includes forward Collision warning and braking blind spot warning. Lane keep assist adaptive cruise control, high beam, assist via cross traffic collision avoidance and more. What well, also put to the test is range. The ionic 5 for India that uses a 72.

6 kilowatt battery pack delivers an arai certified range of 631 kilometers and we cant wait to see how much that translates to in the real world. As for the other info of Interest, the ionic 5 gets a portable 3.3 kilowatt charger and Hyundai will also set up an 11 kilowatt AC charger at a location of your choice. A full charge to 100 takes just under 7 hours or 10 to 80 charge at 50. Kilowatt takes 57 minutes and its future proof too, with support for 350 kilowatt charging. That brings the time down to just 18 minutes a three year or unlimited kilometer warranty on the car and an 8 year or 160 000 kilometer warranty on the battery are standard foreign well its a winner. It looks sharp outside its new age and practical inside its Tech Laden it drives well and theres. The promise of great Real World Range too, but Clincher, is that very attractive price tag of 44.95 lakh rupees thats been made possible by Hyundais decision to assemble the car. In India, the price puts the ionic 5 in a sweet spot in the EV space and is sure to Leo buyers from a lower price band, as well as those open to spending. More fact is the ionic 5s appeal transcends typical segments and is a car good enough to make you reconsider a like priced SUV from a luxury brand, a Hyundai to take on the mercs, BMWs and Audis of the world.