Is this the eqe, its Mercks latest electric Saloon and its an effectively an electric version of the E class, and that begs the question: should you be considering this over an E class or a car like a BMW, 5 series or an Audi A6 thats? What were going to find out today so lets dive in and see what the eqe has to offer. Much like the eqs, the eqe has a very smoothed out design the front end. Well, its got pretty much all smoothed out features and its the same for the rear too. As with the eqs Im not entirely sold on the looks of this car. But let us know what you think: give us a comment below and tell us what you think of the styling of the eqe, the interior of the eqe mirrors that that you get in the eqs its just on a slightly smaller scale. Really so youve still got this super large touchscreen in the middle, which houses all of your media and navigation controls, its very nice to use, and its very simple and intuitive too youve also got this really cool. Teak finish, which is like the back of a really fancy boat – and I really like that, and it helps lift the overall feel of the cabin screen ahead of you. Is nice and clear too, and in terms of spaciousness youve got some nice cup holders. Another section down here, which I think is really handy and then a really deep under elbow area too, against a car like the BMW I4, for instance.

I think this car feels slightly more at Market, but then thats what youd expect from a Mercedes theres plenty of space back here in the eqe Ive got decent levels of legroom, and these seats are actually relatively slim too. So Ive got a good amount of knee room there as well in the middle, the tunnel isnt too large. So the person in the middle is in the field, Too Short change and the extras fitting of a panoramic sunroof in this car helps to brighten up the cabin because otherwise it is quite a dark place to be Im. Also quite impressed by the number of charge points that there are in this car in general. Youve got two USBC sockets in the back here and there are actually six up front. So youre not going to have any questions about charging up your devices or keeping things topped up here too, when it comes to icefix points. Youve also got points here on the outer two seats, which is going to help obviously for fitting the child seats. Overall, it feels like a really nicely finished and practical place to be uh 430 liters. The boot that you get from the eqe is actually larger than the one that youll find in the E class Coupe smaller than, of course, the full size E class Saloon. But I think its actually a really usable space. The only problem is its quite deeply set into the car itself.

So if youre carrying something heavy like a suitcase, you have to lift it up and over and in I think, thats a slight niggle with this car. Overall, its nicely square – and there is a section down here with netting – to keep those looser items from rolling around the cabin and, of course you can lower the seats down and that extends the load area further. It has got a quite classically shaped boot entrance, though, which means that wider items are going to be a bit of a struggle, but overall for an electric car, pretty decent Id, say the eqe weighs in with some well some really high level technology. Actually, its got a 90 kilowatt hour battery, which is one of the largest that you can get in an electric car at the moment and fully charged Mercedes say that you should get up to 380 miles per charge during the summer when you can get nearly 380 Miles, I think this is going to be great for longer trips and actually the way that the power is managed in this car is really very pleasant. It makes this car feel really Serene really easy to drive and despite a relatively long wheelbase, I dont feel like the car is too cumbersome or too difficult to Pilot. The steering is nice and light as well, and the only real issue comes from something that we find in most lecture cards, which is the added weight, makes the ride feel slightly unsettle at slow speeds at Motorway speeds.

This car is really quite really refined and it does iron out the bumps at low speeds, as you can probably see a little bit jostly but thats because of the added weight and the suspension rate that you have to add. In order to compensate for this and stop the car from lulling around or over the place, visibility is pretty good. Im sat nice and low in the car, which is what I really like, and the adjustability is good too. The rear screen is very narrow, so behind you, theres not a lot to see, but over the shoulder. Youve got plenty of glass there again, so the visibility is pretty good. I do like driving this car, and actually you can tell Mercedes, has worked really hard to make sure that there arent any creaks or rattles coming from the cabin, because everything is just showing up way more. When you havent got any sounds from an internal combustion engine when it comes to Performance, were talking 0 to 16, around 6.2 seconds and 130 miles an hour flat out, but as with any electric car, the instant delivery of torque means that the eqi feels a lot Quicker than those numbers would suggest when it comes to charge times the eqe can be rapid charge, so we be able to get a zero to 80 charge in around 30 minutes. You plugged it into an 11 kilowatt home charger. A full charge will take around four hours into a seven kilowatt, its going to take quite a bit longer so probably more around the 11 Mark.

I would imagine its just a very refined experience it. I think. Actually, if you compare this to an older generation S Class youd find the two to be quite a lot closer than you would think. How does it compare to a regular E class, for instance? Well, in stop stop traffic. I much prefer this. I find electric cars most excited to be very relaxing and the absence of any kind of hum from an Intel combustion engine is very pleasant and, as Ive mentioned, the general fit and finish of this car is good so that any of those squeaks and rattles arent Shown up even more than they might be, with a diesel engine up front on the motorway. Id say that theyre pretty like for like, of course, youre going to get just longer range with a diesel car and a typical Saloon is being bought by people who do big miles. So I think that if you are going to be doing big days in the saddle, then the diesel is still going to be the one to go for and because there are so many use examples, particularly on UK. At the moment, youll be able to find yourself a pretty good deal and not have to pay a huge chunk that you will do for this car. But I do think that Mercedes have nicely captured some of the essence of a really high end car in this eqe. Of course, it does have a pretty strong price tag.

You know close to 90 grand for this one, but when you consider that this is not a full size Saloon, its not the eqs, I think theyve managed to dial in some of that really premium feel impressively well. The eqe takes a premium Saloon recipe and makes things well even more premium at close to 90 grand. This car definitely has a higher price tag than an alternative like a BMW, 5 series or even a regular E class. But if youre looking for a car that makes every trip feel a little bit more special and has an EV powertrain, the EQ is definitely one to check out, though the eqes range is definitely affected by winter temperatures during the summer time, its going to deliver a Decent amount of miles between the plug and though it cant quite rival, say a diesel powered E class for long range ability. I think, if youre doing average miles, the EQ is going to feel like a really premium alternative, albeit one that does come with a bit of a price tag. Thank you for watching this UK new car review on the Mercedes eqe, And if you have enjoyed this video, please leave us a like below and let us know what you think of this car in the comments section plus while youre here.