and dont worry you havent inadvertently, clipped on a video from two years ago. It really does look exactly the same as the original car, but before you click away and look at that cat video that YouTube is recommending for you. Let me explain a little bit more about why were here today, car manufacturers update their cars almost every year. They usually call a model year update that usually extends to maybe a new paint color or a new design of alloy wheel if youre lucky, but with the ionic 5 Hyundai has gone a step further theres a number of small but really important. Design and Engineering detail changes on this car, but make it go further on a charge and allow it to charge even quicker. So if youre lucky enough to have this car on your short list, this year or youve already ordered one are on the waiting list. Do not click away, because these are the five most important things you need to know about. The new Hyundai ioniq 5. lets start with some battery Basics. You can still get the ionic 5 with a small and a large battery. A small battery Remains the Same. At 58 kilowatt hours, but the larger battery has grown from 73.6 kilowatts to 77.4. Kilowatts theres also been an increase in power as well. The two wheel, drive version, has gone from 217 to 225 horsepower where the all wheel drive car has gone from 305 to 325 brake horsepower.

Okay lets talk a little bit about range, the small battery pack, the 58 kilowatt hour pack. The range stays the same without 238 miles. If you go for the bigger battery pack with two wheel drive the figure for that goes from 298 to 315 miles, wltp, add all wheel drive into it, and the figures change again 287 miles. It used to be, and thats gone up now to 301 miles and if you specify the ultimate edition or the Namsan with a larger 20 inch wheels, the figure goes from 267 to 282 miles in terms of real world range. My car, which is an all wheel, drive ultimate, has averaged around 3.4 miles per kilowatt over the nine months. Ive had it so wed anticipate that the new version with the bigger battery will return between 250 and 270 miles on a full charge. When it first came out the ironic 5s great party piece was it super fast charging up to 220 kilowatts all made possible by its 800 volt electrical system, but there was a catch unless the battery pack was in the absolute Optimum temperature. You wouldnt get anywhere near those speeds. I know Ive experienced that with my car and I know quite a few owners have as well. Hyundai has done two things to address this. The first is to fit a battery heater, a standard to all models that wasnt always the case before you previously would have to order it, as maybe as part of an option pack or order the high end ultimate edition.

The second thing that Hyundai has done is add battery preconditioning, and this is really important. Youll be familiar to people. If you have a Tesla or a Mercedes Benz or what battery pre conditioning, is it heats the battery before you get to a DC charging point, so it makes the battery pack is at Optimum temperature to accept a charge like the Tesla system. It works via the navigation. If you set the destination to be a rapid charging station on the nav, the car will warm the battery up as you get near it so its nice and toasty, when you plug in, of course, thats all fine and dandy for new owners, but a bit of A kick in the chops for those of us with older cars, but hang on theres good news in that front too, if your car was fitted with the Eco pack option, the battery management software can be updated to take advantage of pre conditioning its a bit of A complicated process and youll need to have it done at the dealer, but it does make a big difference in weather, like we have today theres a link in the description below. If you want to know more, if you love a bit of gadgetry, youll, be delighted to know that the new ionic 5 comes with digital mirrors on the Namsan special edition. As you can see, theyre chunky old things, they dont look that much smaller than a normal mirror, but they do have some really nice design touches.

You got this pixel art graphic here, which mirrors that of the headlights and its also got the camera lens underneath which helps with the surround view system. When the ioniq 5 came out, you could choose between SE connect premium and ultimate trim grades. According to Hyundai, fewer than five percent of people bought, the SE connect, so its been dropped for 2023.. The range now starts with premium, which is the only grain you can have. If you want the smaller battery pack choose the bigger battery pack, you get the option of all wheel drive the next. One up is ultimates, which also comes with the option of two and all wheel drive and at the top of the tree. Is this new Namsan Edition its named after a mountain in South Korea famed for its views over Seoul? But you knew that already right. The Namsan Edition gets a few bits that are new to the ionic 5 lineup, including the digital mirrors that weve already mentioned, and a lovely Vision roof. You also get a real kitchen sink spec list that includes relaxation seats, remote parking and a heat pump as standard. Now, as you might expect, all this loveliness doesnt come cheap up for the all wheel, drive version of this Namsan Edition and youll be looking at a price tag of 57 595 pounds ouch. So there we have it the new 2023 Hyundai ioniq 5. The updates to the battery management system and the charging are the key advantages as far as Im concerned, but that extra range is really welcome too.