Today. I want to talk about two things: uh, one of them is actually going to be another one of verons mistakes. It was pointed out by one of you in the in our comments, so we kind of went back and took a look at it and we want to make a short little video about that. And then, if you stay tuned till the end uh we actually wan na, I would like to get into a short discussion about uh. A lot of you guys reacted in the last video about the AC buttons about the AC controls on the steering wheel versus the screen. So we had quite actually a discussion thats happening in the comments under that video, which is which is really awesome. So, thank you for everyone who is commenting whos joining in. We love it, so I just want to dive into that real quick, so stay stay tuned till the end and well get to that as well and um yeah. I love hearing your thoughts about all of it, its its really fun. So thank you. Okay, so uh starting off were gon na get into another one of Bjorns mistakes and just a quick disclaimer. This is definitely not meant to like hate on Bjorn or whatever. We just noticed another uh another discrepancy in his video uh. It was actually the same video as the one with the AC buttons, and this one was pointed out by one of you guys in our in our comments which uh.

So thank you for that. Its been actually good at inspiration and uh that user is schmon, lyrics um. I hope Im saying that correct if Im, not sorry about that, but uh were gon na leave the comment up here on the screen and so uh schmann lyrics. You actually pointed out that Bjorn did make another mistake in that same video and it was uh in regards to the floor in the trunk or the boot of the car. So um Bjorn says in the video that you are not able to. You know youre supposed to be able to lift the floor higher, but he says hes not able to do it, even though he did note in there that he has little holders for it right, um and and again were leaving it up on the screen. So you have a visual uh to kind of accompany. What Im saying all you actually have to do is flip out the bottom of the floor and make it bigger. So the insert has two little flaps on the side that are magnetic and if you flip those out it makes the floor bigger, which allows you to put it into that little holder and create that dual floor in the in the trunk or in the boot. Of your car now the space thats under there, its not very big but uh, but it is better than nothing and we actually referred to another mg4 reviewer for this.

His name is burl Solomon and were actually using. The visualization were showing you now. That is from one of his videos, so he owns an mg4 and he does nice detailed reviews. If you want to check him out, were going to leave his name in the description so that feel free to uh. Take a look at his videos so again thats that its a small mistake, but were just fixing that its only available in the trophy version we did see uh, we kind of did a little sneaking uh around the bjorns video he did have that available. He just I guess he didnt notice, so uh so thats, just to set the record straight on that, okay, guys so thats it uh. Thank you for watching and again. Thank you so much for commenting. We really we love it. We love discussing this stuff with you guys and its its a really nice inspiration, also for um other subjects and its its really just it makes it all worth it. So, thank you again, um. I do want to say uh, just like maybe some previews for other videos that were preparing. I did mention in one of our videos. We are between the mg4 and we just started thinking about Tesla due to the drop in prices, so weve been on that journey and actually some interesting developments there. So we will be making a video about that as well. So definitely stay tuned for that uh.

If you are already subscribed, then thats awesome if youre not definitely hit subscribe, and I also recently learned. I should ask you to hit the little bell button so that you get notifications about our new videos. So if youre interested in this uh Tesla mystery lets, call it for now, uh definitely hit that Bell and um Im really looking forward to shooting that video. Actually, that will be fun uh, some other things that were working on. We are also looking into a different car now its a Citroen ce4, I think e C4. I might be saying that wrong uh, my boyfriends buried his head in that for now. So I will keep you updated on that as it as it develops. We do also want to record some videos about heat pumps and uh solar power, so solar panels and uh so different kinds of Technology. It wont just be all cars, so stay tuned for all that and again keep on commenting.