Um this morning was weird uh. It started off normal got in the truck, went to take the kids to school. Before I go to work and disconnected the charger, it was a charged overnight to 90, where I wanted it, and I got a stop safely now warning its a big red warning on the dash. I was like oh thats, not good, thats, not normal. I havent seen that one on the lightning forums before so I quickly turn off the truck cycle. It back on same message appears Im like okay. I dont have time to mess with this, so I hop in my wifes car because I had to get the kids to school and so of course, now my minds racing like what the hecks wrong with the truck I got ta go to work. This could be an inconvenience my wifes got to drive me to the airport. All these thoughts are running through my head about what the hecks going on its, not a good message. I take it. I said I havent seen that one, but stop safely. Now, normally a motor is involved, the batteries involved. So I got like negative five minutes to try to figure this out before I head to the airport after getting home, but I got home looked up in the uh in real quick on the internet. I guess its happened. A lot on mock the Machi forums and I find some little post that says, leave your truck or just give me your car for 10 minutes, come back to it cycle the hazard lights three times and try to start up.

It may clear the glitch something from a tech, a TSB post from one of the dealers, so I guess what theyve done with some of the makis. I thought it was crazy, but I opened it up. I do the hazard lights, I start up and of course the message is gone. Im telling you guys. I love this truck its just right now, Im just a little pissed, its its glitchy right Ive had two glitches. Now, in like three weeks, I had the reduced power, whereas 64 the front motor wasnt going that was resolved by turning it off, turned it back on and now this one, which I I thinks a little bit more serious um, so the code cleared, I took my Other son to preschool and then Im driving to the airport, and I have no issues. I have no alerts in the Ford pass: the trucks acting normal uh. You know I tried to research for another couple minutes before I walked out and theres nothing really on the mock, or this can be the lightning forums and so Im sort of at a loss. Now, the stuff I read on the Maki Im going to dive into it more here while away from my flight, but its not good, like they had to replace main batteries. Connectors couplings, I dont know like Im a pretty big Tech guy, but I really got ta dive into it. They were using some terminology abbreviations, I was not familiar with, but it was dealing with the battery components and its a little disconcerting, to say the least.

You know my wife, of course, shes laughing shes, like you know, you traded two perfectly great working trucks in this year and now this is your dream truck ride and its got issues, so I guess thats what we get for being early adopters right, but I just Dont want to get where my confidence is rattled owning this truck right. This is my primary Transportation. I paid a lot of money for it. We all have, and I dont I just want to get at it and drive reliably. I dont want to have to think. Oh man, you know its the perfect setup right Im going to work, leaving my house for three days inconvenience, my wife to take me to the airport. All this other crap, I dont, know Im sort of going on and on with it, but well see how this goes right. Im gon na definitely go on the forums more this afternoon, see what I could dig up. You know, I noticed when you put posts on the lightning forms forward. Someone from Ford will chime in like send us your VIN number, so Im hoping maybe that occurs, and I can just give my van and maybe they can remote diagnostic uh check out the truck. See whats going on, but I dont know guys I mean, but its funny so now, Im driving to the airport, everythings cleared and Im like I love this truck. I just love how it drives, but I just want a reliable vehicle.

I think a lot of us do especially for the money you pay for these things. I get it its Cutting Edge Tech. It is, I dont mind, being a guinea pig for some of it, but its sort of funny. You know my brother has a I hate to say guys. Tesla Model 3 right hes had it for two years: zero issues you can see all you want the build quality, blah blah blah, but zero issues, its driven at like 60 000 miles, and he was sort of making fun of me the other day. He loves my truck, but he was uh laughing hes like oh Two glitches already. You know, and I dont know. I know this Cutting Edge Tech right, so theres going to be things that go wrong, but I just dont want to have one of these main component failures like a battery failure or anything else, Ill leave you with this real quick. I dont know if its connected, but oddly enough I had my modem was not updating yesterday, so you see that a lot in the Ford pass app, not updating with the truck info. So it was totally giving info from like 10 hours ago, and I was doing all the stuff. I could do to try to get that reset. So I dont know this things. Glitchy, and you know part of me wonders again not Knock It Forward. Like I said, Ive had two of their other trucks that were made in the covered ERA this year and knock on wood, no issues, but you just got to wonder about the quality of some of these vehicles in the post, coveted world rights supply chain shortages.

Are we were using cheaper parts, parts from other manufacturers? I dont know those are just my thoughts so again, sorry for the negative video but, like I said, I mean Im documenting daily life of a EV first gen EV truck so Im gon na give it to you real Im, going to tell you whats really going On with the truck what I like, what I dont like but its frustrating, you know I just uh and also uh Im sure some of you guys saw that other video. I forget his name, a really uh big YouTuber. He posted about his thoughts on charging networks. Hes a tesl owner, I 100 agree like theres, just a lot that we have to do if were going to get real and really adopt these trucks and electric cars for America theres just a lot. A lot of steps to go like Im a die hard on this. I think a lot of you guys are out there too. I live and breathe the technology, I think its fun. I love figuring things out, but the common, the common person is not going to deal with these kind of issues like if my mother in law had this issue on her truck this morning shed be oh my gosh, I dont know what Im doing you know call The dealer tow it I dont know you know and then youre not even talking about charging. You know thats what the point of uh his names, Malcolm.

I forget his his videos. You know theres just a lot for America to go through a lot for the average citizen to deal with with electric cars. The infrastructures got to get way better, but for people like me, where Im just driving this thing around town, its fantastic, I tell you – I mean I pay what 25 26 bucks for a month worth of driving and its super smooth. The truck is very luxurious, feeling build quality outside the software stuff, the build quality, the trucks tight, no squeaks, no noises, no rattles its quiet, I mean its its luxury car quiet, I mean theyre, impressive vehicles. I just think weve its first gen. We got a long way to go in this country towards getting it to a reliable State sort of like a gas car where you dont even have to think about you just hop out. You fill it up and you go so anyway. I know sort of rambling on a bunch of different tangents here but uh. Let me know what your thoughts are out there again thanks for watching. Hopefully I get some info on this glitch and I will uh update with whats going on, but so far working normal. I hope it I hope when I get back at Friday, night Friday night to the airport, you know middle of the night, dark, cold, hope the truck doesnt have this glitch again, my wifes really not going to be happy anyway.