Music called the aura funky cat in England, the small electric hatchback was originally expected to be a sub forty thousand dollar run about in Australia, but like pretty much every other new car. These days, prices have risen dramatically, Drive Away. Pricing starts at around 45 000 for the entry level car with advertised prices. A little lower across the three model range were testing the base model grade, but it should be noted that its already been awarded a five star Euro end cap safety rating Music. Okay, a lot of EVS have extra room under here, and this one does not, unless you built yourself a little shelf and you can put stuff in there, but Id advise against that, because itll melt gets very hot in here anyway, a modest electric motor Powers, the Front wheels through a single speed gearbox, and there are two battery options available: a 48 kilowatt hour Joby and a 63 kilowatt hour Joby. The smaller one which is cheaper will give you 320 kilometers of range according to gwm the big battery around 420 kilometers of range, which is pretty good for an EV of this size, foreign. It rides on these cute little mini esque 18 inch. Five spoke, alloy wheels and it looks kind of sporty, especially when youve got these little power bulges on the Bonnet and at the back theres a nice little roof spoiler, I dont mind the look Music. This is a cool cabin and once again, there are lots of little touches that you might find in a mini, for instance, the color coded cabin everything actually feels, rather nice too, which is quite a surprise.

These toggle switches very many as well. Most touch points are soft and supple and, while theres some cheap Plastics here and there, the leather like upholstery looks and feels good. The power adjustable seats are fairly accommodating for such a small car as well. There are two screens, starting with the central 10.25 inch. Color touch screen display that is really nice to look at its high resolution. Very sharp visuals, the uh. The menu system is quite easy to use this. One doesnt have it, but apparently, when it comes to Market, well, have Apple, carplay and Android auto, but look its fast to react. It looks good. Then youve got the 10.25 inch drivers display, which is also very very sharp, looks great, and it will also feature over the air updates. So you can keep things upgraded just by logging into Wi, Fi and downloading the latest software foreign all right back seat room is pretty good Headroom, not bad. Legroom is really good and I can get my feet under the back of the rear seats, which is great. These are a little bit raised, but this is a small car and for how much space Ive got back here, Im really impressed. This is, this is good uh amenity, so so youve got one USB, a port there fold down armrest with cup holders with the handles here and thats about it, but no air vents, otherwise, its pretty good. All right lets check out the boot.

Oh, its not power operated, which I dont mind its, not the worst thing in the world, but look. This is Tiny. 211 liters youll get a bit of groceries in there, but youre not going to get any surfboards or mountain bikes in here. Parcel shelf is kind of pointless and theres. No spare tire youve just got to puncture repair kit, but look boot. Space is actually bigger than the mini and not that far off from a Toyota Corolla. So look, it looks like a mini. It smells like a mini, but does it drive like a mini lets find out Music roll on acceleration is pretty good. I mean Im doing just over 100 now foot to the floor, not bad its its punchy and its fast, and I think people who are always in a hurry will like this all those who love the traffic light Tango. You know when you eyeball grandpa in his first generation Forester then blast past him. When the traffic lights go, green, hey thats, not bad thats, pretty Zippy. So in one sense I guess it does feel a bit like a mini ride. Comfort is reasonably good. It seems to soak up bumps fairly well at lower speeds, but its not quite as good as absorbing imperfections in the road at higher speeds. The aura proved to be a fun: little go getter and probably not too far away from the mini in terms of mid corner confidence. That said, the steering is vague and Woolly, and the cheap tires could do with a lot more grip.

There is quite a bit of wind noise coming from this mirror at just over 100k, but otherwise its pretty quiet and smooth sailing. The gwm aura is a classy little hatchback, with a surprisingly up market interior, fit out impressive Safety Systems and good equipment levels. Theres. A couple of rough edges where the chassis is concerned, but theres certainly not deal breakers, Music with a solid warranty and a relatively low asking price for an EV. The gwm aura has plenty of showroom appeal, look its not the killer, app we were hoping for, but there is plenty of Promise here so stay tuned for our full review real soon, thanks so much for watching. We hope you enjoyed that.