Please feel free to check out the link in the description box below and so today were in the brand new 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander phev, because this is all new, the phev version for 2023., not only that you get Americas best warranty as well being five year. 60. 000 mile Bumper to Bumper 10 years 100 000 miles on the powertrain, and we actually double it here at younger Mitsubishi as well the powertrain that is so you get a 20 year, 200 000 mile power screen warranty here. Only if you get it here at younger Mitsubishi in Hagerstown, so anyways. Ultimately in this video, we will be testing out and going over everything about this one. So, having said that, what do you guys say lets just go ahead and jump right into it and, as always match start with pricing, and so, as you can imagine, there are several different trim levels for the 2023 Outlander phev es starting at ‘, 845 SE for 42 145 SEC 42, 145 SEL, which actually is the one we were in today, starting at forty five thousand four forty five SEL touring same price; actually, forty five thousand four forty five SEL premium for forty five thousand four, forty five, yet a gun and the 40th Anniversary edition going for 49 995 dollars, but regardless of term level that you go with the power plant, is going to be the same powering. The Beast is a 2.4 liter, naturally aspirated inline, four cylinder, plus two electric motors, of course paired up to that.

Giving you a combined 248 horsepower 332 pound feet of torque sent to all four wheels because, of course, Mitsubishis legendary rally inspired all wheel control system, which is actually a four wheel, drive system, but incredibly good in this snow and dirt, and things like that power sits Of the ground, through a CVT 0 60 time, approximately 6.5 seconds according to Motor Trend with a combined MPGs at 64 MPG ease, is what its called and actually fun facts for you on all the electrified statistics. For this thing, you can actually get 38 miles of pure EV driving in the Outlander phev DC fast charge is going to charge it from zero to eighty percent in only 38 minutes, 240 voltage six and a half hours 120 volt, meaning your traditional wall outlet. At your house is going to take 16 hours, so maybe just plug it overnight. There and total driving range comes in at 420 miles so before we do any kind of fun acceleration test. In this thing, one dimension to you: guys: the drive modes theres a little circular, dial located just behind the shifter thats, going to give you normal Power, Eco, tarmac, gravel, snow and mud, adjusting things like the shift points, throttle response and the steering sensitivity. So now that we got all of that out of the way, what do you guys say lets go ahead and put the Outlander pH EV here to the test. All right lets see how quickly we can get this one here up to speed from a standstill, baby, yeah, thats, fine, youre, not gon na, have any issues there.

Definitely plenty of it acceleration emerging onto the highway. Is that the very quickest thing in the world, but having said that, theres power numbers that have rambled off were dang good, especially for the segment so again, youre not going to have any issues merging onto the highway. This thing is plenty quick, but anyways to go along with that. Acceleration is always breaking is equally important. So up front. You will find 13.8 inch, ventilated front discs in the back 13 inch, ventilated, rear disc. As far as that 60 is your stopping distance goes. That comes in at 131 feet since theres. Nobody behind us yeah, thats, really good. Actually, I, like the braking, feel on this thing, so a lot of times with electric vehicles, if theres any kind of electric motors, sometimes the braking feel, is a little bit wonky. A little bit dead spot, sometimes, but honestly with this, that was great at least coming from a little bit of a break there at 55 miles per hour. It instantly breaks you to a stop, so I dont mind the break. You feel in this thing so anyways the touching on suspension and handling up front youre, going to get a McPherson strut front suspension in the back independent multi link, rear suspension, front and rear stabilizer bars, of course, as far as where high quality goes, its been great. In my short little test drive here today I will say: Hagerstown has some pretty darn nice roads, but having said that again, its been absorbing the road imperfections.

Quite nice nicely so far. My short test drive, so Ive had no issues there. As far as cabin noise goes is the perfect example were going 50 miles per hour right now, there isnt a whole lot of exterior wind noise coming into the cabin. You do have a a nice little bit of a noise when you really get on it. Like I just mentioned with that acceleration, you kind of hear the electric motors going at it or whatever the case, but I like the sound of the acceleration Ill say that, but as far as wind noise theres nothing as far as road noise theres a little bit. But its not that bad its like average for the segment, I would say as far as visibility goes, I can see 100 perfectly fine off the back. If I adjusted my mirror a little bit there and now I can see even better out the back. So no issues there doing an awesome mention for All trim levels. You get rain sensing windshield wipers assisting with forward visibility. So whenever the Outlander detects in and kind of missed a rainfall or snow, its going to automatically turn on those windshield wipers for you. So its kind of like automatic headlights, just one less thing – you got to worry about there, so I love that anyways, that about rounds of the performance segment of this review. Guys lets now go ahead and take a look at the exterior of our brand new 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander phev, all right, you guys so here she is the new 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander phev on our 27 degree day here in Hagerstown finished in Mercury gray.

By the way, in case, you were curious of our exterior color name, but as always, lets go ahead and take a look at the VIN lets, see where this thing is actually made. First character of the VIN does indicate the letter J, so this one is built and assembled in Japan, so JDM SUV got ta love it so lets go ahead and start up front on this one. Of course, you got that Outlander lettering spelled out horizontally on the very front of the hood. I always like that. Look very high end. Look full LED headlights, though, to the side, so not just the low beam, but the high beam as well. You definitely dont always get that so add illumination. At night there with LED daytime running lights, of course, LED fog lights down below that can be had with the s e trim leveling up. If you wanted that, of course, going back to those headlights, they do come with the automatic feature, meaning theyre going to turn on automatically for you when it starts to get dark out at night, but also automatic high beams actually come standard on every single trim level Across the board board, so if you have your high beams on at night and it senses a vehicle coming in the opposite direction, its going to automatically dim them back to low beams and when that vehicle is gone, its going to automatically bounce it back up to High beams, so definitely a very nice convenience feature there and of course you got some aluminum trim found on the bottom portion of that front.

Bumper there, as well so overall, very nice, looking front end, but its basically identical to the non phev version of The Outlander, which is very nice. Looking as well of course, so anyways that pretty much rounds out the front end lets not go ahead and make our way to the side its something else. Since we are around to the side of the Outlander here, aluminum roof rails found all the way to the top got ta love that also you got that floating roof line towards the back there on the c pillar kind of separating the roof from the rest of The body of the vehicle, its pretty cool, Chrome, Beltline, molding, of course, body color power, adjustable side mirrors – will come standard. They will come with LED integrated turn signals then as well, and they will be heated on the SE trim level and up, but also power folding. On the SE trim level and not the case, you wanted that so thats pretty cool, then take a look down at the wheel. Setup 18 by 7 inch aluminum Alloys for the es, but essentially all other trim levels are going to get 20 by 8 inch. Aluminum Alloys varying in design slightly, but I did want to mention perhaps the most differentiating factor between the phev and The non phev Outlander is going to be the badging found on the front door. So big old badge you found out this front door as it says, plug in hybrid EV.

So, if youre ever wandering onto a Mitsubishi lawn on a Sunday and youre looking for a phev thats, how youre going to be able to distinguish the difference so anyways it pretty much rounds out the side profile here so now go ahead and make our way to The back all right so Ive been out since we are around to the back of this one body, colored shark fin antenna found all the way to the top there rear spoiler with an integrated brake light. Of course, you got the rear window, wiper affixiated to the rear glass. Also, you got some s a w c badging found in that rear glass as well, meaning all wheel control system. The rally inspired all wheel control system built for rally racing in the snow in the dirt got ta love that led detail lights of course, coming standard for All trim levels for added illumination at night. Once again you got the phev badging found on that rear tailgate. There a little bit of silver accenting towards the bottom bumper, but all the way underneath there actually is a single exhaust Outlet, tucked away underneath on the drivers side there. So having said that again, not sure if this is going to work, because this is a hybrid, but I do believe you guys know what we have to try to do next, as always here is that exhaust clip all right, soap, analysis. We are around to the back of the Outlander when it comes to opening the rear tailgate.

It is a manual tailgate for the es, but all other trim levels. Besides, that bottom trim is going to get a hands free power tailgate. So if your hands are full of groceries or kids, its going to automatically open up for you after you kick your foot underneath of it so thats pretty convenient theres, of course, button on the tailgate key fob things like that, but once opened up cargo capacity behind That third row, because I didnt mention it yet – The Outlander is a three row SUV that comes standard. So behind the third row, its going to come in at 11.7 cubic feet behind the second row, 33.5 cubic feet and with all rows folded 79.7 cubic feet. Then so that is that last number is definitely respectable behind that third row, its, not all that much so I think most people will probably just leave the third row down, but anyways cargo lighting can be found back there, its also grocery bag hooks back there. A big fan of seeing that you got some tie down anchors and theres, actually an AC hookup back there as well. So if you wanted to maybe charge up a drill or something you, you can do that so thats, pretty cool anyways theyre, making our way up to the third row legroom coming in at 18.7 inches. It does get better in the second row, because thats going to bump that up to 38.1 inches now thats respectable and thats 100 usable for reference, I mean even six feet tall.

This is how much space I had back there. Of course you got some rear ventilation. Thats going to be found kind of right in front of the rear passengers there you got a rear, USBC and USB a charging ports for All trim levels as well heated. Second, row seats are going to come standard on the 40th anniversary edition, but then optional for the SE Ultram levels. So we do have that option so spoil the rear passengers a little bit and I like seeing the rear window sunshades actually as well. So if you have a newborn and you dont want the sun, blinding them maybe sitting in a parking lot or something, then you got the rear window sunshade. So big fan of that as well, but anyways. They make our way up to the front seats manually, adjustable cloth, seating for the es power, adjustable synthetic surfaces for the SE and SE Tech, leather, seating for the SEL Ultram leveling up heated seats for the scl trim, leveling up memory settings for up to two different Drivers and passengers for the SEL trim level and ups and Mercedes does that, but most manufacturers wont give you memory settings for the passenger seat as well. So I wanted to mention that thats pretty cool, but overall, as far as sea Comfort goes, it was plenty fine. I will say I like the design of the seats as well with the Quilted, checkered or diamond pattern that uh Audi.

I think Pioneer doing that so Im a big fan of the design as far as sea Comfort goes. It was okay, so definitely not going to have any issues on long road, trips or anything like that. But then take a look at the steering wheel, just tilt and telescoping. It is leather wrapped for the SE trim level and up and the 102 grips are actually quite thick and since I havent mentioned it, yet what are the paddle shifters for if you press that left paddle shifter five times thats going to give you the most regenerative? Braking available for the Outlander phev, if you press the right, paddle shifter, essentially that takes you completely out of that one pedal drive mode so left paddle shifter is going to put you in it. It wont bring you to a complete stop but itll get you pretty. Dang close so thats what the paddle shifters are for, just like the Honda Insight, but so theyre making our way to the startup. Let me start by showing you guys the key here. You got your Mitsubishi logo on the top, lock unlock and, of course, that button to uh pop the rear tailgate there, but it is all keyless entry with a push button start for the SE trim level and up so all Im going to do here. Simply put my front of the brake and press that engine start button located just to the left of the air vents there so once started up gauges, look dang good, and so it is a 12.

3 inch digital gauge cluster and, like I said I love it, you Can actually completely customize the look to a couple different readout theres, an option called change, meter view which, basically, you can toggle between your standard gauges, giving the speedometer on the right theres digital speedometer. But then, if you press it again, it gives you this very unique. Look that you only see elsewhere, like on the Nissan Rogue, because theyre partnered, with Mitsubishi, of course, but its such a dank whole look thats. What I would personally leave it in because its like nothing else that I have seen so big big fan of the gauge is outside temperature, of course, telling us that were in the 20s today, how many miles you have left until you hit empty and so on. Basically, everything you could possibly want on the gauges up there, but so they make our way to overall interior quality. There is a power panoramic sunroof for the 40th anniversary edition its going to be optional on the SEL trim levels. Overhead sunglass holder is also going to come standard. Oh, my controls are going to be available for the SEL trims going to come standard on the 40th anniversary edition, try Zoom Cloud control coming standard on the SE, Ultram leveling up, however, dual Zoom climate control coming standard on all the other trims. Basically, wireless phone charger is going to be standard on the SE trim level and up thats going to be found just in front of this shifter there, its going to be rubberized so like that, so it doesnt slide around.

Like I said previously, overall interior quality was pretty dang good, just because of the Quilted leather. It actually continues from the seats onto the doors as well. You got contrast, stitching and a lot of times Ill critique. Other cars for having a matte gray plastic around the shifter and stuff, but Mitsubishi actually did pretty darn good with this is kind of like a texturized silver finish around the shifter and a gloss black finish, which I love as well. Both of them high end looks so big fan of that, but anyways just in front of the shifter. You have a couple more charging ports, 12 volt power outlet behind the shifter. You have dual cup holders and within the center armrest, actually not a ton of space. Considering the size of this SUV, but it should be able to get the job done, but now lets go ahead and make our way to the infotainment screen, because its going to be a couple of them so for the es trim level youre going to get an 8 inch color touchscreen display, but for the SE trim leveling up youre going to get what youre looking at, which is a nine inch color touchscreen display either way you get Bluetooth and on you streaming, Android, auto Apple carplay, for the nine inch screen. You actually get a factory navigation system that comes standard as well. You can adjust your climate control settings up there, as well as your radio information.

So when it comes to the sound systems, six speakers essentially is going to come standard on All trim levels, but the 40th anniversary edition. And then there is a nine speaker, Bose sound system that the 40th anniversary edition is going to get and by the way that sound system is optional on the SEL trims and we do have that option yet again. So what do you guys say? Lets go ahead and turn on the radio, see what we got planned today and lets test out. Our nine speaker Bose sound system that we have with us here today: Music, thats, actually pretty darn good, so plenty of bass and usually Bose crushes it with that Clarity. Is pretty darn good as well and, like I always say, Ive, had both sound systems in my cars before my Infiniti G35 coupe back in the day, and it never failed me. It never broke after 140. 000 miles then traded that thing in, but yeah Bose sound system, its very reputable plenty of clarity, plenty of bass. So I like that sound system in The Outlander, but anyways last thing I wanted to mention to you guys on the infotainment screen at least, is when you do put the Outlander phev in Reverse its going to make that kind of uh noise to let other people Know on the outside that youre in reverse, because this is an electric vehicle, SO gas engine, probably isnt, going to be on when youre in Reverse, but is going to give you a rear view.

Camera coming standard than that birds eye view that youre looking at as well thats going to be optional, letting you know what is completely all around you, which is always is going to lead us into safety and so to start. The 2023 Outlander is an iihs top safety pick plus, which is the very highest designation given by iihs, so that pretty much doesnt all right. There front side tie curtain airbags, do come standard driver and passenger knee airbags as well in the back youre going to have latch AKA, lower anchors and tethers children for the rear car seats, rear child door locks tire pressure, monitoring system, but also coming standard blind spot Warning with Lane changes, cysts driver attention, alert forward Collision mitigation system with The Pedestrian detection, Lane departure warning, reverse automatic, braking, rear cross traffic alert and then rear parking sensors as well. So you dont hit anything than if you were to go with the SC trim. Leveling up that is going to add to that adaptive, cruise control with stop and go and then also front parking sensors to add on to the rear ones. So, overall, when it comes to my final thoughts here of The Outlander phev, I love that you can get 38 miles of pure electric driving without it being a full EV because, like I said earlier, if youre on vacation and youre not familiar with where youre at And you dont know if youre going to be able to make it to a charging station since its not a full EV, you have the ability to completely leave it on charge and just operate off of gasoline rather than having to charge it up.

So that is the beauty of hybrid, so you want to get better MPGs, but you dont want to worry about a full EV. This is the kind of thing that you want to look at, but 0 to 60 is pretty darn, quick as well 6.5 seconds theres. Nothing wrong with that one pedal mode. I love that. I always love that in luxury vehicles and hybrids. So again just press the left, paddle shifter a bunch of times and essentially got the one pedal mode wont, come to a full stop, but it comes pretty dang. Close I like that anyways. Let me know what you guys think of the new Outlander phev in the comment section below, and that is about it for this one. You guys thank you so much for watching be sure to hit the Subscribe and the bell notification button. If youre into new car reviews – because that is what we do here on this channel after all, do appreciate you guys watching more than you know, I will see you guys all in the next video.