Welcome back to another video here at cars, unlocked Im with the 2023 Nissan Aria, and this is Nissans 4A into the fully electric SUV Market. This one has an MSRP of 64.998 and its going to compete with vehicles like the Ford Mach e Kia. Ev6 Tesla Model y lets go through the ins and outs to help you determine if this is the electric vehicle to buy checking out the front end of the Aria. This one is in obviously the black. This is the Evolve plus so were right in the middle of our six trim levels that Nissans offering with the EV plus I mentioned the price, but make sure you check out any rebates that your government might be offering in your Province or your state. To save you, some money when purchasing any electric vehicle on the front end of the Aria. Here we put the lights on because you do get these full nice LED d headlights. Here they have the high beam and the low beam, Auto leveling headlights and theyre also automatic on off. You obviously get the full Nissan safety Suite, which gives you the automatic, high beam assistant, and one thing that I really like and its kind of hard to see on a morning like today, but you have the illuminated brand new Nissan Emblem, looks really cool at night. It lights up there, while youre driving theres, no front grille its a flat kind of front grille here, and there is this pattern which were going to see throughout the vehicle on the front grille but no front grille, because its an electric car and we have forward Sensors as well thats going to help for parking, we have some functional air vents here, thats just going to let some air flow into your wheel.

Wells lets jump on the inside and you can use the remote starter to start the vehicle or you can just jump in and push the button and start it all up, and you dont even hear it really start. But two monitors going on here. We have the 12.3 vehicle um. This is for all your radio, your navigation and things like that, and then we have another 12.3 Advanced Drive, Assist display. This is going to show you like your kilometers to empty all your vehicle information. Your compass and everything you need to see is right on the screen here, while youre driving so before we get really into the details about driving. This thing guys make sure you guys, like the video, if youre learning something subscribe. If you want to see more Nissan reviews from my channel here and comment, what you guys think, how does the Aria Stack Up versus its competitors? You know, like I said we got the Ford, we have the ionic queue. We have the ev6, the Tesla Model y, the Audi so theres a lot more SUVs hitting this Electric market, and I think Nissans done really well with it. How it drives here. Um super quiet just like the leaf. Obviously, every electric car is very quiet, tons of tech and this isnt even the Top Model. Here I cant wait to get my hands on the Platinum package here, but were were going to go over this speed bump here.

Pretty quick and lets see how it takes the bump. Suspension is really good, like it feels like Im driving like a uh in between a rogue and a Murano thats, where that kind of feels like lets, check out the side profile, this one being the Evolve plus you get these 19 inch uh steel wheels. Here you have these kind of different covers here. You dont need Alloy rims on the electric car, but you do get these steel covers on here. All season tires. This specific one is front wheel drive. If you want to get the all wheel drive, you would go up to the higher packages here now when you jump on the inside of the Aria, the interior looks nothing like youve seen on any of the other Nissans, and it does remind me of some of The competitors electric vehicles here I love this wood trim that they have kind of all throughout, and then they have this sort of pattern here. This kind of grid like pattern thats all throughout in different places around the car, which kind of just adds to the look of the vehicle theres, a ton of Technology. You get the full Nissan safety Suite you get the lane departure warning. You get the blind spot warning the Ford emergency brakes, you get the rear emergency brakes. The pro pilot assist really helps on long drives and it does have a 0 60 in 7.2 seconds. Sorry, zero to a hundred and seven point two seconds, so it does take off pretty good like I was surprised when I saw the specs when they first released this, how much horsepower that they can get out of this thing on our mirrors, you do have power.

Folding mirrors – and you have the LED turn signals its a digital Nissan around view monitor so theres a camera in all the mirrors and on the front and the back to give you the full around view monitor when youre parking. You do have the approach lock and unlock. So when the keys in your pocket, you can just approach the door and its going to unlock different from traditional Nissans that have the button that you press so really cool, more Innovation. Coming from Nissan and look at the curvature on the Aria, it curves all the way to the back – and I mentioned this in the 370 here – you kind of have this nice little Katana style here separating the roof from the body, and you can get this in A two tone roof this one, obviously being the matching black, but in the higher models you can get the two tone roof. Our heating controls are digital and theyre kind of right built into this uh wood trim here, which is right here, which is pretty neat um, and then it flows all the way up to the Dual touch screens, and we have this center console and its kind of Like an electric powered center console, which you can move just with the buttons here, which is pretty cool, the shifter tiny little shifter, similar to what weve seen in the leaf and the new Nissan Rogues, which you can kind of just shift and push the button to Park, we have two cup holders here.

You can cover those up too, and then we have our controls for our different Drive modes, which were going to test out when we go for a drive. Wireless charging as well is right in the center stack there. So you just pop your phone on there and it will charge up and then, when you close it, it will lock your phone in there. One thing I always want to test out with these electric cars is this pedal here, so they have the e step. Pedal a little different from the e pedal in the leaf, but its very, very similar, and basically you can maximize your fuel efficiency and you can kind of drive just with one pedal here. So if I want to slow down its hard to tell here – but I just kind of take my foot off the gas a little bit and it will come basically to a complete stop without me. Putting my foot uh on the brake here. So pretty neat using the one pedal and it will just use your regenerative braking to help put more power and just give your maximize your efficiency of the battery. So I really like that. The heads up display is one thing that they they really talk about. Thats pretty neat its a colored heads up, display its not like too much in your face but its there, and I can see it pretty good, so thats great and I just love how everything is set up here.

I love the wheel and the nice d shaped wheel. I love how Nissans putting this d shaped wheel. I think they should put a d shaped wheel in every vehicle, so comment below what you guys think about the wheel. Obviously, when you buy an electric car, the first thing you want to know about is the range and the charging and the engine so lets. Take a look here, dont front on this one. The engine is right under the hood separating it from its competitors, and this one is the higher package here: 238 horsepower and 221 pounds feet of torque, so a little more than our Nissan Rogue, a little less than our Murano at 260., its a 91 kilowatt lithium Ion battery and it does come with the liquid cooling regenerative, braking with the e step and you have a 7.2 kilowatt onboard charger in terms of range phenomenal range with this one 465 kilometers of range. Now, if you connect to a charging station, you can charge from 0 to 80 in about 40 minutes, which is really neat if youre on the go thats using that fast charge station. If you want to plug into your regular charging, like you, would at home its going to take you from zero to full approximately about 14 hours now, you also have the accessory just to plug into a regular outlet thats going to be your longest option, but you Have that option in a pinch lets check that out.

Everything flow goes right to the back here and we do have our tail lights that flow all the way across the trunk here right above this Nissan Emblem. Of course, we have a backup, camera and rear parking. Sensors, this one comes with our evolve, plus badging and obviously our Aria badging. So, whichever one you choose is going to come with the trim level written on the badge there, no matter which package now theres no kick lift gate on this one. So you do get the power lift gate, but its not motion activated. Now we put all our stuff in here, so you can see the space we got all of our gear in here 22.8 cubic feet of cargo capacity. In the Aria, you got a little bit of hidden storage underneath, obviously its going to come with all the charging equipment here for you to charge and that could just tuck away down there. Now the only kind of beef that I have with this tonneau cover folding down the back seats, its not like you can kind of reach through there. You do have to come around the side and fold the back seats down. I like to be able to open the trunk reach through some of the other Nissans have levers, and you would think that they would put that in the Aria, but it does fold to a pretty flat storage area here. Obviously, you can remove this so its not a big complaint, but lots of trunk space in the back for an electric SUV talking about the touch screen here.

First, things first lets check out the camera super large, like I said its a digital around view monitor here now its showing the front angle, and then, if we flip it, you can see the parallel view. Theres our side view, and once I put it in reverse its going to automatically jump to the backup camera, which is pretty cool there, so a couple different views for the camera angle and then, when we go home here, this is what we got going on here. We have our navigation GPS. We have our home page, our Bluetooth here and pretty fluid when you swipe through um, nice and smooth. The other Nissans are a little slower when you swipe through, so they definitely up the quality on this touch screen. I love the Alexa built in you, can use Alexa to make your commands here or you can use the Nissan voice commands by pushing the the touchscreen button here and you can call navigate change your station or control the temperature uh. The climate controls. Speaking of temperature controls, they can do that either. Like I said down below, or look at this its right on the touch screen here, where you can control all your temperature, you have your heated wheel, you have your cooled seats and you have your heated seats. You can control the rear heating as well. You have rear heated seats in the back as well, so a ton of features on this evolve.

Plus addition here, you can do Android, auto and apple carplay, but you also have the built in navigation, which I love, and what do we got on here country? We were just told that country is the most popular John youre in North America. Comment, if you like country sure this one comes with the upgraded sound system – 10 Bose audio sound speakers come on this evolve plus Edition, so it does sound pretty good with the acoustics. Now, with this evolve, plus you get this massive Sun rear. If weve seen this before in, like our Nissan Rogues, its uh, the full panoramic moon, roof, comes with the automatic cover and then obviously just this front ones going to open up to your environment. You also get your universal garage door opener, so its not in the mirror anymore, its right into our roof here, and you can sink up to three garage doors. I have a full tutorial of how to sync your garage door on my channel, which Ill put the link in the description below seats are comfortable thats. Another thing I certainly feel very comfortable in the seats. Obviously we have the heated seats today, its uh. What minus seven right now so the heated seats are clutch but uh yeah. Look at that! We dont even need to use the brake if were using this e step pedal. So this one being the Evolve plus you do get this kind of mix of leather and cloth its not like a traditional cloth insert its almost like a suede insert um, but its like a leatherette with a cloth insert, not full leather, but it does look nice.

I have to see how good it is for keeping it clean now back here with the curvature of the roof. My Headroom is still okay, Im, five nine, my knee room is fine. I do like obviously being electric car theres, no hump right here now. The leaf has a big hump because the battery is underneath, but this one is nice and flat. So if you have three passengers in here, it might be a little tight but boom. Look at that that electric center console can move forward and create a little more space. If you have three people in the back, hard seat backs, which is pretty good. If you have kids and then you have the heated seats and a USB and a lightning USB to charge cup holders Center armrests theres a cup holder in each door, so overall the back is pretty impressive. This is a little off like you. Have these little covers here to hide your anchors um, it looks okay, but I can see that in time kind of fraying a little bit or curling up here. If you uh, you have a lot of use in the back seat. Lets try this sport mode and see how it accelerates out of the the light here coming out of the turn not too bad, pretty quiet, acceleration too and theres not a lot of road noise, which is a big bonus with these cars. Overall, my driving, I like the Nissan Aria I feel like for the price like the price – is steep but youre paying that higher price for the gas savings.

Obviously you never have to get gas. You never have to do an oil change, um, so theres a ton of bonuses to paying the higher price in the long run. You guys tell me what you guys think our electric car is the future, or are we going to be still using gas cars? 10. 15 years from now, this is certainly a step in the right direction, so thats a wrap guys cars unlocked bringing you the Nissan Aria. If you guys learned something today or we helped it with your buying experience, make sure you subscribe were going to be talking about this car for a while, because I feel like its going to be a staple now in the electric SUV Market. Definitely sets it apart from its competitors. Let me know what you guys think in the comments about it.