I am completely inappropriately dressed for Goa. I know I should be in a pair of shorts and some slippers and some flip flops on that Beach right behind me, sipping a drink, but this is far more important for me, because this is the new Hyundai ioniq 5., its the electric car by Hyundai, and This sort of makes all of that better isnt it because it is no smoke, theres, no pollution, its cleaner, its greener. It makes all of our Lives when we go enter on the beach, a lot nicer, so, Music. Let me quickly take you around the ionic fight, because this is the first time weve really got our hands on the car in the truest sense, because the last time we saw the car we saw it at the Gateway of India in Mumbai. Right were gon na drive this tomorrow. You might see me in a slightly different shirt and a slightly different pair of trousers, maybe later in this video – maybe not, but were gon na drive it for a very short time. So this is like a like. A very quick first drive, even quicker than what we normally get to do its an ionic iconic car. Is it an iconic, ionica ionic iconic? You know what Im talking about, but it is rather pretty now one thing that a lot of people didnt mention was, we think, its an SUV or a crossover in the video or in pictures for you guys on the screen.

This looks like a hatchback. A lot of people are going to say: oh, it looks like a Lancia Delta integrally from the 80s, but I think it looks rather different. It looks like something out of Tron. It looks like something out of a sci fi, film, Music and thats, because this was supposed to be a concept which just got made into production, thats great. Whenever people do that, because that means the designers get a bit of a free reign isnt, it Music. So this doesnt really need to be here, but it is because why not add a second line in and while theyre at it, they added a bit of flair. The flared wheel, arches and you know what it looks like it looks like a bit of a typhoon happening, or it actually looks like a lens sort of opening up. If you can, if you can put like a visual on the screen there and the same thing with the wheels as well, I dont know is really really cool. My favorite wheels in the whole wide open world are a set of BBS LMS BBS rsgts, classic BBS views right. That looks as close to a BBF speed in a modern, a super modern Aero interpretation as it can get Music. There are so many cool bits around. Actually, you know what were going to come back to the front, because there is a little bit of a cool feature that I think has been skipped out by me: squares, rectangles, pixels everywhere.

This should have been just called the pixel, although I think Tata Motors would have had a bit of an issue with that, but everything is sort of squared out all the lighting elements on the car. Look like little pixels and more of the camera. Follow me. If we actually go around and look at the rear of the car thats, where things get really pixelated, not in the form of this video turning into 140p, although I think Im gon na get my Editor to put it there for a second editor 140p video. For about one two, three seconds: no lets go back to high resolution stuff because this looks like its pixelated, but it isnt all these little light pieces. In fact, you know what Im gon na start it up, dont move. Look at this look at all these little light pieces. Everything is fixated everything looks like its imagine all those sci fi writers in the 1970s, imagining what life would be in 2023. This is what they would have come up with, and this is what theyve sort of Taken forward. I think it looks fabulous. Let me turn on the indicator. You see this again squares everywhere, rectangles everywhere, Im gon na turn it off now, because Im gon na otherwise look like one of those older School Automotive journalists who used to make sort of first look and walk around videos with those hazards on really not cool. Guys, of course, remember, dont put your hazards on when you dont really need them.

Foreign lets have a look at more squares, More Design Elements come here: okay, filler cap, not a filler cap or charge game Im gon na have a camera coming a lot closer. Okay. Here you go more squares, you press it. This thing opens really cool. Now, look at this more squares here. This shows you how much charge is left its like an old Nokia phone. Remember those little bars on the top squared out pixelated thats. What this looks like, of course, that is another Square to shut it all down. Nice cool isnt, it almost squared out almost curvy, but still its a large car push start that little button. It has a start button, unlike a lot of other EVS come in today, which dont have start buttons, and I dont understand why you cant put in a simple start button. Thank you Hyundai, you still as conventional as we would like it to be. Okay, Im gon na do my first impression of what I feel like in this. I feel like Im inside an Apple product. Why? Because of the use of the Grays and the sort of dark Grays and this sort of brushed aluminum theme very subtly everywhere in a way that its supposed to look old with this gray, you know how popular gray was in the 90s right. Everything was a chunk of very ugly gray, this isnt ugly gray. It is still gray its been sort of started up made nicer, detailed to look like its from 2023.

Again still goes back to that same concept. Imagine somebody in the 80s thinking about what life would be 50 years from the 80s. This is what they would have probably come up with big screens in the front Music. Everything sort of goes in place really well, but its still the color palette of the 80s. Its still the color palette for the exterior its sort of harking back too and thats great because thats what people need to feel inside one of these cars, its futuristic, yet its grounded in maybe their childhood Music. Look at the end of the day, its an electric car youve got a whole bunch of space. Youve got a flat floor, but the battery is underneath. Your seats are great. Very comfortable steering wheel, looks great. It looks like a home pod from Apple its got these little squares in the middle here as well, and on the whole, this is just a very, very nice place to be, and again, as I mentioned, it is huge I mean look, how Airy look, how spacious This all is, and the other thing I really really really like other switch gears, but the one thing I really dont like is the fact that the gear shifter or the drive selectors on the side here and unlike Mercedes Benz, you can just flick it with one Of your fingers in this, you do have to take your finger or your hand off the wheel. Go grab that turn it and sort of turn it back to whatever mode you want and then drive along.

You cant Cheat It by just flicking it. You got ta. Actually, sort of main handle it a bit okay. So, as I mentioned, this is going to be a very basic first impression of what the car feels like, because were only getting to drive it for about 30 or 40 kilometers. And although I can give you a more in depth version of what it drives like, I dont really want to, because I want to drive it in various different scenarios, not only rural roads in Goa and a bit of highway. But I want to do it in the city and Ill: do it in a more livable sort of experiential way so well. Do that a separate video on this car, of course comparison tests when other cars in this sort of range, both normal fuel and electric? Very very shortly, but for now First Impressions it drives like any electric car would, but there are some little bits and pieces that really seem to stand out now. First, being it is still running on a set of 20 inch wheels and tires, which makes this car less SUV like which, by which I mean lets, say wallowy, less sort of moving about and a little more hatchback like in the way it drives its Dynamic. It feels really planted. It feels really sort of directive feels really great yeah. Now, yes, you can put better tires on it and it would feel even better or even nicer to drive, but I think this is just a very, very good balance.

Theyre gon na be squeezing past, and only there on these very little roads. That was very close. Nonetheless, it drives really really well, especially on these tight twisty roads in rural Goa. There, of course, are best suited for scooters and tiny little hatchbacks foreign figures and it sort of drives equivalent to what you would expect. Those figures to drive dont expect this to be so fast that it sets some crazy 0 100 times, but it still feels feels brisk enough to let you pull away from a stop liner to let you pull away from like a point in traffic where you just Needs a bit of a point and squirt action: Music. It is fun in the most electric clean, but I think for people who really want something that stands out or people who want something that drives like really should at 50 life rupees. This is probably As Good As It Gets: Music and thats about it. Thats really all I have to say about the ionic 5 for now, because this car really deserves to be driven a lot more before we can get a full fledged video to you and because it is this school, a car it has or it deserves a proper Good over fashion power, drift level super super cool, video doesnt. It thats what you guys really want to see from us all the time. So I promise when we do bring that to you. It will be an epic just one thing, though: let me leave you with this that 631 kilometers of range that they keep talking about.