He had his vehicle plugged in for an entire week. He wasnt using it and it only charged eight miles of range per day. So you got 56 miles range. Having it plugged in the whole week talk about waiting for your vehicle to charge up, and it was hooked up to a 240 volt charger at his house on a 48 amp home charger, thats a lot of power. So what happened was excessive drain, which a lot of people are talking about with these things they sit there and theyre draining power just sitting there, even though he had this stupid thing plugged in all, he got was eight miles of range per day when you subtract. How much it drained just sitting there, its bad enough that people are worried about the range of their electric vehicles, but then they got plugs in it for a whole week and Ill see. I was eight measly miles a day when you had to subtract the power that was used by the machine just sitting there draining it yourself out now. Let me tell you something all regular cars that we have gasoline diesel cars have batteries right and those batteries do drain somewhat just sitting there and modern cars drain more than the old ones, because they got a lot of computers that are always running doing stuff right. But its nothing like this theyre powered by electricity only and if you get it drained out thats the end of your power.

You got a regular car thats a little weak. Maybe you jump and start it and then drive in the alternator recharges. You dont care. These things only use power as youre driving. So if you dont have much in it, youre not going to be able to go very far right and if you have to add on these things are just sitting there draining the power out, which is the only source of power. You have obviously theyre not building these things correctly, and these, of course, are new cars. You got a really old, regular car, gasoline or diesel right. We all know its the age. Sometimes they do get some parasitic drain thats more than normal, and you say I cant. Let it sit for two three weeks or it wont start because the batteries, because theyre old and things wear these are electric cars that are brand new. For all intents and purposes, you know less than a year old, a year or two years dog, not very old. At all and theyre already having problems draining their main source of power, electricity. Imagine whats going to happen to these Clunkers when they get to be older, yet another reason not to buy an electric vehicle as they stand today. Theyre, not perfected theyre, not even close to Perfection, and these are new cars as they get older, theyre going to be even worse. Who knows its going to happen when theyre, four or five, six or havent forbid, 10 years old, theyll, probably just say? Well, you should buy a new car every four years.

What the heck throw it away buy. Another hundred thousand dollar car. You know these rubians cost a whole bunch of money. Oh, you got plenty of money spending on another car. You know come on now. People learn from these problems. People have and say: oh, let them be the guinea pigs. Let them know youre, not the problems. Maybe well have these battery electric cars in the future for everyone – maybe not, but I dont want to be a guinea pig myself now. Luke Warren says my accelerator: pedal is too touchy. Got 2010 Toyota Tundra 97 000 miles accelerated, pedals, dont touch you. I have to be careful, itll spin the tires. I bought a replacement pedal for it. It helped a little bit. I wish you could make it less. Responsive any ideas, of course, as we all know, the problem with some Modern cars, those accelerator pedals can be a bit too touchy because theyre no longer a cable operated system. When they were cable, the cable had a certain amount of resistance. Then they pulled the throttle which has a spring mechanically you step on the pedal. The cable would pull and the throttle would move and had a spring, and there was a lot of resistance, all right, modern vehicles. Your accelerator pedal is like a computer mouse it. It is not physically connected to the throttle. It is a variable resistor system where it sends electricity, a computer, the computer analyzes all the data.

It sends electricity to the throttle where an electric motor commanded to open a certain amount right. So its all done by computers and electronics, the only thing that you have to control it is the accelerator pedal itself. Now you said, put a replacement pedal on it and helped a little bit. Make sure. Absolutely sure that the pedal you got is an oem Toyota. One people might have been messing around put a wrong one on it. I personally havent had too many problems with the Tundras at all with their accelerator pedals. You know they dont seem that weird to me, but then again I drive all kinds of peoples, cars and our Matrix has accelerator computer system with a electric motor on the throttle. You know my Celica doesnt its got actual cable and, of course they do feel a bit stiffer. You get a little bit more resistance on them. So try the OEM one. But if lets say, your previous vehicle did have a throttle, cable and youre, going to one that doesnt have a throttle cable on it. Youre, just gon na have to get used to driving that experience originally years ago when they started at in mass in the early 2000s, when most cars are switching over to that a lot of people got they step on it too fast. They accelerate too fast, but they eventually got used to it, but try the factory one kind of 2023 saw. Should I repair or sell my Rec 2009 Sportage September.

I got a 2009 Kia Sportage with 113 000 miles. I ended up hitting some ice in a BS situation, went to a curb. Had the passenger wheel hit at 20 miles an hour head on everythings, broken axle, knuckle tie rod even bent the subframe its my first car and I dont know its 1500 bucks to repair it and I still owe 2500. On top of that, should I fix it and get a beater or get it fixed and hope youre kind of stuck between a rock in a hard place. If your subframe is actually bent, you really most guys wont fix them. Theyll say its junk: its unibody construct action, your subframes bent, they wont even fix the thing and, if its really bad and they got to cut it off and weld the new one on its going to cost a lot more than 1500 to fix. If you really bent the subframe and stuff Id say just get rid of the car, forget it youre gon na have to eat the damage. Im sure you dont have Collision on it. I mean, if you do, have collision insurance companies paying for it go ahead. Get it fixed, I sell it as soon as possible and then get a better car. I get a Toyota or Honda youre, going to get one thats older, with more mileage on it, but theyre much better cars, but if youre paying for it out of your pocket with that kind of damage, no ones going to fix it with frame damage and stuff.

Like that, for as little as 1500, they wont do a good job, youre better to just eat it and find another car. That would make more sense because a lot of guys theyll promise. Oh yeah. We can fix this for this and then you find out. Oh man theyre full of crap, its going to cost a lot more or they get in and they say now: oh, we were wrong its not going to be 1500, its going to be 2500 or 3 500.. We found more damage than we thought, blah blah blah. So a lot of times with that, going that fast, hitting the curb straight on, I probably would say goodbye to the car dad two well Im two says Im looking at my daughters, car and I want to work on the front axle and I want an impact. Wrench, but I do not have an air compressor, the electric ones, the battery power ones are handy, but the corded ones seem to have more power and you never have to worry about the battery on bad. What do you think go? Corded. The corded ones are so much better than they were when I was a young mechanic. They are relatively powerful and understand a lot of it has to do with voltage right. Even if you get a battery powered one with 36 volts right, you plug it into the wall, a corded one, its got 120 volts its a lot more potential energy, and they do have much more power.

I mean Ingersoll. Rand makes a great one. If you want to spend some serious money but truth be told you go to Harbor Freight Tools or any of those discount tool places. If you buy their good electric impact wrench, you can get one that works quite good for around 100 bucks, 100 120 bucks and theyll work perfectly fine. Now dont go out and buy the ‘ ones, theyre crap and you want to get the axle not off so, but if you get those theyre perfectly good, I mean Ingersoll Rands are best, but they cost a lot more than that and you might not want to Spend that kind of money, if youre, only going to be using it every once in a while Id say, go to Harbor Freight Tools and buy the best one that they have out there and they work quite well and eventually theyre going to wear out theyre, not Commercial but youre doing it to work on your daughters, car and probably work on your own car and the one at that price range is good enough for what you need. Martin 94 says the misses and I are squabbling over our next car. My wife and I have a 2015 Dodge Challenger XLT its not paid off. We need a bigger car and disagree on whats the best way to trade in a challenge and get into a bigger car SUV. All right. People like the challengers, the Zippy cars, a lot of young guys like them right and you want to get a bigger car or an SUV, Numero Uno.

The best thing is forget the SUV and go for a car, because SUVs are overpriced. Everybody wants one, they charge too much money for them, much better idea to go to a car. If you want a really nice family car get a Toyota Camry lots of room that can run forever. You might even know its a squirrely operation. You might try. If you can find one of those carvanas, the company is on the verge of bankruptcy. At last straw, companies will try to make any kind of a deal to make money before theres. Nothing left right, so they know theyll be able to sell that Challenger, because somebody always wants fast racy car right going from a fancy, racy car to a plain, JM Camry, or something like that. You might get a decent deal there because theyre on their last legs. They charge too much for their cars, but they used to give too much for their trade ins. All they care about is selling, and they know they can sell Dodge Challengers. Really fast. People want to the racy looking car right, so youve got that in your hand, and you go for a more Plain, Jane car. You might get a decent deal if its, not car rental, try all the other ones and see what kind of a deal you can get because you dont want to get an SUV because the prices everybody wants them. The prices are way too high, but sedans arent.

As popular as he used to being, you want a nice four door, camera four door court or something you might be able to get a good deal that way.