Another reason not to buy an electric car turns out at the end of 2022 was actually more expensive in some places to refuel an electric car with electricity, and then it was to pump gas into a gasoline car. Now, for the first time in more than a year, owners of traditional gas powered cars are paying less for the gasoline to fill it up than people were with electric cars caused, the parts of gasoline came down and the price of electricity went up now generally, what You find here is the price of gasoline fluctuates madly, who knows whats behind that they give you all kinds of reasons. Most of it is baloney theyre, just because theres, greedy oil companies, price of electricity generally just continues to keep going up it pretty much goes up. Most of the time, and, of course, if people do start driving a bunch of electric cars, theyll have to start taxing it for Road tax, itll go up even higher and its like. The infrastructure that would be needed for electric cars for millions of them would cost a fortune to build up the infrastructure. Therefore, the price of the electricity would get even higher if you think its high enough itll get even higher if everybody starts driving electric cars. The Anderson economic group studied it and found out that, yes, it was actually costing more to put electricity in your cars and gasoline at the end of 2022.. But now this includes stuff, like the cost of driving charging stations arent a loaded, but you got to kind of go out of your way.

But, interestingly enough, it did not include something that I would really include, and that is your time right time is precious. If you got to sit there for an hour or more because youre waiting for other people to charge it up, thats money, youve lost and a lot of times the money you lost. If you think of how much you make an hour, especially if youre a professional person youre losing money sitting there for an hour two hours, if you have to wait or three hours, if theres more people in front of you and you got to wait to get In line to charge your car theyre, not even including the time which they should include because thats a big thing, your time is worth money right, say you lose two three hours a year time. Five minutes front with gas. Well, hey lets, say you make sixty dollars an hour, well youre, really losing out then waiting to get electricity. They dont even count that kjc says I have the code p0112. It keeps coming back, Ive changed a whole bunch of intake air temperature sensors and nothing works. Well, that code is for the intake air temperature sensor and you keep changing. Nothing goes, but he also says I got a 12 volt instead of 5 volt reference on this youre getting 12 volts to that sensor, its supposed to be five, its a five volt reference odds. Are you got a problem in your main computer and thats? Why it keeps tripping the code? The sensor is based on five volts if its getting 12? That means the computer is sending the 12 instead of five, and the only reason I can ever see that happen is that theres a short somewhere in the computer, because the computer is supposed to be overthrown out: 5 volt and its thrown out 12.

. So somehow theres a problem in the computer that its not sending five volts to it, but its sending 12 volts. Instead from my experience – and it is an Isuzu – they often have computer problems, youre – probably going to need a computer, but before you do any of that check the wiring with a fine tooth comb, because a lot of times youll get a wiring short the net shorts Out the computer, and if you replace that expensive computer and have it reprogrammed and find out theres a wiring short and it ruined the new computer, you will have wasted a lot of money on something. You need a good electrical mechanic to check that out. First, before you just go and buy a computer, because if its being shorted out you dont fix that chart, you put a new computer and itll ruin the new one too. Not a mechanic 94 says Ive assumed to form misfire on my Buick change. The coils plugs it still shows number four took it to a mechanic, and he said the valve on my cylinder is bad. How does he know it does make sense thats what will happen? Youll get a misfire if youve got a bad valve its a very easy thing to test. All you have to do is have a wet and dry compression test done on the engine you take out the spark plugs you get a compression tester, you test them dry. You dont do anything except put the gauge and crank it over and test all four, its a four cylinder.

You put a teaspoon of oil in the cylinder number one. Do a compression test, thats the wet one, do that for all four. If you find the compression and cylinder number four, the one thats misfiring is low. You got a problem, but you dont know what the problem is if its low, when its dry and you put a little oil in and it doesnt change, hardly at all. Itll go up a tiny bit, usually because the oil seals the Rings a little bit better if it still stays pretty low. That means that its the valve, because the oil wont seal the belt means youve got a problem with the valve. If the compression goes up a whole bunch, that means its piston rings, so you could have a problem in that cylinder as a piston ring problem or a valve problem and thats how we mechanics tell if the pressure goes up when you put oil in it, the Oil will seal the piston rings, but the valves are on the top and the oil doesnt affect that and theyre metal to metal and if its leaking there, you put oil in its still going to leak and youll have the lower pressure, even with the wet test. The dry test would show theres a problem problem in one of the cylinders. The Wet Ones will show you whether its Pistons or valves either way youd have to tear the engine apart. So you know, youll find theres something wrong.

Yes, but the engine would have to be rebuilt either way, so its kind of Sherlock Holmes you find out, which came first, the chicken or the egg, but youre still gon na – have to take the whole stupid thing. Apart to fix. He says we had a snowstorm in Maine. The road was slippery, not cleared. I hit a mailbox and a plastic under the wheel cane, but the air bag popped out and went off. I have a little burn on my hand. I dont know if I can repair it, because the airbag Id like to because I like the car and I have a low income job thats weird, a little thing like that made the airbag off but theres sensors in there they get hit right, theyll make the Airbag pop right, I know what the law is in Maine, but might replace Ive been the law? Is you can only buy an airbag at a junkyard if its been test theres some place to test them right because they said well, we dont want your selling used airbags now, on the other hand, its your car, I dont know what the laws are there, but I knew many people in Texas that were driving around with no hair back the airbag blue and they just took it off and they drove without an airbag. They wore their seat belts all the time I dont know what the laws are in Maine about getting inspected.

Here in Tennessee they dont inspect anything, so it doesnt matter airbag goes people just take them off and they drive them without an airbag and put their seat belt. On thats up to you, you want to drive without an airbag and chance it thats your. You got a seat belt, they always have them for years. They work quite well. If you Buckle them in right, so you have to find the laws of where you are. I dont know what the laws are in Maine. I know most States theyve got all kinds of real strict laws about selling used airbags Osama 416 says. Should I buy this Ford Expedition Im thinking about a 2012 Expedition excellent shape. It has about 50 000 miles on its a good choice. I currently have a GX 470 Lexus with 450 000 kilometers, its been good for the past three years, but Im bored and I want to try something new but close to reliability. What do you think dont buy the Expedition if youve been driving a Lexus SUV, theyre, reliable, theyre, great cars, you cant, compare them to the Fords, the Ford breakdown, oh five, six, seven, eight nine ten times as much yeah Id say get yourself another Lexus or if You want to spend a little bit less get a Toyota SUV, youre used to Quality that lasts a long time. I would not go into a fort the Expeditions people buy them, they want a big luxury vehicle and sometimes theyll go a hundred thousand or more with hardly any problems right, but then they become endless money bits as they age the Ford Electronics break down the Transmissions Break down and its not a good idea to buy an old used luxury American car because they generally fall apart as they age, look at the Toyotas and lexuses.

Instead, if you want to buy something new big key says, my 2000 Xterra has a belt square and a warm startup, 2000 Nissan Xterra, 144 000 miles the belt squeals mostly on warm startups. Then it stops but its getting worse. What could it be all right? Well, you know those things are pretty well made. I had an exterior up here over the other, had 465 000 miles on it. Its still raining, you want to figure out what the squeal is. It could be as simple as one of the belts is just one. Thats such a simple thing, itll – probably fix it. If not, then what you do is when its squealing get yourself an electronic stethoscope and stick it on different parts to hear where the squeal is coming from. But from my experience of those fan belts, youll probably find the noise will go away if it doesnt that could be an alternator, thats wearing all kinds of stuff, and if it did with new belts, then, like I say you get an electronic stethoscope, you can buy Them for forty dollars on Amazon, put it on different parts and hear which one to screen, if its the alternator, when you put on the alternator youll, hear it squeal more, but its probably just the belt Lamar spear once has my odometer doesnt work. Everything else does including the speedometer. How can I fix it? Well, sad, but true, youre gon na have to replace the dash unit if your speedometer works.

That means the speed sensor on your transmission is working. The wiring going to the dash is working, but your odometer itself has broken youre going to find the only way you can do. It is by replacing the dash thats broken and nobody fixes them now. Back in the day when I was living in Houston, there were nice, speedometer shops and I would take the dash out Id give it to a speedometer shop. They would fix the odometer and bring it back but thats, because those were mechanical, odometers now theyre digital. I dont know anybody who fixes them and if you can find a place that fixes them great, maybe you can find some computer nerd shop that will fix it great. If not. Your only alternative is to buy a super, expensive Dash or go to a junkyard and buy a used one and put them in. Like I said, hardly anybody will even mess with those things anymore. They just replace the whole unit and its a lot of money.