We also have the id6, which is available only in China. At the moment, um ID have made about a Volkswagen, and the ID brand have made about 500 000 models. Today this is going to be manufactured in Europe and in China it wont be managed manufactured in North America at the moment were going to be getting this car in April. When you see the actual full version of it in April of this year, its going to be released in China, first then in Europe towards the end of this year and then were going to move on then and have it in North America in 2024.. So thats the who, the what the where we dont, have a price yet – and this is a concept version we have these 22 electroluminescent lights, flashing to music, Etc. Caribou. This is very near. The production model so were going to go through some of the features that were going to be able to see on it. So you can see these IQ lights, that we have across other ID models slightly different with a black housing and around the actual socket of what I call the eyeball different LED lights, but were going to see as well. We look at it looks like theres going to be a side to side light bar in certain markets. Youre going to have illuminated VW badge a lot of strong creases in here and were going to have a dry coefficient theyre saying of between 0.

23 to 0.24, which is very similar to the likes of the Tesla Model 3, which would be competitor, Hyundai, ionic. Six, which will also will be a big competitor towards it also down here. Youve got some Arrow where youre going to have the creating that curtain over the wheel, so youve got some actual slots on the sidewash, so very similar stylistically front that the rest of the ID range. This is sitting on 20 inch wheels, 235 width at the front. Two five: five at the rear – it is a rear wheel, drive it will come in an all wheel, drive GTX variant as well. The car itself is about five meters long, so it is a long Saloon sedan. This traditional IQ, sorry ID lights, uh with the reflector built in height, is 1.53 meters overall length. As I said, its nearly five meters wheelbase is nearly 3 meters. 2.97 ID3 id4 id5 is 2.77, so it is a longer cabin internally inside weve got a glass roof on this one, not sure. If were going to get that charging wise, we dont have official charging actual the flap should open up and its not open up over. There now uh, probably going to be 11 kilowatt in AC Big Talk of a large charging speed on DC, so ID Bose is upper 170 175 kilowatts maximum. This could be up to 200 kilowatts. It is a fast back hatch, really nice slope and Design, not as Streamliner look as the id6 or sorry the ionic six boot size looks big to me its going to be around that 500 liters.

In my opinion, youve got these clear light clusters at the back and some people like them, some people dont, but we definitely cant, see a coast to coast in certain markets. This will illuminate in certain markets. You will have a red ID light as well. Overall, externally, I think it looks great from what I can see underneath the camouflage um internally were going to have a little bit of a difference as well and were going to talk about that next. This video is in partnership with nevo.ie Irelands dedicated EV Marketplace, nevos on a mission to create a seamless transition to Electric driving for everyone browse driven trim levels, cars, Vans, user electric vehicles across all the different makes and models available make sure you visit nevo.ie today huge Thanks to my patreon supporters, new patreon kudzo Heinrich leisner Adrian Kerry, Blake Boland from EV life, Ireland, Eve daily and Mark lots of ways to support the channel, make sure you comment like subscribe and share, but you can also support me on patreon battery size. We talked about already is 77 kilowatt hours, but were looking at a bigger battery as well a claim range of up to 700 kilometers 435 miles. So we are looking at potentially a 100 plus kilowatt hour battery. The actual internal type of things were going to get a 15 inch new display in tide, and it has a HMI with the touch controls actually built into the actual um bottom of the screen.

With space for your favorites, its got an augmented reality head up display. The touch bar for those sliders on the AC is illuminated. Youve got climate control built in with regards to the actual bottom of the screen, so whatever youre, using whether its Maps or Spotify youre going to see the climate control at the bottom of the screen. Vw calling it smart air conditioning with a smart air vent where itll actually move it around the cabin, whether you want it heated or cooled kind of works like a fan, and you can ask it to do certain things like. If you say hey ID, my hands are cold, itll, actually heat up the steering wheel and also turn the vents to heat your hands. If you are using the key, you can switch it on so that it knows the person who has the key on them and it can set that card directly to the same temperature that theyre looking for. So it can be user specific, whether you like it hotter or colder, and then the intelligent heating system internally. It knows when the sun is shining in the cabin and it can cool down the areas that are getting hotter with that direct sunlight coming in, but overall um very interesting to see it and looking forward to seeing the actual full production model coming in April this Year hopefully, youve enjoyed my first look at the Volkswagen id7 concept. There is a VW playlist on the channel, so make sure you like subscribe, comment and share and remember, if you think, an EVS view leave it to me and Ill review.