This is my primary vehicle. I use it for my commute every day, its usually about a 58 mile round trip. We use it for our weekend errands because of the cargo back seat. Passengers find the car comfortable enough as well. We have even taken this car on a 2000 plus Mile Road Trip fast charging along the way, so it is possible to even road trip with this car when people hear about the Chevy Bolt. The first thing that they talk about is the battery fires and the big battery recall that they had, but this battery is post recall this whole car was built after that, so it never it didnt uh. It has the new battery system in it. So I dont have to worry about that. I have, however, had a breakdown with it that I have a video on my Channel Thats. I probably freaked out more than I needed to and didnt need to take the car into the shop for it. I probably just needed to do a reset and that would have been fine uh and the car has had a couple of recalls already one for software and one for the seat belts, but Im going to spend the rest of the time on the video talking about My primary likes and some things that I wish that were a little bit better on the Chevy Bolt. The first thing that I noticed when I test drove this car got in it with nine miles on the odometer for a test drive and put it up to 22.

On that demo it was great. The first thing I noticed is how smooth the car is. Everything about it is just silky smooth the way that it accelerates the way that it Corners the way that the one pedal drive slows it down. It even rides fairly very comfortably, not floaty like a big luxury Cadillac but um, but soft enough. It doesnt it doesnt bounce me around the acceleration isnt going to set the world on fire by EV standards, but by the standards of other cars in its price range. Its got a great amount of acceleration, and that comes in handy making a left turn out of a parking lot or needing to make a laying chains to get out of the way for some kind of an emergency maneuver or something like that or got to get Over I can, I always know that all Ive got to do is press down the accelerator and the car will go. I really like the range of this car. It is EPA rated at 259 miles and depending on what season were in and what type of driving Ive been doing. That range will go up or that range will go down, but I can drive anywhere in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and get back home without having to stop to recharge in this car, and that is a big deal. The Metroplex that we live in is about the size of the state of Connecticut, so uh with Ive not had a problem with worrying about having enough range in this car ever theres.

A lot of the equipment on this car that I like a lot such as I didnt, know that I would be as addicted to this regen paddle on the steering wheel. As I thought I would, but I just love using that for needing just a little bit of extra brake. The cruise control is very easy to operate. The thumb controls are very easy to get to and Ive never had a car with a heated steering wheel before, but now I think that will be a requirement on any car. I ever own. This heated steering wheel in colder temperatures is absolutely awesome. Other things that are big pluses are this big Center screen that I can use to monitor my energy. I can set all my charging system my charging times and preferences. That way, I can see how my driving has affected my range, and it also has Wireless Apple carplay, which allows me to have on screen navigation through Waze or Apple Maps or Google Maps, or even a better route planner. If I so choose – and I subscribe to the my Chevrolet app, which gives me this information Ive very connected to the car – and I know whats going on with it – also love having the set the temperature and forget it automatic climate control that is standard on this Car I like the safety features that are involved in this car, such as the the blind spot monitoring in the mirror.

Seeing that little light is is really nice. The the backup camera is a super great high res HD camera that uh can see cars coming from further away than the screen. Can it gives me a nice little beep lets me know if Im following anybody, too close, I thought I wasnt going to like the lane centering, but Ive. Pretty much left it on cost of ownership is a big Plus on this car. It costs about two and a half cents, a mile to drive it um charging it home off of our solar panels and all of that the ease of maintenance is another huge one such as you know, theres no need for oil. Changes were coming up on our first maintenance at the dealer and thats going to be a tire rotation uh, so cost of maintenance is negligible, but are there some things that I would like better if this car could do it? Absolutely first big thing for me: is that its only front wheel drive it? Will the bolt is not available in all wheel drive and my preference would have been an all wheel, drive vehicle just to be, you know all around better in inclement weather. I also wish that I could tow with it do people Toe with their Chevy bolt EVs and bolty UVS? Yes, they do does GM say they should no GM says. Do not tow big letters in the owners manual. Do not tow with the bolt people.

Do it and they have no problem doing it? I just dont want to go against GM on it, its they built the car theyre going to know, but I would like it if the car was rated to tow on road trips. The car can fast charge, but its slow, the maximum charge. Speed is just a little over 53 54 kilowatt hours. 54. Kilowatts is about the fastest Ive, been able to get a charge into the car and after 50 state of charge that really ramps down. The good thing is, the car is so efficient on its use of power that it doesnt need to get that many kilowatts to move on to the next destination, whereas a faster charging EV with a larger battery. Yes, its going to charge faster, but its going to need more power and youre only going to save yourself, maybe five minutes at the charger with that faster charging EV. Now, aside from the the little the breakdown that I have, the video on that basically was just a reset. The only problem I have with this car is this little clip right here that watch it not do it. It just pops out so easy, and this is a little clip that this sun shade hooks into, and if this is off itll, this will go all kinds of Whopper jawed. So getting that back on is something that Ive gotten kind of used to. I first got interested in EVS in May of 21 when Ford announced the F 150 Lightning.

I have a reservation for an F 150 Lightning, and this car was supposed to tide me over and now I think, Im not going to get the lightning. I like this car too much uh and the the Lightnings have gone up so much more in price and theyre, so they use so much more power, uh that I just that. I just dont see uh as many advantages as there used to be absolutely love.