I know this car very well. I have relatives friends who have them. My father has one in 2018 Ive driven it a few times. The 2022 Chevrolet bolt EV has 417 kilometers of range 200 horsepower 266 pounds of torque from an electric motor. This base model comes with cruise control single Zone. Ac 6 speaker audio 17 inch Wheels with two 1550 ratio, tires 10.2 inch infotainment and weighs 3 600 pounds. There is Wireless car plan Auto and the drivers seat is 8 way electrically adjustable a flat bottom steering wheel. Regenerative braking three year basic warranty. Five year, powertrain warranty whatever that means on a hybrid 8 year, hybrid electrical components. Forty thousand nine hundred ninety eight thousand dollars plus tax in Quebec. You get the twelve thousand dollar combined rebate. The fast charge is limited to fifty five kilowatts, so forget about the road trip even more charming and Nimble than the original. An electric Honda Fit what to say about this vehicle certainly feels very playful. I I really like the bolt I dont know if they played with the suspension or I dont know what, if they play with something, but it just feels more playful, maybe its the uh, the programming of the of the steering the steering inputs really good stuff. A really short turning radius, great visibility, all around it looks cute really cute on the outside. I I I dont know I find it looks European, but uh just its just nice.

This visibility here, great stuff, I feel Im in a Honda Fit, and that is not a bad thing. It is well just like that Honda Fit. It is an urban vehicle right thats, what its good at theres enough trunk room for a subcompact. I guess there is a a its quite tight in back, but its Sub Compact. I I fit behind myself. The back seat. Rest is a bit vertical uh. I think, if youre, if youre going to be carrying some people in back, you might as well get the euv, which is a little bit more expensive. But you get more room, especially in back and thats. What I have to say about that sitting in front, though very high off the ground uh it. Basically a Sub Compact crossover is really a raised hatchback. Well, the seats are very high up too so thats makes it very comfortable in terms of the Driving Experience. The seats have been improved, but theyre still not that good, I mean were in a subcompact seat, certainly feels like it in Canada. This vehicle goes for about 41 000 ish plus taxes and everything it can come up to forty eight thousand dollars thats the price that I paid. My Acura TLX 2017 four cylinder all equipped all right and were basically in a Honda Fit so those those government credits in Quebec theres one credit for the federal government theres. Another credit comes out to about twelve thousand dollars credit.

You need that credit for this vehicle to make sense. Remember when youre buying a more economical vehicle, the percentage of the cost of the battery is much higher than, for example, a 100 000 luxury vehicle, so its just a bigger part of the price right. So a cheap EV can never compete against a gas its impossible. You need those credits and thats just the way it is, and also now theres. Also another thing: you know how we have those people who are anxious to have anxiety about the environment. Like you know, those quacks well theres, also anxiety, range anxiety. Right Ross is one of those people. Hes got tremendous range anxiety. He came to my house. The car had 156 kilometers, something Christopher. We cant put on the heating all right, because I got to go home. Then I thought I got: ta go run some errands and he lives 50 kilometers away right. So here I have 146 kilometers range minimum 119 Max 191. It is winter in Canada. Right now no way is going to get 191 nobodys going to get 146 theres. No Heating in this car, so if Im outside the car inside the car at the same temperature, all right and and thats just the way it is, there is the electric circuit who wants to go to that thing. It costs it costs. Quite I was I downloaded. The app just before I was looking at the prices, its very expensive, so uh and its time consuming thats it.

The Ross is sucked also for time its not just its, not just about the cost. Its the time so were were seeing the squeeze. There is a much more laborious Energy Management when youre driving electric, then when youre driving with gasoline theres. Just no question, though, I think that range anxiety will, with time tamper down once you become adjusted to how the battery reacts to different temperatures. So, for example, Im sure with time Ross will understand. Well when I, when its like minus five out – and I turn on the heat, how much range will that cut into and remember these batteries? It has over 400 kilometers of range, but in extreme cold it can go down by by half over half so something to think about. And then the charging rates is still the same right so youre putting in as much electricity as before, but only for 200 kilometers. Where does the? Where does the Chevrolet bolt fit in that that equation? Well, its a great second vehicle, an excellent second vehicle, hyper Charming? You feel youre driving the future uh Urban cycle uh and during the winter? Not so much and a few things that I enjoy about this vehicle is its its resemblance to the Honda Fit. I think the charm that you people who, like their Honda, Fit youre gon na find that charm in this vehicle, a nice infotainment, nice, relatively modern, look all right uh with the rebate I find for 31 32.

000 thats. This sounds like a fair price and you cant really say that about a lot of EV Vehicles. Really, this is a display of GMs the the commitment they have in Eevee and its kind of like a display of engineering progress. I I heard that they want to not produce this vehicle anymore. I dont know why its certainly it certainly reflects well on them, and I think, if these little buggers last a long time, it would go against GMs questionable reliability. Theyve always had long term reliability issues and especially when youre talking about an EV vehicle, you have the battery critical failures. If you want, because youre not going to change the battery right, I mean its just too expensive youre just going to Chuck the car one of the finest GM vehicles Ive driven in the last decade. No question, and I know that sounds surprising, because Ive been criticizing. The vehicle a little bit, I think, what might the criticisms of it are inherent to all EV vehicles right and and its conveniences. If you, if you take away the range anxiety, its incredible and another cute thing about GM – is that it is a front wheel, drive most base. Ev models are real wheel drive, so that makes it much more difficult in the winter for those Vehicles, its always easier to pull something through the snow than push it so to speak and uh so that front wheel drive, makes it a Four Season vehicle.

In that sense, with good winter tires so in, in virtue of the fact that its front wheel drive and that the cost is low and that its so convenient, I think its probably the best or one of the best in the category. And if you option up a little bit, youre going to get a little bit more room and you get that Bose sound system, you can get the super Cruise, though after three years it is a subscription based service. I believe so that sucks, but other than that.