The e tron GT, the e tron GT with the dynamic package and the flagship, RS e tron GT and now were going to look at what it offers Music. Of course, this being an electric super car were going to first look at the performance figures both are powered by dual electric motors, so you get all wheel, drive capabilities. The standard e tron produces 476 horsepower and 630 newton meters. These figures can be momentarily boosted up to 530 horsepower and 640 newton meters for just 2.5 seconds using launch control. 0 100 in the e tron GT takes 4.1 seconds onwards to a top speed of 245 kilometers an hour as for the more powerful RS e tron GT that produces 598 horsepower and a whopping 830 newton meters of torque in boost mode, the horsepower can be boosted Up to 646 horsepower 0 100 in the RS e tron GT takes just 3.3 seconds onwards to a top feed of 250 kilometers, an hour Music, of course, with this being an electric vehicle. Aerodynamic efficiency is highly important to get the maximum range, so the single frame Grille here has been completely covered, except for this section here and the same on the other side which automatically opens and closes for cooling and aerodynamic efficiency. The RS e tron GT comes with The Matrix, LED headlamps featuring the Audi laser light technology that doubles. The high beam range wheel, sizes range from 19 inch to 21 inches and behind them are six spot calipers in the front for both the e tron GT and the RS e tron GT variants.

Although in the standard e tron GT you get steel, disc, measuring 360 mm and in the RS model you get cast iron disc, measuring 410 mm, these brakes can be optionally, upgraded to 10 Port calipers for better braking performance further inside only the RS model gets the Three chamber: adaptive air suspension, while the other models get the passive suspension system. The air suspension lowers the car by up to 10 mm at 90 kilometers an hour and by another 12 mm at 180 kilometers an hour while driving below 30 kilometers an hour. The driver can set a lift mode that raises the car by 20 millimeters. The e tron GT comes with a glass roof as standard, but you can opt for the optional carbon fiber roof. Thats 12 kilograms lighter also contributing to the e tron GTs. 0.24 CD drag coefficient. Is this electronically extendable rear, spoiler at 90 kilometers an hour? It extends to its first Eco position and at 170 kilometers an hour. It extends to its second performance position inside here. Firstly, ahead of the driver, you get a 12.3 inch fully digital instrument cluster, with various type of displays, such as classic Sport and e tron. You also get a 10.1 inch, infotainment touchscreen alongside other features such as a head up display and a Bang and Olufsen sound system in terms of Trims and upholsteries. You can spec the car to come with carbon, fiber, dashboard, trims or even open pore Oakwood trims.

As for the door panel, you can have it in leather, or even this suede like material upholstery options include Napa leather, artificial leather, Dynamic, car microfiber or a Cascade material. The dynamica, microfiber and Cascade material is made of polyester fibers recycled from used bottles and textiles. Speaking of recycled materials, the floor mats and floor carpets are made of recycled nylon, fibers made from used old, carpets and even fishing nets. Music back here, as Im sure you can tell legroom, is pretty generous, but not so for Headroom. You also get rear air convents and controls for it as well, this being a GT boot space is obviously important. So the back here you get 405 liters and at the front you get 81 liters of cargo space. The two electric motors in the e tron GT is powered by an 85 kilowatt hour battery offering up to 487 kilometers of electric range, because the e tron GT is built on an 800 volt electric architecture. It can support up to 270 kilowatt of DC charging, where five percent to 80 state of charge takes just 22 minutes. It also supports 22 kilowatts of AC charging. Interestingly, you get charging ports on both sides of the car, where one side has an AC charger and the other side. A DC charger foreign car of the year starts from an estimated 559 000 up to 643 000 for the standard e tron GT and 749 000 up to 769 000 for the RS e tron GT stay tuned for the actual prices when the car is launched.

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