Before I begin, I just want to say Im a new YouTuber that creates Eevee reactions, reviews and commentary if you like, EVS or just interested EVS, please click the like And subscribe button below. If youre, looking for a fast sleek and stylish alternative to the Tesla Model, 3, the BMW I4 M50 is the car for you, the BMW, I4 M50. Is the performance M badge version of the BMW I4 starting at 67 300 and can go 0 60 in 3.7 seconds, with 536 horsepower 586 pound feet of torque at a top speed of 140 miles per hour with his dual motors for comparison, the regular BMW I4 Starts at 52 000 it can go 0 60 in 5.8 seconds, with an 81.5 kilowatt hour battery. The BMW i450 can go 270 miles per charge, but its range will vary, especially during the winter. As an M car performance is the most important focus in the BMW. I4 M50 does not disappoint sporting a 0 to 60 times 3.7 seconds, someone up for the Tesla Model 3, which goes 0 60 in 3.1 seconds. However, theres more to this car than in 0 to 60 time, the BMW I4 M50 handles better than Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model S for that matter. Its low center of gravity due to the battery being at the bottom of the vehicle prevents body rolls around tight Corners. The car is always planted and the steering is sensitive yet controlled.

The suspension absorbs the imperfections of the road and allows for comfortable long distance driving by comparison. Youll find that Tesla has stiffer suspension and failed to absorb the shocks of the road as well. Noise installation is Stellar outside road, noise is kept to a minimum and there are no creeks and rattles, which is to be expected of a brand like BMW. There are three driving modes: Eco Pro comfort and Sport, Eco Pro and comfort is self explanatory, but youll have the most fun with sport mode, which gives you access to the full power of the vehicle. Bmw teamed up with the legendary composer, Hans Zimmer to create custom sounds called iconic sounds these futuristic sounds provide amazing audio feedback with accelerating and braking as if youre launching a spaceship through space foreign sounds provide a visual physical and audio experience view EVS can match to Do launch control you have to turn off traction control, switch the sport boost, put one foot on the brake pedal and put the other on the accelerator. Then let go of the brake hi. This model Sports, the premium tanzanite blue to metallic, a deep dark blue color that exudes sportiness in class, its a 1500 add on and, in my opinion, worth extra money. Now lets talk about the elephant in the room, the large fake front grille, as some of you may know, Im not the biggest fan of fake girls on electric cars and the BMW. I4 M50 is no exception from pictures.

It kind of looks like beaver teeth, but I couldnt assure you. The grill looks a lot better in person than in pictures. It has a nice aggressiveness to it and isnt completely flat like a BMW IX Grille. Instead, theyre rigid grooves on the grill, giving it nice depth perception, I would also recommend the shadow line package, which is a 400 add on it, blacks out the edges of The Grille, as well as other areas of the vehicle. The Shadowland package also adds M sport. Red calibers, if your goal is to achieve the sportiest look, the package is an easy decision. The daytime running lights are BMWs, signature angel eyes or half angel eyes in this case the have a nice depth and look distinctive from many angles. With the side angle. Being my favorite, if you have an extra thousand dollars to spend, I also recommend the laser light. Add on. Not only will it illuminate the road more, but it adds these beautiful blue accents around the headlights, giving it a distinct and striking look its actually. My favorite exterior element of the vehicle below the headlights are functional air curtains, which help channel the air and lower the drag coefficient, which stands at 0.25 for context. The Tesla Model 3 has 8 lower drag coefficient at 0.23. The side profile looks sporty and modern, but not gaudy, theres, no crazy Body Lines. Instead, everything flows in one cohesive movement with air channeling through the blacked out side vents the wheels are a beautiful 19 inch.

My spoke bi color black wheels and has a range of 270 miles for comparison. The performance 20 inch wheels have a range of 227 miles. So range is important for you get the 19 inch wheels. The default calipers are blue, but since this has the shadow line package as M sport brakes with red calibers, giving this vehicle a more sporty and aggressive, look the back profile sports that fuse LED lights that look modern and clean. The lower rear diffuser is aggressive and its a nice transition from the gas 4 Series to the electric I4. With that said, the rear of the vehicle is probably its least striking angle, its just a typical BMW rear end. Overall, the BMW i4m50 is a striking vehicle and turns many heads when you sit in the front seats of the vehicle. The first thing, youll notice with the interior, are the massive dual screen Dash and infotainment display. These Ultra resolution displays feature bright, vibrant colors and graphics and modernizes BMWs interior, while still keeping the traditional, BMW classiness. The ultra resolution displays are handled by BMWs new idrived 8 infotainment platform. It can be controlled via touchscreen or the control knob near the center console. Personally, I find Teslas infotainment platform to be more intuitive than BMWs platform. The maps on the iDrive 8 platform look dated it and navigation to certain features are a little more cumbersome that I like to admit. Luckily, the car comes Android, auto and Apple carplay, so some of these issues wont be a big deal.

The car uses BMWs traditional gear shifter, which, in my opinion, isnt necessary for an EV and clutters the center console space. I understand BMWs reasoning, since this is their M performance car and its built off the 4 Series platform, but also prefer gear stocks or gear roller, something to declutter at the middle space. The car does not feature a panoramic roof like other EVS in this segment. Instead, it has a large moon roof. This limits, the airiness of the Interior, making it feel a little bit more claustrophobic than other EVS, so thats important factor for you. Please keep it in mind. Build quality is premium. The heated seats are attractive and comfortable. This vehicle features the Takara red for NASCAR leather, with contrast, stitching a 1 450. Add on the downside of this option is theres no ventilated seats, a real bummer. If you want ventilated seats, youll either have to get the black or brown leather options. The rear seats are less comfortable due to the sloping roof line, which limits passenger headspace. I am 510. I feel tight in the back seat with just a few inches left of knee room, coupled with the fact the car has a tunnel cover due to it being the same platform as the 4 Series, its not the most comfortable rear seats for large passengers. The I4 M50 has 10 cubic feet of storage, but its more spacious and versatile than other vehicles in its class. Due to its lift back design, putting down the rear seats, there is a ton of extra storage.

This lift back trunk is one of my favorite features of a Tesla Model. S Im happy the BMW i4m50. Has it as well. If you need additional room theres, also additional space underneath the cargo cover no spare wheel is provided, though, unfortunately, since it shares a platform with a 4 Series, the I4 M50 does not have a front trunk. Instead, BMW uses the extra space to store the electric motor and other powertrain components. I never personally use the front trunk so thats important for you. Keep that in mind. With electric cars, Ive noticed a lot of reviewers know or night lighting and ambient lighting. I think lighting is one of the most important components of EVS the BMW i4m50 sports classy. If not a little understated ambient lighting. There are nice ambient lighting strips across the front and rear door panels. The colors are interchangeable, but, unlike other automakers theres, no color wheel. Instead, youre limited to a preset of colors Music, in addition to the door panels, ambient lighting appears on the center console and footwell. A beautiful and unique feature are the welcome lights underneath the Torso they create beautiful, swooping Wings. In my opinion, some of the best welcome lights in the market. Overall, BMWs lighting game is Top Notch, but still Trails behind their German counterpart Mercedes now, Im going to give my ratings for the vehicle, the first category is drive and handling the car handles exceptionally well. Better than any Tesla Ive driven, it turns tight corn as well, and has amazing steering feedback overall Ill, give drop and handling an 8.

5 out of 10.. The second category is exterior. The exterior is sporty and features nice body lines with great daytime running lights. However, Im still not the biggest fan of the large fake front, grille overall Ill give the exterior an 8 out of 10.. The Interior is modern and sporty with comfortable seats and premium materials. However, the tonneau cover in the back limits the room Im disappointed with the lack of the panoramic sunroof Ill, give to the interior and 8 out of 10.. The next category is a new category Im, creating due to its increasing importance for eebs. It is the category of lighting which includes daytime running lights as well as ambient lighting. I know its going to play a bigger role in the future of EVS, so Im starting it now, even if some Vehicles dont have it right now, the ambient lighting of the BMW is high quality and gorgeous, even if its slightly understated the daytime running lights and The diffused LED lights in the rear are modern and aesthetic and the dorsal lights are unique and distinctive Ill. Give the BMW I4 M50 a score of 8.5 out of 10 for lighting. The last category is family friendliness. This scores for growing families who want to buy an Eevee lets be honest, though, if youre buying this car family friendliness is probably not the top of your mind, the back seat space is limiting and the tier is not as roomy as other EVS for the price.

However, the lift back design is versatile and helps with cargo capacity. Overall, I give family friendliness a six out of tips there you have it my review of the BMW I4 M50.