All the connectivity features that you want in a brand new vehicle and its very cute, I mean just look at it. Its the only way I describe the new Kona Tienda is popular. Electric crossover has gotten a refresh after its successful launch in 2018, and the new front offers a cleaner, more streamlined look much to my liking, although the rear end is virtually similar to the outgoing model. The Kona is currently the Brands best selling model, with 5 powertrains available, thanks to its widely modular bsuv platform, which also offers a spacious cabin Id also like to give a shout out to minimal for sponsoring todays video. One thing that I find very attractive inside the new Hyundai Vehicles is this brushed aluminum Trim in the center. They managed to make the car feel way more premium instead of having some cheap, a piano plastic with a lot of fingerprints. This is very clean. I love these gray buttons. We have a beautifully leather up, steering wheel and the paddle shifters theyre, actually levels of regenerative braking, and one thing that I really like about the skirt is that you can one pedal drive. It were going to mention it during the drive Music fully digital driver display, as you can see, changing between the driving modes scrolling between equal and normal and sports, and actually its pretty quick. Its worth honestly, it has 400 newton meters of torque Center screen is very responsive and easy to use with high quality dials.

I cant stress this enough. We have Apple, carplay and Android, auto as standard which is great to hear its wired. Unfortunately, but I mean its nice to have and then you can have an EV menu with all sorts of information you want to display, including a battery percentage. One funny thing I found inside the system going on to voice memo. You can record a voice note, so whoever buys this car will get to hear what were gon na say right now, hello, everyone and welcome back to the reviewing the 2023 hand, icon EV. I hope you enjoyed this car make sure to DM me. If you find this voice note its at MasterCards review lb, as I mentioned earlier, the konas modular platform allows for all types of powertrains, ranging from Ice to hybrids to Electric, but all models get the same trunk space with dividers below the trunk floor has the smaller Battery pack, with ‘ kilowatt hours, good for 305 kilometers of autonomy and charges in around 6 hours when supplied with 7 kilowatts of power. In my opinion, the 64 kilowatt hour battery is not necessary as the smaller battery delivers enough power and offers quicker charging times, and let me show you what I mean by that acceleration and a bit of wheel spin as well. I mean that is really impressive. Its funny to think that such a small car and with a small power can make such uh – you know very Lively accelerations at this.

I am genuinely Amazed by the konas Nimble throttle response and overall agility, its incredibly fun to drive around with 400 newton meters of torque. It provides ample power for overtaking multiple cars with ease. What impresses me most in the Kona electric is the one petal driving feature that I believe all electric cars should have say: goodbye to the brake pedal and hello to effortless battery recharging. The car basically come to a full, stop and full return to braking mode, something that its weird honestly coming from an ice card. This is, you know, not the most intuitive thing youd see in a car, but I mean its really nice and once you get used to it, you wouldnt use any of the brakes and theres another cool feature. If you press on the left pedal like. If I keep on pressing, it will come to a full stop as if youre breaking with the brake pedal but youre, actually not so effectively youre, not using any of the brakes, which is a big thumbs up in these cars. To kick it up a bit I experienced a 30 decrease in battery percentage for 82 kilometers every, while driving meaning around 2.7 kilometers per one percent. It adds up to almost 270 kilometers on full charge, close to the claim 305 kilometers of range, but its not just the driving performance that sets the Kona electric apart. The alphathema system is quick with seamless integration of Apple carplay and Android auto, and you wont even need to upgrade to the harman cars and sound system because of its top notch sound quality at 186 centimeters tall I fit comfortably in the back seat of the car, But it might get tight for three adults, and although there are no air vents in the back, the USB charging port makes up for it.

Theres wireless phone charging and the center console storage box has raised edges to prevent objects from sliding around also very convenient and if youre looking to buy an electric car, please go for authorized dealers and do not go for these sub dealers because they wont offer you Any warranty – and you can imagine an electric car without warranty – you know its a bit tricky Hyundai is offering eight years, which is honestly a very long time. So, literally, all this time will be driving. This car worry for you and in case something bad happens which wont very often because at least battery powered cars honestly up there Top Notch nothing to go wrong. Basically, so imagine this youre on a quest to find the perfect electric car and you come across two options: option A is an electric car without the warranty and option b is the Kona EV from Hyundai Lebanon complete with an 8 year warranty package now choosing option A is like playing a thrilling game of Russian Roulette. Every time you hit the road youre taking a chance that something could go wrong, especially with the battery system, and if it does, you might find yourself shelling out a hefty sum that could even be more than the cars original price to get fixed. But with option b, you get the ultimate Peace of Mind, knowing that, no matter what Adventure, the road throws, your way you recovered the warranty simply guarantees that any issues will be promptly taken care of.

So you can focus on what really matters enjoying the drive so which option sounds more exciting to you. The choice is yours. I would like to also comment on the remarkable progress Hyundai has made in recent years and they continue to elevate their brand with sophisticated designs. Fancy interiors and competitive pricing this shifts towards a more premium Market position is truly impressive. The Kona electric definitely sits up there for the perfect daily driver.