This is a 2019 Hyundai ionic. This is a full electric car uh. So actually these were like the first of the electric cars that came out uh with uh Hyundai in Ireland. So that was, I think, its around 2017 uh into 2018 anyway. This is a 28 kilowatt hour battery, so you know the first question for a lot of people is: how far will that travel, and so at the time they were kind of quarters in around kind of two 30 yards and um? Normally, I think someone thats buying a car like this. Really, what Im saying to them is you want to be ideally looking for a car thats covering about 200 kilometers, so for some people thats not going to work um, but for some people that are City based either this is their main car or might even be A second car in the house, its definitely a very good alternative, so the charge cable to get it out. We need to unlock the car, we unlock it actually just while its charging – and there is along here and an indication there. That tells you exactly what the car is doing in terms of charging, but if you really want to know what the charge level is, while its charging on a car like this um in through here when you open the door, it tells you how long is left Tells you the percentage on it, so Cara hasnt got too much charging time left.

Whats important on these is theres a 6.6 kilowatt hour onboard charger, so thats the maximum it can take. So if you have a charge point in your house, so this is one we have here. Some businesses actually will have like 11 kilowatt hours. This is seven. So if youve got like uh, which most single phase private residential houses, maximum theyre going to put over seven kilowatts, this car can Maximum take 6.6 of those. So what that means, then, is if you have a 28 kilowatt hour battery and it takes 6.6 every hour and its not like perfect, like that, but like thatd be kind of 6. 12. 18. 24. 30. So you know five dish hours for a full charge on a car like this. Anyway, what were doing the videos well have a look around the features on the inside in the outside and well go for a quick drive. So, thank you for saying: yeah unlock it plug out the cable and then store it away. Okay, Ill be honest. One thing on electric cars Ive seen charge cables; no one has a really good. I dont think its possible nobodys got a real good one, like every manufacturer, has the exact same thing, and so they kind of do get thrown in what I would advise. If you get a charge point for your house, get one thats tethered, which means it already has the cable built in. So when you pull it out, youre pulling it or putting it straight into the car, and then you can just use this for, like the public uh domain or whatever the Boost is quite tidy.

This is actually really low mileage. One so theres a speaker in through here theres quite um, a long boost, so I think theres, excellent, uh boot space in these cars and then under here just a little bit of storage. Tire Mobility, kit, um no space for a spare wheel on these. But this is a like were saying: a low mileage, one with over 38 000 kilometers, one owner from you with a full service history from our garage. If you want, then this can cover over. So you get good privacy in the rear, and the rear windows are also tinted sort of quite dark, as youll see on the back of that car as well. It has nice Chrome down along here, theres nice Chrome, on the top of the door handles not all the way around. Just on the top, and one thing I just thought I was cool in these – they had a little light in there. So when youre getting into carb knife, it kind of shines up around there and the window. Sorry the Wingers theyre retract. When you open and close the car getting into the car, then it has this function here. So if I have the key, I can use the key like normally lock and unlock, or I can just press the button to similarly lock or unlock the car, so this car in terms of starting it. There is a button over here, so these full electric ones have this nice kind of copper surround the hybrid, had a more of a blue kind of color from recollection.

So, like youre saying this, car, probably um is nearly charged what we got 98 another two percent. So were probably going to move up into about kind of 195, something like that full charge in Winter, based on the previous driving. One thing I would say on all these electric cars is: the predictor is a predictor, but its not perfect, so it is going to try and copy your driving style. So somebody that does would say, gets onto a motor every day. Does 120 kilometers an hour gets into work and then somebody that creeps across town in traffic, the more a person, is probably going to have a lower predicted range than the other person, so thats just a function of what the car has been doing. So that is variable but um. I think anyone thats going to buy a car like this in around 200 kilometers is what you want to be aiming for. If you need something thats doing 250 or 300, then I would advise to look at it. Different type of vehicle cruise control is over through here and then after that various trip information you can manipulate along through here and there is adaptive cruise control thats one thing people give out about on the corner, so this one has adaptive cruise control. So basically, you hit the cruise. Take your foot off the pedal, but itll follow the car in front of their slowdown. You slow down as well over here electrics for Windows and mirrors that we saw and then just while were here vess thats, where we have a little noise when were creeping along its kind of hard to do actually because theres so much noise.

In the background here, controls to open up the fuel, flap uh theres charge management. So like say you say I want the car to start at two oclock every morning, charging and turn off at um, six oclock or whatever. You can do that, obviously, and through there in settings, but say for example, you have that automatically set and you want to get into the car and just charge it. You could plug it in and it wont charge because its only going to charge these times. So you got a quick manual override into there also theres a button there. If you want the cable to unlock. So maybe you want to leave it in a public area and you want to cable to just become unlocked at the end of charging. Um or sorry stay a lot more to the point. So nobody can rock your cable thats when the buttons use and then departure warning if youre drifting out a lane regener braking. So I can increase or decrease the amount of regenge for braking on the car. If you run into electric cars, you know what that is. If youre, not when you let off the pedal, the motor thats turning one way, it switches the direction its taking the energy from the wheels through the motor switch, the other way putting it back up into the battery. You know gaining back a little bit of power, not not enough a lot because um okay, so in through here, then there is a reverse camera fine and over through here, then we have all these menus in here for uh things like Apple carplay and Android, auto.

If you want to use Google Maps and Spotify and all that, but In fairness there is navigation on the car from the factory. But okay lets face it. Google Maps these days theres a lot better speed up sorry, speed up or slow down the car warm or cold or whatever, and then that EV menu is just bringing up the EV menu in here driver only is pretty cool, so thats uh was new to me At the time when they came out, so you could just kind of have the climate just revolving around the driver and not over there. So in other words, it was using less power over here. He should see for passenger. He should see for driver drive mode which is making throttle response and all that kind of stuff, more aggressive and also changing how the clocks looked in the center there as well, so thats, pretty neat and then down through there. Theres heated steering wheel and your handbrake in here some storage with a USB connector and another USB connector and 12 volt power and a big storage area, really big storage area down in here. Another nice thing actually theres wireless charging, so you can leave your phone sitting down through there and its wirelessly charge. These are controllers here then, for Bluetooth. This one is nice in terms of condition. So weve had a few of these through over the last couple of years, but this is probably one of the lower mileage ones.

So the seats they have three head restraints. Three three point: safety belts, armrest that comes down through here. There was a lady that had the car from you, she boarded with us and actually that seat is quite far back, because I was just pulling it back when we were videoing, so thats, probably more reflective of how I would sit in a car but like the Rear of the seats, the Plastics all that kind of stuff the door cards, its all in very nice condition Im not trying to give you a big sales pitch. This is, in my opinion, uh one of the better ones I think, on the market. At the moment. Its not saying theres bad ones around its just. I think this ones a really nice genuine one with low mileage, uh hide the seat, Lumber support for lower back thats, a rake reach steering wheel, so it goes up and down and in and out as well. One thing I really loved on these cars when they came out the electric ones. Have these really nice looking tail lights at night, so they kind of go across and back up and they have these individual LEDs in there like this entios or the electric ones, because they have the kind of copper finish, whereas the hybrids. I think it was blue. That was where you see the copper accents on these, so they look pretty nice and then at the front I think its actually a really nice looking car.

I love the headlights on these, so these are parking lights in through here when Im driving there big daytime running lights when its in park. Unfortunately, it wont show them up, but I really love these uh dual LED headlights in here, so they give good light um. But I think they look pretty nice in tear is your full life, These are dip lights, and then you got this LED indicator in here as well. That beeping sound is just because Im getting out of the car with the carousel rolling technically, and I have the keys uh anyway. What Im going to do is Im going to take some pictures of the car Im going to go for a drive in the car. Then after that Ill show you guys what thats about uh by the way, if you want information on this car, please do give me a shout. Direct 086. 843 1945 call text whats up. If you want information about the car or if you want information but financing or if you want information about trading in a car or Anthony, wants to know the quickest way to get a response, uh give me a shout: Brian is my name: oh its 843. 1945. Anyway, lets go for a driving car actually, just before we go for drive one other thing, I noticed look at the detail right, look inside even the headlights, theres again little copper surrounds. Never knows that far. That is actually awesome.

Looking anyway well go for a drive. Just find us curious about the regen braking, so you see along here when the car is driving Im using this paddle or this paddle here and if you see on the dashboard, then you can see recuperation listening or increasing, depending on my preference is like chrysanthea thats. When youre letting off the accelerator and the car is freewheeling for one of a better phrase, thats how much uh powered um or the rate that its going to try and absorb power from those turning wheels. So in terms of driving the car audio like. If you want, when you come well, explain that a bit better too its easier to kind of demonstrate uh rather than explain but okay to start the car I can either Park, Drive, reverse or neutral handbrake will release automatically so thats fine. So, in this case, Im going for d in terms of driving the car. This example drives really nice. But you know what a low mileage car youd expected, but the steering and the brakes – and you know accelerator uh, even just looking around the cabin and stuff its a nice, its not perfect its a four year old camera, but its you know, I think its very Nice condition for the year of the car the way these cars drive, like some people, all used to say: oh theres, no engine, so theres gon na be a lot of road noise. I do not find that in these cars at all.

I find it very similar to any combustion engine car. I love the drive mode. You see the way I can change, so it gives me more power, but also I can change how the clocks are just by pressing the little button down in the center here. So theres three different Drive modes like Eco and normal and then theres a sport version as well the car itself, right so say when youre driving along. If youre, you know, most people will just cruise and use the accelerator in the brake, but the patterns we talked about. If you hold in the paddle on the left, it will slow down the car and act like a break rather than using your brake pads. These cars are about 120 horsepower. So when you put your foot like thats, not a lot, but it feels like a loss, you get this real, immediate burst of power. So when you put your foot down, it feels a lot quicker than it actually is, but it feels a lot quicker than a 120 horsepower. Normal combustion engine car anyway come drive. The car see what you think of it yourself, but they are actually a lot of fun to drive uh one other thing actually thats worth mentioning on these. So there is a warranty on these cars uh. So the car we put a 12 month warranty on the vehicle anyway, but it has manufacturers warranty for 2024. uh, crucially or the battery thats the thing that people worry about, so these came with an eight year of 160 000 kilometer warranty.

So this car will have a warranty until 2027 on the battery. So like were saying, if you want information on the car or if you want information on trading in or anything like that, Brians my name: 086 a43 1945 contacts whats up. I think this car is going to suit somebody that wants a electric vehicle uh. If theyre doing you know very city based driving where 200 kilometers is going to get them out, uh or like were saying if its kind of they have a combustion engine power for long Journeys and they have uh, they want a second electric car in the house. For most of the day to day stuff, then this is an excellent platform for that low mileage vehicle nice, genuine example – and we are a family – run business in operation for over 70 years, so um. Hopefully, the video has been useful and theres, something. Let me know um and I will do my best to answer the questions you have thanks.