You know crack a crazy pun like that. But then, if you look at the design of this car, its very different, its very 80s, its reminiscent of the DeLorean dmc 12 – maybe the Lancia Delta integral and a little bit of the you know the 80s Volkswagen Golf all of those come together in a very Futuristic package sharp line, sharp cut and its nice to see a slightly boxy. You know sharp Design coming back in this day and age, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the ionic five, its iconic. It is electric and it has a range of 631 kilometers claimed. It has 217 pairs of bar 350 Newton meter, torque and its rear wheel drive, so it is as old school as it comes yet in a very futuristic new package, the car has been priced at 44.95, lakhs X, showroom, which makes it very unique to its segment Because the only competitors that this really has is the Mini Cooper Electric and the Kia ev6, but they are both more expensive. The Hyundai ioniq 5 is catchy in terms of its design, be it the pixel LED headlamps with decorative light elements in the bumper to the Retro. Looking LED, pixel tail lamps with a connected strip across the boot lid. It sure is a head turner in terms of looks the massive 20 inch wheels with 255 45 tires really suit. This vehicle now Hyundai calls it an SUV, but its really, a very large hatch.

I kid you not its 4.6 meters long and nearly 1.9 meters wide thats longer than an Innova Crysta for perspective fully loaded. It has a ground clearance of 163 millimeters, which is more than enough for most roads in India. Lets check out the interior of the ioniq 5., now youd notice that this being an electric vehicle has a very flat floor because the battery is placed in the flow, and this is a skateboard design. It also has a very long wheelbase of 3000 mm, which translates to a lot of space on the interior. What happens here is you have a full flat flow board? You also have an adjustable center console. The seats are power adjustable all the seats in this car and the steering is both tilt and telescopic adjustable. So you can get that perfect driving position. Of course, large glass area, so good all round visibility, and now, with the seat adjusted for my height, which is five foot, eight inches lets, take a look at the amount of leg room that you have in the rear seat in this car Applause, the rear seats Too, are power adjustable, so you can actually slide it forward or backward, and it has different levels of recline. You can recline the seat as well as bring it forward and, if youre sitting in this seat over here – and you want this to be tumbled forward, you can just press the button over here and you can push the seat forward.

Um theres a lot of like room back here as well, and because you have this panoramic sunroof up here, you get a lot of light in the cabin and it is a comfortable place to be in. But then again with the battery, like I mentioned, being under the floor, the floor is a little high, so your thighs are slightly above the length and wheelbase of the car also translate to massive storage capacity. It gets a 527 liter boot which can expand to 1587 liters with the seats folded. You also have large storage space between the seats, a quick charger and a large draw like glove box, thats, not all open the Bonnet, and you have about 57 liters of storage space in the front for knickknacks, or perhaps the charging cables. Speaking of charging, the 72.6 kilowatt battery of the ionic 5 can be charged from 11 kilowatt home charger in under 7 hours and with a 50 kilowatt DC charger, it can hit 80 in under an hour. A full charge is good for 631 kilometers according to arai, but in real world conditions expect around 400 to 500 kilometers. It can also be used to power up your home or campsite with the vehicle to load function, which basically makes the car a rather large good. Looking um inverter, it gets an eight speaker, sound system and two 12 inch screens up front one for the infotainment and the other is the instrument console.

The infotainment system gets Blue Link connectivity through the app it supports Apple, carplay and Android auto, and it has inbuilt navigation too, along with all the information needed for an electric vehicle such as this. All the seats are heated and ventilated in the ionic 5, and they all are power adjustable too. With memory settings, the large glass roof is actually just a moon roof. It doesnt open only the shades. Do a strange Omission on a premium car like this is a lack of a rear wiper, perhaps because it didnt go with a clean design that this car has, but all in all this car is sure to turn heads so now, Im driving the like any EV S didnt talk, but what it does mean to the Enthusiast is theyve been doing this. This whoa, it just picks up like that, if you step on it but thats the fun with you uh. The other thing about this car is that, because the weight is all low down, the battery pack is really heavy, but its in the floor. Central gravity of this car is really low. I mean waist height and upwards theres, hardly any weight on this car. A lot of weight saving as well. You know you have a fiberglass, tailgate and light body panels which means handling brilliant because you get very little body roll theres, a firm suspension setup and on the twisties. This car can really let you have fun, also being rear wheel drive for the Enthusiast.

You can get the rear out now. There are different levels of regen in this car which are enabled by these pattern chapters right here behind the steering wheel, which means as soon as I let off the pedal. It begins to put some charge back into the battery the four levels of regen and it also comes with 8s features or you know, driver assistance systems um, which include, like you know, automatic braking if it detects a pedestrian, it detects uh. You know some kind of movement on the road any obstacle it will uh come to a halt on its own. It has Lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control so now Im driving the car through some of the narrow Lanes in Goa, and you know its almost as wide as some of the large SUVs, its nearly 1.9 meters wide. So yes, you got a really. You know. Watch out for the tight Lanes, uh theres also a kind of a sound that comes out for pedestrians, a pedestrian warning system which is really important these days, you know, given that EVS are so silent and they kind of creep up on you, foreign. So after driving the ionic 5 around Goa for not a very long distance, I can only give you my first impressions about this car. Yes, its very futuristic. Looking, yes, it turns a lot of heads. The design is like its something thats come from the future, yet it has that retro feel to it.

Like I said in the beginning, so who does this car makes sense for with a real world driving range of about 500 odd kilometers? Ari is 631 kilometers. This car makes sense for the urban commuter who wants to go to office and back and yet make a style statement at the price point. This car comes at theres, very little competition. You have the Mini Cooper, which is slightly more expensive and then the Kia ev6, which is even more expensive and they dont offer the same range that this car offers. There are some quirks with this car, but then, as far as electric vehicles go, this is as futuristic as it gets and, like I said, were going back to the future.