It is the companys new flagship and based on a skateboard electric architecture, but how good is it to drive? After all, it is launched at the next showroom price of rupees, 45 lakh well thats, exactly we are going to find out in this video, so stay tuned till the end and lets kick things off design first. Well, in terms of look, I really like the way. Ionic 5S design, and if I have to talk about tools that designers would have used here, I think all they had was a scale except for the wheels and the wheel. Arches theyre, the only circular bits you see on the scars exterior over to the nose. You get pixel parametric, pixel LED accents for your LED, drls and led headlamps as well, and a similar theme is followed towards the rear for the tail lamp and now talking of this nose. It looks very sharp. It has some crossover accents to it and it does look like a jacked up hatchback from some angles, but lets forget that, because Dimensions they are beefy and ionic 5 has some Road presence for sure. My favorite design element on this car are these 20 inch rims? Do they look good? Let us know in the comments below well, a very streamline look is what you get in this a pillar. It is Slants and this roof line. This is flat, it looks like it tapers down towards the rear and the overall design.

It looks very appealing from all the Angles and Hyundai has managed to make it look Future Ready with the help of elements like this flush, dough handles and tail lamps, they look gorgeous in every possible manner, lets hop inside and see what you have there Music step Inside the ionic 5 – and you would feel that it belongs to future. Why? So? It gets a lot of design elements that we havent seen on a Hyundai car before, for example, the steering wheel it is made out of biodegradable stuff. In fact, this paint finish for the dashboard is bio paint. Now all of that speaks environment friendliness. After all, there are zero tailpipe Emissions on this car. Now, talking of fancy bits who help you have this single pane of glass that is finished in white, it gets to screen 12.3 inches each for instrument, cluster and infotainment unit. The design for the AC vent seems very nice to me and the overall fit – and finish of this dashboard looks neat. Although Hyundai has used biodegradable materials now these seats they are comfy to and you do get these adjustable thigh support which extend all the way further. To give you some space to relax with white and gray paint Scheme on the inside the interior, it looks spacious, it looks Airy and theres a large panoramic sunroof on now. You would think this armrest. Can it slide? Well? No? Why? Because you can slide the whole center console forward and backward, and it comes with two USB port, one for fast charging and one for your regular charging Beauties along with that.

You also get a wireless mobile charger and theres a lot of space on the inside. Well, you also get a 12 volt pass socket over there, and the sound system on this car is engineered by both. You get eight speakers in total and the sound output is really ballistic space wise its great. I think we should also hop onto the rear seat and see how spacious they are now these their seeds. They are white, theyre, comfortable and theres, a lot of space on offer in terms of your leg, room, shoulder room and as well as need room and the seat back. It can recline all the way to this angle and its just very comfortable. I would say for long hauls you will be at home. This is what I can assure you now. There are a lot more things that Hyundai has offered on this car. For example, you get heated and ventilated seat and the passenger seat. It can be slided forward and backward with the touch of a button from here itself. Now you would be saying there are no AC vents well even die has made an intelligent Touch of putting the AC vents on the B pillar. A nice touch, I would say, and it does come with ambient lighting and if you think its too sunny, it certainly is here in Goa. You can use these sun shades. Well, that was about the interior. I think its time to get back onto the driving seat and get going Music.

The car has a claim range of around 600 30 kilometers, but I can say that in real world conditions it would easily give away 500 kilometers on a full charge and that charging is not something I didnt piss you off in any way. Why? So? Because it gets a fast charging capabilities with as big as 350 kilowatt charger. What that means is 18 minutes and youll be good to go for another 500 kilometers. Now, keeping aside the range and the charging capabilities for a moment lets come back, it sends Park to rear wheels and a total of 217 PS and 350 newton meters is what you get disabled attraction control put the car, you can actually drift it, and that is Immense fund, why? Because the center of gravity is low, the battery pack mounted under the floor and a dedicated EV platform means that this car is tight around corners and Hyundai has also managed to tune the suspension in a very, very sporty fashion, although it has right amount of compression And dampening so that you do not hit the butthole back to brakes. Thankfully, regenerative braking is present here in the most sophisticated manner, a total of three levels, and what that means is the last one is an eye pedal. It detects a lot of parameters and ensures that you have the right amount of regenerative brake ergonomics. They are spot on as well, and the ionic 5 is a fun car to drive.

I would say: Music Hyundai ionic 5.. Now should you consider buying this car or not? Well, I think you definitely should why there are a lot of reasons and a lot of attributes that fall on ionic, 5 side, first and foremost, is its claim range of 600 kilometers, which, even in real world conditions, stand true the design it is phenomenal. You would really like the way ionic 5 looks. It has that small retro theme and this parametric LED tail lamp and headlamp will make it look sharp in fact its the sharpest Hyundai. I would say no doubts on that, the interior. It speaks of innovation. It has that luxury car Ambience, so spending rupees 45 back for this batch wont, be something you will think twice or regret any time later and the intelligently designed egmp architecture make sure that enough space on the inside performance. Well, it is powerful, it is Frugal. I would say, and it gets a rear wheel, drive layout. What that means is you can slide the tail at your will and wish, and I think this was all about the Hyundai ionic5.