Now the previous generation of this model was considered one of the best electric cars you can buy. So can the new one keep up lets find out. Carsireland.Ie click click. So, as this is a fully electric vehicle, you have your charge port and its on the front, which would be a preference of mine. I think its the best placement – you have a 64.8 kilowatt hour battery with a quarter range of up to 460 kilometers. The reason I have to Bonnet up is because they have a tiny bit of storage here, really tiny right, so lets look inside the boot is an impressive 475 liters. You can drop those back seats down in a 60 40 split to reveal even more space in the back theres plenty of room for someone of my height at six foot and youre well catered to with luxuries like arm rest, heated seats, USBC ports mounted on the Back of the seats theres, even a three pin plug mounted to the bottom of the seat and the floor is totally flat, which is also a good bonus so up front. Now, as it stands today, there is only one model on offer in the Kia Niro EV, and that is the K4 model, so prices start at about 44 000 Euro and our test car is in Mineral blue. What do you think of it? I quite like it. Its a nice color now recently we had the Nero plug in hybrid on the channel, and I did comment that the interior was quite dark, not as big an issue on this one, because we have these lighter colored, artificial leather seats and it does give the interior A lift that its certainly needed, theyre, also very comfy, and you get nice support in them and they are electric too plus theyre, heated and cooled, and the steering wheel is heated too.

On this K4 model, you get those 17 inch, EV specific Alloys. You have these two 10 inch screens running right across the dash and they look the business. They look really well youve wireless charging down here. You also get lots of driving AIDS like Motorway assist. You have radar, guided cruise control, were monitoring the car in front and adjust the speed accordingly, and I can even read the road ahead and turn and Brake as needed. Just to make your life a bit easier. We also have a head up display and, most importantly, there is a heat pump very important on an electric vehicle really helps to increase that range. The icons on the infotainment screen of these very funky neon. Looking icons, you also have sat nav. You have all your EV information. You have Android, auto Apple carplay, its all relatively easy to use. It will be nice to have a volume knob for the volume that would always come in handy, but instead you have it in the screen or on the steering wheel. You can chop and change between what you control on this panel down here, so it is either your air conditioning or the infotainment screen. Once again, there are knobs for a temperature, but not for everything, and it is a bit fiddly, but hey ho thats. What were dealing with now, it is say that every video you have USBC underneath USB port 12 volt charger parking, sensors, reversing camera, basically its carried out to the nines and ice and a whole lot youd be missing out on like it feels well built too feels Built to last, there is that KIA 7 year warranty, which is always handy, the display for the driver, is 10 inches, really good as well.

Really crisp really clean gives you all your information, easy to use looks well. I do like the way it sweeps across. If I was being picky, maybe itd be nice if it was a whole screen, but thats being incredibly big quality is good. This is squishy very important squishy bit for your elbow nice, nice spot to rest, your elbow on the other side steering wheel. Leather feels really good artificial as well. I assume there are sustainable materials used because EV and environment and protecting all that stuff that we need for the future its hard to complain about this interior, really, unless youre being very picky. I believe its time to take it. For a spin now before we really dig into the drive, I would like to have a chat about, looks and thats just because I really like the look of the Nero, and I cant really explain why I was filming it there and I had it on the Side profile shot and for some reason I just liked it – it just spoke to me theres something about the shape and the look about it. Thats quite appealing its certainly a lot better looking than the previous model anyway, whats it like to drive first thing that comes to peoples minds when you tell them the car is: electric is whats the rain, its the first thing everyone asks, so the quota wltp range Of 460 kilometers is highly unlikely unless you really do only town and have decent weather thats.

The only real situation youre going to get that, but in saying that the Nero EV is very efficient and it does seem to use that battery really well. So, in my time with the car were talking between 16 and 18 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. So how that works, if youre not into EVS, is if you take the size of the battery, so the 64.8 kilowatt hours divide that by the 16 or the 18 and youll get the amount of kilometers it can do the amount of 100 kilometers it can do. If its 16 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers youre getting about 405 kilometers and if its 18 youre talking 360, I think 64.8 divided by 16., 405 64.8 divided by 18, 360. Grand its all pretty decent in between 350 and 410. Kilometers is good range. Next on the list is power, so you get 204 PS from the Nero EV and youll get to 100 kilometers an hour in about 7.5 seconds, but the real appeal of EVS is the access to the instant torque straight away. So when you put your foot down it moves that means overtakes are easy and dealt with very quickly without any drama. It always puts a smile on peoples faces and when people whove never been in EVS, either are passengers or try it out. It always gets a giggle, it drives nice too, its comfortable, its quiet, its relaxing, you dont, feel the need to drive on particularly hard steering is decent, not no feel or anything like that, but its nicely weighted reflective of the car, and I have no real issues Either comforts really good, too irons out more stuff without any issue at all, Ive been very comfortable in it.

You do hear your tires. You do hear the road noise and that is pretty typical with EVS, but nothing too intrusive. Really so just to give you a sense of driving an EV, maybe if you never have is Kia, do include the weight of the batteries on their spec sheets, and I had a look at that yesterday and the batteries in this weigh 443 kilos. So, to put that into perspective, ioa about 80 kilos give or take so its like having five of me in the car at all times. So that way it does have to be managed, and you do feel it. You do know its heavy in the corners in the brakes. Theres extra waves – if you just know that sensation of having a full car and how you have to adjust your driving Style. There is a bit of that in an EV. You do get regenerative braking. So you can control that via the floppy paddles on the steering wheel and you can have three different levels of it. So the more severe will really feel like its pressing on the brakes when you turn it on and then its not quite as full on on the other settings. Just when you do use it, it will give back to the batteries a bit too. You have the option of Drive mods to Eco, normal sport. As with most cars like this, you probably wont really use Sport and when you push the accelerator its a bit more Punchy its a sport mode.

Now its just kicks in a bit quicker and uses that EV Power, a bit faster Eco protects the battery. Normal is what youll probably stick with most of the time, and there is an option of snow as well, which Im guessing pulls back on that response. Just to give you a bit more grip in the slippery snow, so does it live up to the previous model of being one of the best EVS you can buy yeah, it really does. It is one of the best EVS you can buy. I know that the looks are a bit more palatable. It really is quite a complete package, its very hard to argue against. It, takes so many boxes and does so many things right. The price is steep at nearly 45 000 Euro, but in all likelihood people are going to be paying on a PCP deal and that is a 13 000 Euro deposit will get you 400 Euro a month for the three years of that deal. I think thats kind of it really good car really impressive. If you would like to search cars, Ireland for over 45 000 cars on our site, please do click on the link above and have a look around find something you want. Ev non ev, petrol, three liter petrol, six liter vas go on have a look around thanks for watching and well see you again next time.