This is our first video in Telugu. This car is Tata Tiago electric vehicle. It is a mid range electric car. This is the answer to the person who wants to buy an electric car for 9 lakhs. I will show you the range test In your language. It is called Mileage test, So I have kept the battery fully charged. I will show you the charging, After that we will talk about the rest of the details. What you have to do here is, Please give a like to this video And please share this video with the EV enthusiasts To know more about electric vehicles and solar power plants. Please subscribe to our EV Travel XP channel And please click on the bell notification And please comment your opinion. First of all, I would like to thank Garapati Tata Vijaywada Nedamanur for giving me this opportunity. It is not just about an electric vehicle range test. They also trusted this vehicle. They told me to do range test and that 10 people will know about this video. Here we have connected our car to the charging. This is a portable charger. I told you in the last video. This is a portable charger. We can charge it in our 16 amp socket. This is not a charger, this is only a stabilizer, The charger will be in the car And the charging port is located where we fill the petrol. Let me show you the charging level Here you can see.

It is 100 charging And the range is 194 km Here. It shows 515.9 km Here it shows 515.9 km And the charging is 100. It shows 194 km, But Tatas range is 315 km. Lets see how much range it shows in reality. Here we are not only travelling on the highway, but also in the city. We will go from Nedamanur to the city and then to Guntur highway, And then we will come back to the city. This is definitely a perfect range for a condition If you havent liked the video. Yet please like it and give me a small support. Now we are going to disconnect our charger and start our range. So you can see that your trip – A is also zero, And here it says whatever per km So come and make it efficient The less we bring it the more range our car will have. So it shows 202 km range for 100 charging. Here you can see the battery level on the right side and regenerative braking on the top. So now we are starting the range, So we have to take the parking brake and turn on the drive mode. We dont have any gears in this. There is only a knob: It is enough to turn that knob. So, first of all, we should not accelerate hard to get more range. If we accelerate slowly, the range will increase And we should not use maximum braking. We should use regenerative braking If we engage it in traffic, So the battery will also charge again.

That is why the range of electric vehicles in the city will increase and the highway will decrease Because we use more brake. The battery will charge again When we start the electric car. What we see is that, whatever per km It gave me 350 gb at once, Dont worry about it. If you drive a little, it will fall in line after 10 km. You can calculate from then whatever per km you want to reduce. You should remember one thing: If you have a petrol or diesel engine, If you have an AC and phone charger inside You will have a dynamo, You will have a 12V battery from the dynamo. The battery will charge and you can charge your phone from it, And the electricals in the car will work in it. But if it comes to the electric, you will not have any dynamo. The main battery will be charged from the car. Even if you charge your phone, Even if you charge your phone, it will affect your range, How much AC you have and how fast you are going. Everything affects your range. I have set the AC to 24 degrees. This is an automatic climate control In Tata Tiago. You will get automatic climate control from the base version. That is a good point. I have set the AC to 24 degrees And I am travelling at speeds of 60 65 km. Why 60 65 km People who buy cars will drive at 60 65 km.

You can ask me that How Tata projects this is For those who travel a lot in cities Tata is saying that they have made this car for them. So no one can go from 60 km in the city And if we go on the highway at 60 65 km, We will have more range. I think you are understanding And we are travelling together. The range will differ depending on the person, So we have come to the highway. I said that we are driving at 60 km. We have cruise control here. We are activating the cruise control, We are setting the speed at 60 km And you can see that it is set to 116 km per hour To turn on the cruise control. There is a button here To press the button Press. The button once There is a minus button here, Press the minus button To increase the speed Press, the plus button. Now we are setting it to 60 km, See Now it is set to 60 km. The benefit of the cruise control is The motor power increases. According to the speed of the vehicle, If we get a problem, If a person gets a problem, If we press the brake, The cruise control will be cancelled To resume again. There is a plus button here Press the plus button to resume. I am at Mahanadu Junction. There is NTR Health University, There is a balance of 84. The distance we came here is ‘.

4 km, See the water work per km is 99 km. If we continue like this, We will get more range. I will tell you how much range we will get. If I tell you now, you will not watch the video. So here comes the question Who is suitable for EV? I am travelling in the city. I have a problem with my stomach. I have a problem with my stomach. I am a little biased. I have a problem with my stomach. I can definitely take this. Some people call me. I will definitely suggest electric vehicles For parents to buy electric vehicles, Because parents cannot take this traffic. They need comfort driving If they want comfort driving, they can definitely go to EV. Now we have a feature in EV. If we stop in traffic, we are in bumper to bumper traffic. We do not accelerate there. There is a crawl mode in it. What is crawl mode If we take off the brakes Vehicle will go up to 5 km speed. If you want to go more, You have to put your feet on the accelerator. If that is a benefit, we will have it in EVs And another benefit in EVs is Hill descent control. If we stop in a high position, The vehicle will not roll back. If the motor is on for 5 seconds, The vehicle will catch it. That is a benefit If you want to buy electric vehicles Or if you want to buy vehicles for cities, You can definitely go to EVs, But if you want to go on highway, You have to wait for a long time.

Tata has installed 3500 chargers On highways and cities in India, So we should not have range anxiety If you want to go on road Wait for 3 years. If you want to go on highway, You can take EVs. Our range test came half the way. Battery percentage is 51, Leela is with us. How was the range test? It was good Range came exactly 50. Our drive was also good. I will say: cities are perfect, You have to think about it on highway. If your driving is controlled, You can drive on highway. We are at Khalil, bhais house. I will show you the statistics Here is the statistics. It says 51 of charging We drove 124 km Here it came 93 km per watt hour Tata. Tiago is a 315 km range vehicle. If it is someones imagination range, It will definitely come to us Lets see how much it came. Lets take a short break. I drove till now. When food entered my body I will be able to live. I eat maximum food. During my work I drove till now. I gave my driving to Leela, I provided 94 watt hour for him And 44 left after the present charging. It says it will go to 80 km range, But it came. 137 km Lets see the range Because of the handling of the car. I gave 94 watt hour Lets see how much range it can drive. Our car is in low range, Only 10 left Bro.

What is the speed It shows 211 km? It will easily go to 20 km, It will come to 230 km. It is better not to drive the vehicle after coming here. It should not drive till zero Lets. Go to the showroom. Ok, Ok, sir. Thanks for the support It shows 218 km range, It will travel 20 km. It will come to 240 km range With the speed of 60 km. We turned on the AC. We set the reason braking to 3. Our range test is completed, Thats it friends. Our range test was Tata Tiago, EV 1 Comment below how you feel Subscribe to EV Travel Expature Its Aditya signing off. Thank you.