Yes, its still ginormous, but there are zero tailpipe emissions. This is the all new, fully electric Hummer pickup, a garden variety. Electric car uses a battery with an energy capacity of say between 60 to 80 kilowatt hours, weighing around 1 000 pounds. But when designing a 1 000 horsepower pickup truck a weenie battery like that isnt going to do so. The Hummer evs energy source needs to be considerably larger over 200 kilowatt hours, feeding three electric motors that can generate as much as 11 500 pound feet of torque GMs, homegrown ultium battery employed here weighs more than some cars. So would you believe that this is one of the quickest Vehicles Ive ever tested theres, even an acceleration Mode, cleverly called watts to Freedom, thatll scare, the pants off of your passengers and test your G Force limits? Its width is a throwback to the original H1. Its longer than an Electrify America parking space and with the air Springs fully inflated, youll have to get on your tiptoes to peek over the bed walls. There are an amazing 16 inches of ground clearance in what is called extract mode. So everything about the Hummer is Extreme, just as it always was with approximately 350 miles of range. The Hummer has one of the most generous driving distances in the EV segment, but akin to a GMC Sierra, with an oversized gas tank filling this Hummers battery is going to drain some green fast charging through its 800 volt architecture is impressively quick when plugged into a 350 kilowatt hyper fast charger and maxing out at a 229 kilowatt charge rate, the Hummers been adding back as much as 350 miles of range per hour, but to bypass the typical 80 fast charge limit and get the battery completely full.

That can take two hours or more and the bill isnt cheap, as I wrap up my week with this Hummer Im left feeling that Ive just driven something that was extremely revolutionary. I mean it is magnificent and Innovative in just about every single way, a brilliant idea by GM, and it actually seems like its worth far more than its one hundred ten thousand dollar sticker price, throw a German badge on this thing and it would cost three hundred Thousand dollars now on the downside, this battery is so big that when I fast charged it the other day, it cost sixty dollars to go from 25 state of charge to eighty percent and even plugging into my level. Two home charger takes far too long. So battery management might be a little bit of an issue and also, I hope this is an early build issue, but the wind noise coming in around this windshield area, where the camera is mounted, is very very loud. So, for some perspective, filling the gas tank of an old Hummer H2 costs about 110 dollars and returns approximately the same driving range. So, unlike the Modis operandi of most EV purchases, the potential fuel Savings of a Hummer EV pickup are more nebulous. Also, the charge port is located at the left, rear, meaning the Hummer often needs to be backed into spaces which, with the many cameras, isnt difficult to do, but its not ideal. And yes, it barely fits in my garage with an inch or two to spare this early.

Build Hummer is a long sense sold out Edition one with an MSRP of 110 295 dollars. Its stocked, like an Escalade with high tech luxury features commensurate with its price and, to be honest, the Hummer is so extraordinary. The sticker seems curiously low, with dual motors at the rear, theres four wheel, steering making the Hummer shockingly Nimble and easy to manage in a parking lot. Theres, a new for GM google powered infotainment system, a plethora of off road driving modes, exciting graphics and animations, and the highest level of super Cruise hands free highway driving. Everything is power operated, including the hood for the front trunk, the tonneau cover and the tailgate the ladder also featuring GMCs multitude of configurations and kicker bluetooth, tailgating speakers. Sorry, they just dont sound, very good. The box is short but deep with a spray on bed. Liner. Electrical outlet and LED lighting capable of handling 1300 pounds of payload the entire rear glass, also Powers down for carrying extra long items. Now you might expect greater than 7 500 pounds of towing capacity, the Sierra 1500s lowest rated configuration can manage 8 600 pounds, but remember the Hummer weighs almost twice as much so its limited in what it can pull and I say almost because GMC still isnt sharing The Hummers exact specifications about certain weights and capacities and remember when towing its best to leave room in the battery for brake energy recuperation so keep it below an 80 charge, but the Hummers more subjective matters are even more compelling, though not always perfect.

The combination of jet black and light gray mixed materials throughout the cabin, also known as lunar Horizon, is fanciful and attractive. There are bronze colored Edition, one trim bits on the dash and on the seats, a glass roof with four removable Sky panels that can Stow in bags kept in the front trunk and the design is uncluttered with only the gear shift and drive control knob on the Center console a bank of switches below the large touch screen controls a variety of functions, including the Locking differentials. The displays are vibrant, with flashy animations as you cycle through the various Drive modes and distinctive topographical map designs cover the grilles of the 14 speaker. Bose surround sound system, but not all touch points feel of the highest quality Id also like to see a head up display here and a 360 degree camera activation button located off of the big screen and, lastly, the EV specific Tronics are lacking depth. Id love to see more power, delivery meters and range depictions with terms like crab, walk, no youre not going to be getting a typical pickup truck experience here. Not only does this Hummer look really cool, but it feels special and different and thats exactly what I want from my EV, exploiting this kind of unique architecture to include all sorts of really awesome features. Is it loud yeah a little bit? Does it feel heavy? Well, you can definitely sense that massive battery weight in the turns, but the full acceleration experience here is, unlike anything you could imagine, it could actually scramble your brains a little bit.

The 18 inch Goodyear Wrangler territory mud tires, are wide, knobby and specifically tuned for electric vehicles. They dont hamper on road ride, quality either and though theyre not rated for severe snow Duty, they seem to be doing just fine here in the heart of Winter. Normal off road and terrain comprise the main Drive modes, replete with three levels of body, lift, adding nearly six inches of ground clearance between standard and extract mode. All of this is controlled via a knob on the center console, which also houses. The much talked about crab walk feature, a slow diagonal movement intended for tricky off road situations in which the rear wheels turn dramatically outward. But trust me, it sounds cooler than it really is. The other popular talking point is more headline worthy called watts to Freedom. Its a launch control feature that adds Big Time theater to the entire process, with special screens sounds and a vibrating driver seat standby mode drive, it says to floor. It Music is nuts with a squeal of the tires. 0 60 takes only three seconds enough to cause vertigo for unsuspecting passengers. As I found out, the Hummers Motors are always ready to make mince meat of just about any sports car. You are likely to encounter, unlike a regular truck. This EV platform feels a little stiff, but continuous damping control reads the road, every two milliseconds to make astute suspension adjustments, so the ride quality is always plush and though it takes some getting used to the one pedal drive here is aggressive, yet precise.

I really like it with ample rear seat room for three adults, including in seek Cubbies and underfloor storage for the charge. Cable. The Hummers packaging is as thoughtful as it is clever, but even those who placed orders for one when the bank opened back in 2020 may not see their own Hummer until 2025.. Reservations are currently closed. Future trims will offer less capability at a lower price point, but when theyll actually arrive is anyones guess, while the new Hummer SUV is also expected this year, if you can get one, the EV pickup is an exceptional piece of engineering and an outrageous most unexpected path. Back for the Hummer brand for testdrivenow.