Well, with this big question in mind, Ive come to beautiful Goa to finally get up close and personal, with Hyundais Flagship vehicle, its an EV. Of course, I get to understand the car today and we drive the car tomorrow to give you our verdict from 91 wheels and what about the hype? Well, a few months back, they had showcased the car for the first time at the iconic Gateway of India in Mumbai, lighting up the entire structure from the v2l thats, the vehicle to load function, something you see here as well. If you want to be camping in the middle of nowhere use the battery setup to juice up your equipments thats very much possible after that, they had done a blockbuster launch at the auto Expo with no none other than the king of Bollywood. Shahrukh Khan. At a pricing that is the icing on the cake and in between both the events, this one also made up a record of discovering various landmarks iconic landmarks in India in the shortest possible type time in an Eevee. So the hype has been coming over there, but does it live up to the hype? Well, the answer to this big question lies right here in this video Music. First thing first has to be about the design of the ionic 5. This is something we have never seen in the Indian market before also something we have never seen from Hyundai Hyundais fluidic design philosophy is completely different from what the ionic 5 looks like.

In fact, if you look at the creta or the tearsoft or the venue or the grand I10 or any of the cars, they look completely different, but yeah this is unique. This is sporty as well now. This is not an SUV, its more of a crossover. It sits pretty low Ill show you the height highest and six feet tall and the roof ends over here. So its not very high in terms of SUV stance but its wide. It sits low as well so its a sporty looking crossover and then some elements that definitely will make eyeballs look at the car repeatedly, for example, the LED setup. I have the indicators on right now and you can have a look at how this the lights. Look. Like this is completely sort of mask, you of course, have the camera coming in over here for eight hours. It has 21 functions under eight hours and then clever things. These are flaps which open up in case cooling is required. They are shut right now, but on the move. If the system wants the cooling to come by the air cooling setup, these flaps, they will open up. Likewise, on the side profile, you have massive 20 inch Alloys with the design. We have never seen in a Korean offering look at this its sort of closed over here and it starts opening towards the the outer edges could be because of the aerodynamic effect. I have no idea as of now, because the presentation happens in the evening yeah.

It sits low and then you have these flush type door handles the rear. Doors are low, lock to the handles are inside, but these ones like the xuv7 double, for example. They come out and you open the door like this going at the back. You have one more party trick: The Matrix type LEDs theyre coming on your screen right now, and they come in the way the indicators look over here and the same battery design is also visible on the door pads on the inside. By the way you charge the iPhone from this Outlet over here and yes, because its in a Hyundai its a modern day car, you have a massive glass sunroof extending to almost the entire length of the roof, so the exteriors are definitely something different. We have seen this in the Elder sibling, the ev6 from the same manufacturer, company, Kia and Hyundai part of the same group. So even the ev6 looks fabulous and different, and so does the ionic 5, its more than the ev6, but nevertheless for their pricing. 45. Lakh rupees extra for the pricing. It will demand a lot of attention on the road Music foreign Music. Now this is what the future looks like. I was very impressed with the exterior design, and this is something which has flowed me completely so yeah. I think the hype its satisfying this word hype now in terms of bookings, Hyundai, says theyve got 650 confirmed bookings for the ionic Pi, so you can basically book this and get this in India to do this before the units run out of, and you have to Wait for the cut, I said its right out of the future in terms of the design.

For example, practicality, look at the floor its completely flat over here, its a very minimalistic design, no extra buttons, no extra clutter over here everything is accessible and spacious, and then the central console over here can be moved which other car offers you this. I can take. It back like this to have more space over here. I can take it like this to get more space at the back, both the seats they are ventilated for cooling for heating. Both the seats are powered as well. We have a huge glass area, its a sun Loop that doesnt open up, but its a huge gas area which you can access from over here and then this large connected screen kind of a thing we see in the shelters as well, two screens, one for your Infotainment and for the functions the second scene is for the speedometer console and for the Adas function coming in are two spoke steering wheel with a flat bottom design. The drive was coming over here, like a race car. The gear lever goes on the right side. You have paddle shifters, you have space to keep it next over there. You have cup holders over here. You have more space over here and a pull out type glovebox. I think Hyundai designers. They have worked extensively to make this clutter free to make this very practical to make this a very feature, loaded cabin. By the way, both the front seats can go into a lounge type setup only with a touch of a button over here.

If I press this, look at what happens to the seat, so one touch of the button, it will go back, it will recline. This area will come up. Your calf support will start opening up. So both the seats can be used to just chill around in the middle of nowhere or in an open theater with the movie playing in front of you. This is what you can do in the ionic 5. up front. The seats are being cooled right now, because its very hot in Goa Ill put this for my driving poster Ill go at the back to show you the kind of or the sense of space the rear seats have to offer. Now the ionic 5 is not only an EV by the heart, but its also very good for the environment, for example, from flowers we use for the paint or the vehicle to flex seeds and trees and fruits dried being used for the upholstery or for different parts Of the inside Hyundai has gone to that kind of extent to ensure that environment friendly parts are used during manufacture of the vehicle at the back, a couple of more party tricks, for example, I can use the buttons over here to control the position of the seats Yeah, even these seats are powerful. Dumbbell look at the left seat. Sorry, my seat. I go up ahead. I go at the back. The left seat also gets power function, so you can go ahead or you can go back.

The amount of possibilities in a car is what Hyundai has shown with the ionic 5 again Ill repeat this kind of pricing for these kind of features and functionality and a pure EV was never imagined in the Indian space. Now this seat is from my height. I stand six feet tall and that it can make out. I have around five to six inches or even more knee room left over here. In spite of a glass of coming in over here, my Headroom is also pretty decent, so even someone whos five nine five. Ten from Punjab, wearing a turban will not have an issue in the ionic 5.. The glass area is large. You have a manual sun blind. One of the many features this glass area is huge, so you get a very good view of surroundings right now. My surroundings are basically more ionic files. In the backdrop couple of more journalists, we have palm trees around. So for me, this position is excellent. One small issue I can find, if I want to be a Critic, is basically the positioning of AC vents is on the pillars not over here, and the flow is not very strong of the uh of the fan speed so yeah, possibly if this could have been Over here in the Central Area, the AC cooling at the back could have been better but Im just nitpicking this, for the sake of it, because Ive not been able to find anything wrong till now, after this, the spacious rear seat, we go to the boot space Of the nf5 – and it has one more small storage space not over here but over there as well and now the boot space of the ioniq 5.

If you have to be going out station with your friends, is this enough? Well, I think so. For starters, you have a parcel tray. Not a parcel tray is basically trying to hide your stuff from unwanted eyes, and if you close this like this yeah, I think it should be sufficient for one large, suitcase and one medium as well, so not the best but uh something certain things you have to Compromise in an EV because of battery pack anyways, we have one more small storage space ahead where the engine is supposed to be. What is that? Well lets go over there now. This is where the electric motor of the ionic 5 sits and uh. I told you about the Practical storage space. Is there is more space over here? Yes, you open this flap and you have enough space to keep four of such pillows yeah a lot of space on offer and this EV from Hyundai and what about the performance or the battery capacity or the acceleration? Well, that comes in after a few seconds. Music, foreign Music, something I call as the power of Silence in the case of the ionic 5, its got a 217 PS, slash 350 NM rated motor over there powering the rear wheels and what does a rear wheel? Drive EV do well a few drifts coming up foreign Applause at the same time. How quick is it from 0 100 in this sport mode were coming up on a screen, so completely empty piece of road Ill go into the sport mode and the acceleration coming right away, but its not just about the outright Punch or the level of fun.

You can have with this EV from Hyundai, but also about the way it goes about doing its duties in a very able manner. For starters, the nvh levels, the noise vibration and the harshest levels. They are really very well controlled. Yes, EVS are supposed to be silent, but this one just takes it to a new level altogether to select the modes. You have this switch over here on the side of the steering wheel. Much like a sports car. You have the Eco Mode. You have the normal mode, you have the sport mode and even the normal mode. The punch is always there for you to experience and overtake even fast moving vehicles – Music, foreign Music, roads, Countryside, roads of South Goa, a few streets, yes for the performance experience, but last its got to do with these winding roads. And this is where you understand the the concept of an EV coming in the right quality. By the way I took the car off the road to kabudurama for a few stunning shots, as you can see on your screen, and there is no road, but the ionic 5 surprises you with its ride quality. It is really a very comfortable setup in spite of having 20 inch alloy wheels. I thought the look of all tires will rob the car off that ride quality, but I was wrong. The ride quality is sorted. Uh visibility from a drivers perspective. I stand six feet tall uh.

The window lines are not too low, but this one, the visual area, is large and no issues in terms of the visibility, of course, have a 360 camera for a tight pocket suspicions. You have 21 functions from a dash now. Adas is quickly catching up on Indian cars and even in the ionic 5 you have 21 functions coming up. Unfortunately, no straight road, so cant really use those functions right now, but uh Peace of Mind, factor, of course, with the Adas coming in so yeah its got. The performance is its got the Comfort levels and even in terms of agility, these curves and Corners coming in the ionic five, with all that weight being down really responds very well. The battery pack is rated at 20 72.6 kilowatt hour and uh Ive been getting a mix of around 5 to 5.5 kilometers per kilowatt hour on these roads right now, which means that even in these kinds of environments, 350 to 400 kilometers is easily possible on the Ionic 5 rated is 631, but yeah with the AC running 400 is easily, however, easily possible. Now the floor is completely flat. You have a lot of room for your feet over here. Uh the whole seat to steering wheel to the floor ratio is pretty good. I have ample uh Headroom, left even side of this massive glass area over here, so yeah, even for tall people. This is a good place to be in the ira pipe.

Now, this, of course, B and EB, has the region coming in and the region level can be controlled from the steering uh paddles yeah yeah. It has panel shifters not for the gears, its an automatic, but to control the level of region. You want uh the gear lever by the way to select your reverse or drive is on the right side of the steering wheel like a first modern day Mercedes. So all this area over here is clutter. Figures gives you a much more sense of being in a larger vehicle by the way, talking of large its called a v base. That will shame a lot of big SUVs in the Indian market. This long wheelbase also helps to liberate a lot of space on the inside, which I spoke a few minutes back, so yeah ample punch it handles well and yet its a very, very comfortable TV to live with, on a daily basis, foreign Music y, its very quiet On the outside, which sometimes can take pedestrians via youth surprise, so what you have here is uh is a fake sound coming in. So if the car is moving, pedestrians will know something is approaching them. How does it sound well coming up on a screen, Music and back to my first question in the starting of the video? Is the ionic 5 worth all that hype that Hyundai has been creating? Well, definitely, yes from the design, radical design of the car to the Future, Ready Interiors to the list of features to the pleasure of driving, be it in a relaxed manner or be it in the fun Factor manner.

This one delivers where it matters the most and at an price of just over 45 lakh rupees. It sits in a segment that literally has no other Rivals.