The Environmental Group, environmental action, Germany filed a lawsuit against BMW, trying to force it to stop selling combustion engine Vehicles by 2030.. The environmentalists argued that peoples right to property, health and life were being threatened by BMW, producing vehicles that emit greenhouse gases, but a German Court rejected the lawsuit and said the automaker was not encroaching on their rights. The Environmental Group plans to appeal the decision last year. A similar lawsuit against Mercedes was also thrown out by a German court, but we expect to see more of this kind of legal action, and not just in Germany and its, not just environmentalists who say the Auto industry is dragging its feet when it comes to meaning Climate goals, pole star and rivians, say the same thing. The two EV makers commissioned a study by the consulting firm Kearney and it found that the industry will miss the intergovernmental panel on climate changes goal to stay below a one and a half degree Celsius. Temperature increase by 2050 and it will go over that goal by at least 75 percent. The ipcc says that all greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced 43 percent by 2030, but the Auto industry wont even meet that until 2035.. It says the industry can get back on track by doing three things: speed up the transition to electric cars, increase, renewable energy and power grids, and it needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions up and down its Supply chains. The Auto industry is in a headlong rush to make EVS, but can it really get all the raw materials and minerals it needs to make them? A new report from the investment firm up Partners does not paint a pretty picture.

It says demand, may not rock it up, like some people think, but even more EV production will fall far short according to its research. Ev battery demand will be 10 times higher or more by 2030, but Supply wont be able to keep up, and that means higher prices for electric vehicles on top of tight supplies and high prices. A lack of a charging infrastructure and an overloaded grid will turn people off to EVs and that will further hurt production. However, up Partners does offer a way out of its Doom and Gloom forecast and thats. If the government in Auto industry come together to fix these issues at schiffler, we Pioneer motion Music, electrifying Mobility, manufacturing, smarter, reducing CO2 emissions, making energy production clean, sheffler, Pioneers motion to advance how the world moves Music. Oh Mercedes revealed the new version of the electric Sprinter and it comes in two body sizes and lengths and offers three battery sizes, 56, 81 or 113 kilowatt hours, and the batteries are lfp or lithium iron phosphate. It has a range of up to 400 kilometers or just under 250 miles based on the wltp test Cycle. One e axle and two outputs is available 100 and 150 kilowatts. The new e sprinter is designed in three modules to boost synergies in production and economies of scale. The front module includes all the high voltage components and can be combined with all e Sprinter variants, regardless of wheelbase or battery size.

The module for the battery is located in the underbody to increase space in the rear module features. The e axle with an electric motor Mercedes is also expanding. Production of the East printer, its currently made in Dusseldorf and in the future, will be built in another Factory. In Germany, as well as Mercedes plant in Charleston South Carolina, the Market launch of the new East printer will start in the U.S and Canada in the second half of this year and will launch in Europe by the end of 2023.. Ford calls the Mustang Dark Horse quote The Pinnacle of 5 liter V8 performance. So it said it had to pick materials, colors patterns and finishes that match its track, Focus, look and style. Its most striking feature is an anodized blue, titanium shift knob, which is Hollow in the middle, so it doesnt get as hot on a sunny day or theres anodized silver paddle shifters for customers who want the automatic transmission. The Dark Horse also gets its own unique blue, stitching and material surfacing, a flat bottom and suede wrapped steering wheel and optional Recaro seats with blue Side bolstering sales in the U.S kick off this summer. Bmw revealed the new X5 and X6. In our opinion, they look more upscale with smoothed out body surfacing and a subdued version of its twin kidney Grille under the hood are updated. Six and eight cylinder engines which all come with some sort of electrification. The turbocharged inline six cylinder produces 375 horsepower, which is 40 more than before, and is paired with 48 volt mild, hybrid or plug in hybrid technology.

The X5 plug in also features a 194 horsepower, electric motor, which is 83 more than the previous version, and a nearly 25 percent larger battery pack, with 25.7 kilowatt hours of usable space that provides an estimated 40 miles of range. The new V8 for m models is a turbocharged 4.4 liter unit that makes 523hp power enough for a 0 to 60 time of about 4.2 seconds. The interior features a number of upgrades as well, but its highlighted by two large screens brought together into one giant curved display production of both the X5 and X6 kicks off this April. The X5 starting price is between roughly sixty six thousand dollars and a little over 90 grand while the X6 starts at about 75 grand and goes up to 94 500 dollars foreign. We want to know what drives your testing OTA connected. Car Diagnostics, remote testing, Intrepid Control Systems is here to help you work from anywhere Intrepid Control Systems, driven by your data. A little over a year ago, EV startups were racking up massive stock market gains today, theyre all struggling to meet production and the value of their stocks has plummeted too. Many of them tried to grow too fast thats. Why were impressed with the shift Group which is going into production with class 3 4 and 5? Electric vans called blue arc instead of taking a build it and they will come approach like all the other startups are doing shift first got orders for its fans and then got ready to build them.

The investment in its plant is small, only 16 million dollars, so it should be profitable almost immediately. That plant will make 3 000 Vans a year and shift already has orders for two thousand of them small numbers to be sure, but start small move fast and then grow. Big is a strategy that we think will win out in the long run. Well, heres, an interesting side effect of higher interest rates that we werent, aware of our record number of car buyers are now paying cash to buy. A new car pre covered about 13 percent of car buyers paid cash for a car, but now thats up to 21. That means about 3 million people will pay cash for their car in the U.S market. This year, thats. According to Charlie chasprow, the senior Economist at Cox Automotive. He says that as interest rates on car loans hit eight to nine percent, a lot of people decided they could save a lot of money by paying cash instead of taking out a loan. Now keep in mind the average car today costs about fifty thousand dollars. So thats a lot of cash to lay out sky high prices have forced a lot of households out of the new car market, so the ones that are left are the higher income. People, Charlie chesborough, dropped that gem on auto line after hours last week and you can watch that entire episode on our website or YouTube channel and speaking of after hours, tomorrows show is going to be all about Chinas EV Juggernaut and its goal of global domination.

Right now, China seems to have an insurmountable lead and despite efforts like the USs inflation reduction act, Chinas EV dominance is only growing and weve got two China experts coming on the show tomorrow. Two Lee is with Sino, Auto insights and Michael Dunn is the head of Zozo go and they say the West better, wake up to the threat that it faces so join John and Gary when the action gets going tomorrow at 3 P.M, Eastern Time? But that brings us to the end of todays. Show thanks for tuning in Music, Auto line daily is brought to you by Bridgestone solutions for your journey, Intrepid control systems over the ear engineering boost your game and by Scheffler.