I bought an imporo charger for my Eevee so to basically make a long story short or extra long story, not as long um yeah. It took several months to get Evie, which is a Kia Soul which we bought from Japan. It actually came out of Korea, so its a Korean EA Kia Soul and it was listed to go to Jamaica, but guess what Im now here in Barbados. So there was a long story to get that actually diverted from Jamaica and here in Barbados, so that took some time so because of that, I found it pointless to put this up until I got the vehicle anyways its here and its been installed. So weve been running the Empower for a boat three months now, and this is my review on how its performed theres actually more to this update because not only has Im gon na review. What I might take is on it as a basic charge controller. I actually have solar in the hose which had just been implemented and Ive now been able to integrate this to work with the solar system. So lets discuss the role in Portal right now. Yes, thats the battery for the solar system and if you hear it bubbling away its being charged, listen here, people lead acid is not the way but Ill talk on that later lets discuss this first, so all right in terms of the cabling, I believe its over 15, feet of cabling its actually a very robust and heavy Cable in this, you can feel the weight in here now its some generic cabling, theres, no UL listing on there or anything like this, but based on the weight of the wire.

There is a lot of copper in here. I have been running it at the maximum charge rate for the Kia Soul, which is 38 amps, 7.7 kilowatts in total, and so we havent maxed out the full capacity of this, which is at 48 um um. I can get the 48 amps because were hardwired in but, like I said, we dont need it. Um the handle itself is pretty decent. Its a good robust handle its made of um. I mean when I try scratch it. It feels like theres, some glass fibers in there, so its actually pretty strong, and I cant see any real problems with it now, even though I have the unit mounted inside, it is actually fully sealed right round, and I believe this is ip65, which means that it Can handle blowing rain or water from all directions? Um, if you look underneath here lets see if we can get him, the cable is properly glanded. You can put this one here landed, so theres no real way for what to get in our Critter to come into it, so that is actually a good Plus uh. The only thing that I was annoyed with it is during the Hardware installation its a little bit finicky because the screws are all under here which they do provide a small Allen. What I found the easiest way to do it was actually to mount this on the wall using the supply bracket. I went all positioned, temporary rendez, cable up to get a lens and then take it off open.

The panel meet my wire connections, closed up and then press it back up onto the wall. I found it that a lot easier to more that way, so yeah um, solid. The one thing is that I did have a challenge with getting this commissioned is that it wouldnt find the Wi Fi signal for the Google Cloud that were running. We are running a Google Nest, um a Google file here and it wouldnt connect to it. What I had to do was actually get this to connect to my phones, hotspot update the firmware I want the firmware got updated. Then it was able to connect properly to the Google WiFi. So that is one caveat that I found very annoying, and you know I dont think uh yeah some people find that frustrating and throw the thing doesnt work so but, like I said Im here with it and I had to make it work, you know you deal With the cat you, how did it go? You work with the hand that is served to you anyways, so yeah overall very impressed had no real problems. It does work with the cloud and though Ive always had Wi Fi here, Ive never tried it without an internet connection. So that is one thing I need to test so so theres more updates anyway, going further to my bubbling battery. Yes, we do have solar here. Yes or a hybrid solar system with battery and panels outside, we could probably look by, and I have integrated this to work with this solar system.

No, this battery is not meant to charge a car up its its too small, its lead acid. I hate it. I hate it, I hate it. I hate it, but I got it free yeah so because this battery was a dead ish forklift battery that I got for free and got it to work might as well use it since I have it, but anybody whos doing stroller who opened them out and say That all right, thats it batteries are the best thing since life spread needs a shot in the head. No, no, no, no, no, no lithium is a way to go just in terms of charging and fishing and discharging efficiency efficiency. You get another 15 capacity go in lithium because it just charges up better and discharges better than these all pot of soup, because thats what it sounds like a boiling Potter suit right now. So I I know this battery has issues but, like I said, free Okay, so what we have here now whole ingredient. I got the additional home monitoring system and Ive connected it up and synced it to this. So now what happens that this unit will do demand management to try and its not a perfect integration, because, like I said it would have been better if this could talk directly to my solar system, which it cant. The way how Ive set up is that this will try to pull a fixed amount of power from the grid, and my solar system will try to offset that and the reason why I have a fixed amount of power, because at the end of the day, I Dont want to come out to a dead battery, so I rather pull the power from the grid, then so for a dead battery because of poor Sun, so thats a benefit of setting it up very mandatory pulls power from the grid.

The program does have a another feature where, if it sees you pushing power to the grid, it will actually try and up this charge current to send that Excess power here. But my system is set up not to push power back to the grid, but to force it into the battery first and then, once the battery is full, it actually Rams down so theres no power export in this in this model that Im running for the solar System, so the excess solar feature of this will not work, and that is why I have to use the demand. So yes, um, this is the little Kia Soul. Electric cant complain it does its job, and here is my ground. Mounted solar system needs a little bit more painting, but so far its looking pretty good and its reached that Hill. If anybody asks how they got that framing thats actually second hand Warehouse, racking rigid as hell and very easy and robust, so this panel aint going nowhere.