Why you see these tires? You see the race carriers, you see, uh extra, add ons on the roof which have a spare wheel and, of course, the extra battery packs completely based on the ve5 concept, which is basically behind the Skydive car right now, uh. We are in Hyderabad, theres lots and lots of crowd over here, but Ill. Try to give you some visuals. Of course, the Interiors are closed because its a concept at this stage not a reality. Realities will be happening in the next couple of years time, but Mahindra is very, very sure they want to make off roaders based on electric SUVs. They have PE or born electric SUVs coming up in the next few years in the Indian market, and this one is more different, uh Im, sorry a lot of influencers over here, so inferences and their photographs will keep happening, but its completely based on this particular vehicle. This is the ve5 Mahindra has not one, not two, but five different uh born electric ve SUVs ESV is coming to India in the next few years. Time uh. This is one of them. The ve, five and uh on this is based the offered in my version. Uh pure electric comes home the first time they are showcasing, uh electricity Market, a look at the Interiors, so yeah everything is closed right now, because they are on the concept stage from your wheels to the outside mirrors to even the Interiors which are close to us Right now, so everyone a concept stage but uh ve5 and, of course, the offering version of the E5 is they call it Riley, which is r.

A l, l Dash e ef4 stands for Ev or electric vehicles, so rally right over here on Maxs all terrain tires uh, the car was not driven. It was lifted on this ramp from beneath, so not working as of now concept stage, but because the platform is completely designed for electric vehicles, you can expect class leading room space. You can expect a lot of technology to speak. Expect range expect all wheel, drive 4×4 uh twin motors with the power going to all the four wheels uh good uh color combination as well. You can see the front now plate with be Dash e, which is basically rally. One will look at the you have also clever elements like that Arrow, which you can see Ill try to zoom in yeah. It says Arrow bit so a lot of clever elements coming into vehicles from mahindras family, but back to the offered version Im. Sorry, a lot of inferences coming in over here and blocking the entire view of the car. We will try to show you the car in detail. Uh good lifts for the wrong clearance, good pattern, elements for off boarding. Of course, your lights or auxiliary lights on the roof and your extra tires and your battery packs back to the normal electric version. He was still on the concept stage. Of course, a lot of things will be changed. For example, you have ve over here and youre. Simply call as the swipe to connect, so basically you need to swipe your cards to connect and open the doors uh.

So Tech is coming from mahindras side uh. The charging port for this one is over here press to open. It says the charging port over here and uh. We can expect LED DRS all over the place from the rear to the front uh. One more cool feature about this particular concept: article has to be the lights coming in Music. These could be the higher Place. Tail lights, just to warn others that youre breaking in traffic but of course conceptually as of now, of course, no exhaust but sort of dummy, uh diffusers coming in at the rear Music, and I just cant, have enough of this color combination of the Rallye version. This combination of black and green, I would say, is definitely rocking in every single sense over here at the space in Hyderabad, a closer look at the uh rear by the spare wheel, the carrier, of course, its sporty has got a spoiler as well at the back. But yeah look at the ground clearance coming in Music. You also, of course, have the XUV E9 players over here Ill. Try to get a different video of this. Only SV the rear support looks like the EV system Kia, the way the lights are designed, but nevertheless this is the bigger of the other vehicles. Uh huge in size and, of course, carries the X3 moniker to carry forward the legacy of XUV brand in the market. We also have a special edition, which was basically auctioned off at over one per hour.

Is the rims in sadhu Edition its been sold off? The auction has been done uh. This is how the appears look like. There are elements, for example, this one on the seats uh.