So theres a couple of ways you can support the channel one is by subscribing and if you really like the content, you can go on to buy me a forward. Slash not be on cars. Nice. One very interesting car starts officially from 27 28 000.. When you add on delivery charges and all that stuff youre, you are closer to 30 000 Euro. But all that said this is a fully electric car from mg. For about 30 grand brand new and itll do a range of somewhere between 350 low low 300s and up to 450 kilometers thats, the official range. If you go for the cheapest option in the car, you get a lithium ion phosphate battery, which means its more likely to enjoy being charged to 100 all the times, the same type of chemicals in a battery that they put into the entry level Tesla Model 3. As of to started last year now Ive driven this car on motorways, so I can give you a real world What Its Like on a Motorway, if youre going to use this car for that kind of driving, and also if you do lots of round 10 whats, The efficiency like in that dont know about you, but its a good looking car like the mg5, maybe not so much, but this thing is a little cracker lovely Groove in the Barnet here youve got really bright, LED lights. There auto headlights in this model, so theyll flick up onto high beam on country.

Roads, gray is kind of a nice color. I think, because you have a little bit of blending on for the Plastics. The orange color is obviously very eye catching, but you might want everyone to know where you are at every minute of any given day allies on this particular model. It is sitting on 17 inch Alloys, although theyre not actually Alloys theyre, they can peel away. But it looks like them and if youre carryable and its a lot cheaper to sort its its a low enough down car, but its kind of got a skateboard design in the sense of wheels are right at the edge plenty of room inside the car. Now weve had a first look video review of the mg4 back in, oh God. I think it was October 2022 hit that link. If you want to see it in first impression detail this one is a bit more about the things that kind of annoy me and the things that I love about the car, because Ive had a longer trip with it this week. Sticking on that darker color, you wont notice. The plastic down here is much either and thats kind of nice. Now, on this higher spec model, you have blind spot. You have keyless youre, reversing cameras, not on the entry level model, theres still no rear wiper on the car, and that might bother you as well. This vehicle to loads on us, but its quite slow itll, do not even and full seven kilowatt charging on a wall box, its like the high six kilowatts, huge big boot spoiler.

That does help with aerodynamics and efficiency, and the boot has a lovely red strip right along the back its really not a bad looking little car at all. It is a car you can compare with the Cooper born and the Audi three and stuff like that. Um, the boot is a bit smaller, though its 363 liters. I think under here its Tire, Gunk compressor and a warning triangle. If you break down – which, hopefully you wont so theres, not much space for store and stuff down there, but mg do give you a nice bag that you can take with you when youre shopping. If you like into Lidl – and you can also type keep your type 2 Cable in there bright white, LED lights, Id love to see that, because the amount of cars that cause more on this – that have big, yellow halogen bulbs today, even in the boot it doesnt Have an electric boot on it, but it does have, but we cant see it a seven year, warranty so Ill start with things in the back that I like its got a flat floor, its got a charging port, so people in the back can charge iPads and Phones, great leg, room theres, really not a huge amount of explaining about there isnt a light in the back of the car like one of these lights, for when people are getting out of the dark thats a bit annoying theres, also no armrest and the rear view Window isnt huge, but if you go for the higher spec models, you get that camera and then onto the front.

Think of like what Tesla have and their Model S theres a big area here that you can Im not actually gon na compare an mg. You know what I mean extra space down here: extra space down here for cups. Two charging cables are hidden down here, theyre kind of annoying to find the first time, but you can Loop them through this pad as well and the thing about that pad. Is you put your phone on it and it charges, but it slides. So if youre going around any sort of a band in normal driving, that thing is doing that all day long so Ive, actually just stuck it in the cable and kept the phone down here. The only thing about the cable is, if you want to use carplay, you have to use a USB charger Port cable uh. If you use your normal USB C cable, which most phones are coming with these days, you just plug it into a charging port in the car, it wont work with carplay thats a little bit annoying its fine, but its theres no button to start the motor in This car, so you hit p with your foot in the rig to park it and kind of turn off the motor same into D to drive, but it never works first time. So I have to put my foot in the brake twice and release it to slip. It into D, I would just love a stop, start button mg.

I love it. I know its too late. I know youre not going to listen to me, but I would like it. I do like this little Nest here for storing another phone arm. Rest really. The storage areas are quite good, but theyd want to be because that area for you could probably get. I dont know you cant change the contact pad for the wireless I was going to say: could you get your phone that stops slipping and sliding? Because that would be nice like the steering wheel, two spoke flat, bottomed and flat, topped buttons on it are straightforward to use um intuitively works with your radar cruise control, which sometimes again annoys me a little bit, because, if youre driving along the insulin, Motorway and youre Coming behind a truck but theres a decent enough Gap, you have it on the shortest gap setting on the radar. It will break too soon, so it thinks youre going to hit the truck youre really quite far away from it. And then, even if you indicate and you pull out in the lane, that whole process just takes a little bit of a hesitancy with it and same when somethings in front, even the overtaking lane that moves in its not closing that Gap, quick enough when theres nothing In front of you and the person behind, you is trying to see what youre listening to on the radio final thing that its a bit its more quirky than annoying most cars, yeah 22 degrees Celsius.

Temperature is fine, hot cold any time of year, thats generally. Okay, this has to be on about 25 degrees Celsius to be warm 24 sort of and anything below. That is just too cold its a stranger. They still give you a physical button for certain things I do wish the climate screen stayed on for a bit longer. We should flicked to it, but theres buttons for auto and heated seats and heated steering wheel theyre all there its kind of easy enough to use its definitely better than the other mg infotainment systems that were on some of the earlier cars, but its not perfect. A lot of things, thats strange, is, if you put your headlights on manually so lets say during the day you want them on. If you lock the car they stay on, they dont go off. I cant understand that its a little bit weird Music, a couple of cool things with the car when it comes to charging. If you plug it in itll, preheat the battery to improve efficiency, theres five Drive modes entry level car is just over 50 kilowatt hour battery. The longer range is 64 kilowatt hours, thats, the one that they say is good for 450 kilometers. I take a little bit off that like when I was doing a Motorway Drive the day from athlone to Dublin. I used 50 range driving. I think its about 140 kilometers but Id used over 200 kilometers of actual range in the car, and I know that can improve then, if youre driving slower back around city center environments.

But it is something to just take note of not exclusive to the mg4. Its pretty much every EV on the market, so youve got one version that is about 170 brake horsepower just under it, and then one thats over 200 rear wheel drive in both cars, 50 50 weight distribution, so its actually great crack to drive. So its got a five star, end cap safety rating and it does weigh over two tons so its not a Lloyd car, again not exclusive to this particular EV. But when you look at the size of it, think the gross weight is over. Two ton. Itll do up to 135 kilowatt charging. Now I got onto a fast charger this week with it. I think I got to about 85 kilowatt for those of you familiar with ballymount in Dublin off the M50. You can now pay as you go there. It debits your card, if youre going to do it that way with 30 Euro and its a pink 77 Cent kilowatt hour, so you can work out how much its going to cost you I spent about a tenor. It took me less than 10 minutes and I got over 100 kilometers. I think it was doors in the car are really solid, really heavy. They kind of give me a German feel actually just the clunky when they make theres that over engineered or just a bit of marketing Im, not sure but Im convinced seating position is quite low down, but theres plenty of adjustability.

If again, if youre in the highest back model, you get electrically adjustable seats in the drivers seat, but not elsewhere in the car, oh come on the price you know um, so the regen Works away in the background by itself, so paddles Associated to start messing around With that and but you cant change just be the screen here, its just its a bit trickier to do it Im on level three and it wouldnt be one pedal but its not far off it like it, but itd like to doable and now on motorways. Its between sort of 25 to 27 kilowatt hours per 100, kilometers thats about two miles, if youre watching that in the UK um per kilowatt hour, but its cold, its still, you know very early Springtime, some days its been freezing coming out with car in the morning. Its 12 degrees. Now, when you put your foot down theres a nice surge of power, its never kind of left struggling for it. One of the big selling points of the mg4 is just how well it handles you can push it through corners. Its a real rear wheel, drive fun factoring on when you do that so Ive. No complaints in that regard at all the Sandra console kind of hits off your knee depending on where your plotting is again. If youre doing that, longer Motorway long range driving might annoy your base. You just stick on your radar cruise and it works away.

So its a reasonably comfortable, theres, no Lumber support in them and plenty of storage for a driver for bottles of water, uh, large bottles of water will go into the door bins. So you know its really kind of perfectly fine perfectly comfortable armrest doesnt adjust in that sense, but its at a decent level for someone of my height anyway, not quite six foot but five foot, ten and um yeah blind spot and all the extra bits kind of Just make it an easier car to drive is worth noting. Obviously, if you go for the entry level, things like the cameras arent on the car and they do help so I dont want to say its a case if you get what you pay for, but there are some things that you have to sacrifice if youre going For the cheaper version of the mg4, I would like to see that range a good bit down into the mid to high teens, and I havent necessarily seen it be that way this week again it could be another temperature. It could be my right foot, but if you have an mg4, would you please comment below and let people know what kind of range youre getting and what sort of energy consumption youre getting whether thats you watching the UK, which are miles per kilowatt hour or kilowatt Hour per 100 kilometers, if youre, watching that, where we do things a little bit differently, but more of us do things a little bit differently anyway, um Im Im happy enough really with how it drives its just a couple of quirks that go on in the car.

That I just felt were kind of worth pointing out and things that I didnt really pick up because the last time at the car, for I think an hour and a half but Ive had more time to it. I think even the niggly bits as much as theyre theyre. You know I wouldnt do this, you just keep saying to yourself yeah, but what did it cost you and when you think of a lot of the mainstream best selling electric cars around the market? Right now, in some cases, theyre only double the price of one of these and its an awful lot to think about. When youre trying to put your money up or you want to go EV, you really do but youre like I cant afford to spend 55 60 Grand on an electric car. But if something was around 30 ah more interested now so would I recommend you buy an mg4. I definitely say have a look. I dont think Id ever really say just go straight up and buy a car see if it suits your needs. Its got a lot of space with the size of it. The price is really the the point thats hard to argue with to get something similar from Volkswagen and a lot of those Brands who are doing really good option EVS right now and key and stuff its gon na cost. You significantly more to buy it. The fact that theyre thrown in a seven year warranty onto this thing as well is really quite interesting.

I got talking to a taxi driver today in an mg5. I think he was on a second one of them and he was asking all about this, and maybe the boot would be big enough for him and his needs, but he loved the brand hes done nothing wrong and the two vehicles hes had so far and as I said hes, the third one on order, so feedback from those numbers seems to be very, very good and again just if you want to get into the EV bracket of vehicle, but you dont have Tesla type money. Then mg really are putting something on the table. Thats very very interesting indeed, thank you so much for coming with us this far in the video again, if youd like to subscribe or hit up, buy me a forward, slash knobby on cars to help support this fully independent Channel. This is my full time job right now.